"So you mean tonight we will end here?" I said to start the conversation.

Tonight is New Year's Eve. Everyone is downtown down there. Watching various kinds of shows until later in the peak at midnight, they will light fireworks that are very magnificent from year to year.

This man next to me never answers my question. I'm confused, when everyone is busy celebrating, he instead pulled me here. On the hill behind the city. This hill is beautiful. I can see everything from here. The rays of light from each of the city's performance lights look very beautiful in combination with this glorious night.

I like being here. What I don't like is that this little punk pulled me here and he didn't say anything. stupid. It's been almost 30 minutes here and all he did was observe the crowd down there. He seemed to want to be in it, but in reality, he was even away from it. One more annoying thing, I'm trapped here.

"Can you talk a little? My ears are so quiet." I said again in the end. He turned his head for a moment, then pointed his index finger in front of his mouth. A sign that I must be silent. Annoying.

"I'm silent if you want to talk. I doubt something, are you human or mummy?," I said. I tried to make fun of him so he was upset and talked. I do not enjoy being in silence and loneliness.

"Shut up, we'll enjoy it soon." He said in the end. Gosh, finally he spoke.

"Enjoy what? Mosquito bites? Cold nights?" I asked excessively. I did not understand his mind.

"Tonight is not cold, Fa. Tonight is warm. The rays are warm. Besides I'm here. When it comes to mosquito bites, It is a sign that you are sweet so mosquitoes like you too, Fa." He said. Wow, that's the longest record in the last 30 minutes. Maybe that was his speech. But I was stunned. His mouth was sometimes dangerous, so much talking immediately made my stomach tingle and my cheeks reddened like a boiled crab.

I am quiet. Secretly smile. This man really can make his mood back. After all, it's New Year's Eve, he shouldn't have a bad mood.

The person beside me raised his index finger, pointed at something.

"It's over there." He said. I turned toward the index finger. There is a step on the screen. wow. I looked at the clock. It's still at 9 p.m. It's still 3 hours to midnight. This is one of the shows down there. Step on the screen. I can clearly see what the oncoming screen displays along with the cars in front of it. It seems like the people in the car also enjoy it.

The step on the screen shows the film It's A Wonderful Life. A classic Christmas spectacle that is also just right to be presented on New Year's Eve. We both enjoyed the film from above.

"Do you want to hold back your time for a little while? There are still many shows to watch." He said. I am interested. I turned to him and asked him to show me.

He aimed my head to the left. There is an open theater stage. They air the classic drama Romeo and Juliet. It makes me think it looks like New Year's Eve is full of love. We watched for a while before my attention was distracted by the sound of a cheerful elephant. I searched for his voice.

"Look, Lu! There's a circus! We can watch it from here." I exclaimed cheerfully.

The circus is always an interesting thing to watch, right? The person next to me -Lucas helped turn his head in the direction I was pointing. We watched the circus. I am happy. The people down there wouldn't know that on this hill there was me and Lucas who were laughing out loud because of the circus.

That night there were many shows. More than what I imagined. In addition to step on the screen, theater and circus there are many more performances. The crowd in the center of the city is also used to profit from the traders. I can see it clearly along the way the transaction occurred.

Its center is in the middle of the town square. There is a big stage there. Some artists fill it with their magical spotlights that make the night down there look magnificent and pleasant. So glorious. More fun again, I can watch all the shows clearly without missing. I spent time with Lucas on the hill with a happy feeling adorning. Lucas is really an unexpected person. Who else has this bright idea besides Lucas?

"Thanks, Lu." I'm so happy tonight. Lucas should know that I'm very thankful he brought me here. Lucas ruffled my hair. He smiled too.

"You have to come here often. If there isn't a show you can see the stars up there. It's very peaceful." He gave me advice. Obviously, I'll do it sometime. Maybe tomorrow, or the day after tomorrow, with him.

"I'll do it. With you right?" I said so. I was silent because after that Lucas became depressed. I thought if there was an error in my words.

"Fa, I have to go tomorrow." He said in the end. He sighed heavily. I can feel that.

"Go where?" I am worried. I was afraid he would leave me and never come back. I'm afraid I can't spend time with him anymore, which is when we are together all the time is fun. He is my precious friend.

"Texas." The answer. I'm pensive. Why did he go to Texas?

"I got my dream there." So on. I paused, giving him the signal that he had to continue the story. It looks like Lucas didn't catch it. He also fell silent.

"I hear you. Tell me everything." I replied in the end. Lucas took a deep breath then began to tell a story.

From the first, Lucas wanted to be a good swimmer. From childhood, he had been friends with water and ponds. He really wants his dream to come true. Together we sometimes have to be relieved because he has to practice. But never mind, I support it.

He tried hard for his dream. A dream he always shared with me when we were together. I really want him to make it happen because I would be very happy to see him become a famous and respected swimmer. Who carries all the Olympic medals as the sun holds the power of the sky. I support it with all my heart.

But now it seems different. I support him but we have to separate. He will go to Texas for the Olympics and after that, he will not go home. he was offered a swimming class there, and it was very classy. Lucas will feel bad and lose if he refuses to stay with me. I will not stop him anyway. Not with his dreams which he always talked about with his eyes glowing like puppies. I have to give up.

Give up 2019 which will pass after midnight.

Letting go of Lucas who will leave tomorrow.

I knew he was having a hard time when he would tell me. I understand.

"Go, Lu," I said in the end after a long pause. My heart is heavy. I also know that he feels the same hard feeling as what I feel. But again, I will not let him give up his dream which he had always wanted to realize.

"Are you ok?" He asked very deeply. I closed my eyes briefly. I must be fine.

"Yes. Go and pursue the dream that you have always shared with me. I will wait for you here, pursue my dreams too. Let's meet when our dreams come true and spend time together again." I said a little crying. I lifted my little finger, placed it directly above her nose.

He smiled. His eyes filled with tears. This will be a heavy farewell. He linked his little finger too. We promised that night.

"I'll miss you, Lu," I say from the deepest heart.

"I will miss you too, Fa. Let's meet again later." That's what I said with a nod of my head.

"Let's spend tonight happily. For memories of when you leave later." I tried to be strong. We have to have fun anyway. I didn't want to see her leave with a heavy heart because I cried for the rest of the New Year's Eve because it was hard to leave.

Right. We spent the night sharing stories. The performance down there is less interesting than the stories we are telling each other. We also planned what we would do when we met again later. That night will be the night I really miss.

"Okay everybody, it's time to count down New Year's Eve. We will change the year soon. Welcome to 2020! Happy New Year!" the words of one of the artists on the big stage down there could be heard up to the hill.

"This is the time, Fa," Lucas said. I smile. It's time to count down. I hope this year many good things will happen even without Lucas by my side.

"Let's start the countdown!"



"Happy new year, Fa! See you next year," Lucas said sincerely from his heart. I smile.


"Happy new year too, Lu! I'm sure we will meet. Let's count the rest of the time together." Ask me. We held hands while counting down the remaining time.

"5, 4, 3, 2, 1 Happy New Year!" We finished counting down, all the fireworks scattered in the sky there. For me and Lucas this is ineffable fireworks. 

January 02, 2020 09:21

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