No Drama, Piranha.

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"Yah!" Kai, the midget of Smallville Secondary College, woke up on the first day of the Spring holidays. The sun was shining beneath his blinds, he had no plans to do holiday assignments. No indeed. Kai left all that energetic, competitive stuff to the the Year Seven nerds. Way too active.

Holidays are for resting, and adventure. What a thinking male needs for holiday fun is a pet! Yes, touchdown. He sneaked to his mother's handbag again, and once more 'borrowed' her credit card. Retail therapy was cool for kids, in Kai's opinion.

What to buy? Good question. It had to be something he could keep in his bedroom. Kai started browsing Amazon online Pet Store. Ah, the solution was to buy a pet fish, expedited delivery.

Kai's mother had no idea he was shopping for an expensive designer fin friend. Shh! He would ski that bump later, when his mum got the credit card bill. Several hours passed, Kai raced to meet the online delivery man. "Hi! Package for Kai? That's me. Have a great day, thank you."

Kai was amazed by the size of his parcel. But he secretly started to haul it into his bedroom. He had popped the credit card back into his mother's purse. Kai's father was staring at sport on television, that was his Saturday hobby. Kai's dad turned down the volume, slightly bleary-eyed.

"What have you got there?"

Kai mumbled, "It's my new hobby for the holidays...."

His father was used to Kai and his adventures. He asked Kai,

"Is this anything I need to know about?"

"Well, no," Kai replied, "It is only harmless holiday fun."

Kai's father made a funny snorting sort of noise, and switched to a different football game. "Goal!" Kai yelled, to take his dad's mind off things. "Attaboys! Yah, team!" Kai knew by now how to distract his father's attention.

Kai unwrapped his package. There were some pages of instructions. Kai was a capable lad. First, he had to assemble and fill a fish tank for his new pet. Too easy, couple of bloopers, but he quickly sorted that.

Now for the big meet and greet with his new pet. Amazed, Kai stared at the ugliest fish he had ever seen. It was gazing back at him, with a mean look in its beady eyes. Kai consulted the instructions. Oh no! By mistake, Kai had googled Amazon River International Pet Store! He was now the not-so-proud of Pep, a Piranha.

Kai hastily tipped Pep into his fish tank, this was his home now. Somewhere far from the Amazon River. Kai kept reading the instructions.

  1. Do not try to clean the fish tank. It is life-threatening. Piranhas eat little boys.
  2. Your Piranha is hungry after its trip. Feed it only raw meat, carefully. Do not try to pat your pet. Hungry, hungry.
  3. We hope you enjoy owning your new pet. Meat eaters can be fun.

Kai had a kind heart. He did not want his new fin friend to be hungry. Sneakily, he crept into the kitchen. He spotted his father, snoring, clutching his TV remote, like it was his best friend.

Kai was a bit bemused by the menu choices for Pep the Piranha. No, the frozen pizza and chicken nuggets were not going to make the grade here.

Kai did find some frozen raw meat on the bottom shelf of the freezer. Not to worry. Kai could handle the appliances. He zapped the lamb chops in the microwave to defrost them.

"Anythings goes," Kai told himself, creeping back to his bedroom. His father did not hear a thing, or so Kai hoped. He double-checked. Yep, his dad was still snoring. "Attaboy!' Kai muttered. He returned to his room. His ugly pet fish looked at his owner. Did he think Kai was lunch on legs? "Meat eaters can be fun."

"Okay," Kai thought, "this is fun. Just what I need for my holidays." So he carefully, slowly, tipped a slightly grey-looking, raw lamb chop into the fish tank. Boy, was Pep the Piranha hungry! Soon, only a bare lamb chop bone drifted to the floor of the fish tank.

Just then, his favorite, tallest girl in Year Seven phoned him on his mobile. Kai found himself telling Rianna that he had bought a holiday pet.

Rianna was perfectly welcome anytime. So they two friends agreed she would come over at 8:30 am in the morning. After din-dins for Pep, Jed ate dinner with his parents. His mother popped the ultimate frozen pizza in the microwave.

This was cooking. Kai planned to check the freezer for more meat choices for Pep, maybe first thing in the morning. Would chicken nuggets really do, for a piranha's menu?

Kai went to bed, undecided. His fish tank had no cover. Pep was still glaring at his new owner. Kai left his lamp on all night, just in case Pep got really hungry for little boys in the dark. Hungry, hungry.

Kai did not really sleep well. Every time he tossed and turned, his fin friend was glaring at him, swimming lazily round his fish tank. You cannot give such meat eaters any affection. Cute and fluffy not!

Rianna, as arranged, rang Kai's front door bell at exactly 8:30 am. She was a pet lover, looking forward to holiday fun with a new pet in the neighborhood.

Rianna walked into Kai's bedroom, while his folks were still sleeping in. Kai thought her eyes were going to pop out on stalks. Rianna gulped, and stared at Pep. "Kai, you have bought a Piranha!" Kai said sadly, "I know. I pressed the wrong online shopping button. Meat eaters are supposed to be fun!"

"Oh, grow up, why don't you? Rianna always had an opinion. "Kai, these fish are banned in our country. The Health Department are going to sue you and throw your oldies in prison. That fish is illegal. Not to mention, downright scary!"

Kai became even more miserable. Pep the Piranha was waiting for breakfast. Suddenly, Kai had a brilliant idea. He grabbed the fish net which had arrived with the instructions. He carefully scooped up Pep, and raced to the toilet.

Kai tipped Pep the Piranha into the loo. It was time to say goodbye. Kai pushed the big flush button. There was a gurgle in the pipes, Pep gave his owner one last glare.

Pep disappeared down past the S-bend, and was off to see the sewers of Smallville. Rianna could not stop him. "Bye, Pep, " Kai muttered, "Bye to you. Holiday fun, day two!"

Rianna was by now even more horrified, not to mention, cross. She usually was when Kai had some of his more wacky ideas. "Kai, now you've done it. You are moronic! All these pipes around here drain into Smallville Creek. That's where all the kids from school are having a slimy eel fishing competition today. It started at 8 am. That fish is going to eat anyone!" Kai was underwhelmed. The boys at school bullied and laughed at him anyway. Kai was not a bit fussed if Pep got them for once. Was this going to revenge of the midget?

Kai smiled at Rianna weakly. She grabbed the fishing net and a plastic bag, and took off for the creek. Kai wondered if Rianna had a plan Being so tall, and good at everything, she soon arrived, running so fast to get to the creek. The Year Seven boys were all sitting, paddling their feet in the water, with their fishing lines.

"Kai, just don't say a word!" Rianna was still cross. Some of the other boys made air-kissies at Kai and Rianna. Ignoring them, she stood at the exit of the smelly drain pipe, with the fishing net ready.

Smallville Creek was slimy eel territory, maybe Pep had met some late breakfast on the way. Soon there was gurgle, another smelly lot of water poured into the creek, and there was Pep! He landed right in the fishing net, which was just as well. The other boys had their bare feet in the creek. Rianna told Kai to fill the plastic bag with water, and they scooped Pep the Piranha into it.

"Now what?" Kai asked Rianna. She marched Kai and Pep straight off to the local ranger's office, to say they had caught a piranha at the creek. Rianna gave the ranger false names, she was a quick thinker.

The ranger was fascinated, but a bit suspicious. Kai and Rianna rapidly left the building, hoping that he would stop asking them dumb questions.

Rianna and Kai walked across the bridge over the fishing hole at Smallville. Kai asked her, "Do you want to go fishing?" Rianna sighed, shaking her head. "You never learn, do you? You'd probably catch a giant eel. Slime everywhere."

"Yeah, you are right, as usual. Now I am sad," Kai commented, "now I haven't got a holiday pet."

"Aw," Rianna said, slinging her arm around midget Kai's shoulder, "I declare that you are my holiday pet!"

Kai silently thought, "Now, this might be better than a piranha." So he took a selfie, uploading it with the tag,

"Year Seven girls can be fun!"

April 01, 2024 18:16

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Sofia Mullan
02:08 Apr 11, 2024

This is a fun and imaginative story with a satisfying resolution. The story's central conflict - Kai accidentally buying a piranha - is funny and sets the stage for an entertaining adventure. The story keeps moving with quick events and dialogue, making it an engaging read. Fantastic story! Well done!


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Mary Bendickson
00:11 Apr 02, 2024

Something is fishy about this story. 🫤


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