" HI" I said, to the opalescent nails, the black high stiletto boots, the auburn cascading hair, and most of all the gorgeous blue eyes. "Do you come here often?" I tried to say casually. She looked at me sideways then did a double take. I was flattered by the double take. Maybe it meant this perfect manicured, high-heeled, goddess, would let me buy her coffee. She agreed to let me purchase her a double double, carefully stirring and wiping around the cup with a napkin.

I was a okay looking guy, with the kind of man lashes, that every woman spends fifteen minutes a day creating with mascara. I gave her my best smile and batted my own eyes at her.

After buying her coffee, I said " You look good, I look good, we should spend the day together". She laughed, and coyly looked at me and said "well you could accompany me to walk my cat in the dog park if you want.

She thought to herself, that this guy was too cute to not be a womanizer or player. He must be a little arrogant. It seemed he was. He was messing with her she felt. He was the kind of guy that would never pop the question, to a woman. Just play the field.

I laughed at her walking a cat on a leash. This cat, named Gates, was the only cat she owned that would actually walk on a leash. People got a kick out of it, and the cat and her always recieved alot of attention at the dog park. The cat even got along with dogs. He was like a little cat dog to her. She loved him, like she loved her other cats. She told me all of this over the coffee. She also said Gates liked to walk with her, right behind her with his head up high. The other cats she had, hissed, and fought with the dogs, when she tried to bring them, to the park. The other ones also drug behind her, and wouldn't walk with her. She gave up on them walking but took Gates out everyday. She divulged all of this to me, at the coffee shop. I looked at this pristine woman like I might fall in love any minute. Gates the cat waited patiently outside on the leash.

She admired this new man in her life today. My large biceps, pulled at the shirts sleeves I was wearing. The track pant type of clothing I had on the bottom, made her assume that I worked out regularly. She asked if I was a personal trainer or something. Truth be told I never worked out a day in my life, but played along with her when she invited me to her step aerobics class someday. I was getting more and more nervous instead of more relaxed, with this woman, she was a real highlight to my day. She probably did not visit very often with men, because she was full of all kinds of stories.

At the park she told me how she was a clothing designer, and it explained to me, how nicely she was dressed. It seemed a little too dressed up, to me, for a walk to the coffee shop and in the park. I guessed she liked to show off her clothing designs. The tight red sweater and black pants with the lace around the bottom looked great, and fit very well, on this woman. I was already hers if she wanted me.

I didn't really talk about myself, but kept quizzing her on her life. Later at the park. She told me a little bit about her usual day. It sounded like it was full of primping and pedicures, facials, waxing and things like that. She smelled fresh, and clean. Her apartment was probably as put together as she looked, to me. Maybe she had a maid come in to clean, or did she do it herself? I never did ask her. I guess when your that good looking, you spend alot of time in a day spa, like she did. She was perfect. She would never be with a guy like me though. I wasn't good looking enough.

"I could really like this guy," she pondered. She loved the thick black lashes that surrounded his big brown eyes. I will never let him come over though, then he will think I am this perfect person that the has met today. She remembered her dirty dishes stacked, and all across every inch of the counter space. The kitty litter box she had for four cats, that hadn't been cleaned in three weeks or so. The unmade bed in her room. Every piece if clothing she had worn, in the last six months, was packed on her floor her bed, and hanging from hooks meant for other things. The bathroom hadn't really been cleaned since she moved in, a year ago. She claimed to herself that no man was here to dirty it anyways. Though, the counter space looked alot like the kitchen, an array of cosmetics tipped and rolled all around it. All colors of powders sparkled and stuck to the sink. Every small space beside the two sinks, were occupied with q tips and kleenex. Take out food boxes, were everywhere you could look. Spaghetti clung to a foil box, dried to the sides. Old pizza were like cardboard signs, advertising the local pizza shops. . The television had never been dusted.

Wow I thought to myself she could really be the one. With a career like hers, maybe she could work at home. She explained her work dynamics, and it sounded like she was quite high up, in the company she worked at. She said she spent 90% of every week there. She wouldn't work if she was married to me, I thought. I already couldn't imagine her with another man.

She loved meeting new people everyday, and this was the third day date she had with a man this week. Between work and the coffee shop, and the spa, she had zero time for any one man.

I looked at her again for the millionth time today and imagined her in a white dress at our wedding. I even looked to see if there were any rings on her fingers, that my fantasy engagement ring, would have to compete with. I really thought this time, I had fallen in major love, lust. In these few short hours. I wanted to make her my wife someday. I knew she liked to talk, but did she want to talk with me forever?

She was getting tired at about five thirty in the afternoon, and thought how it had been a special day with all the coffee, bagels, frozen yogurt, fries, then fruit smoothies, that came throughout the day. All brought and purchased by him this afternoon. She needed to get home and tend to her cats. Maybe do one load of laundry if she felt like it. This new man seemed a really nice man very generous. Maybe he was rich she thought to herself, that would be a big plus. She was ready for some needed alone time after the date. "Not to much alone time though" she laughed to herself. This man was a real go getter, she could tell. She did not ask about his job or anything, just assumed he was well off. Since he was in the coffee shop on a work day, then throwing out the red carpet when buying her treats.

I wanted to see this woman everyday of my life, every minute I could spend with her, I wanted to spend. She would be such a beautiful bride. I imagined her cooking for me. Making bread fresh out of the oven, for me, once a week, to eat, with her homemade soup. Things like roasts with yorkshire puddings were dancing around my head all prepared by my future bride. I was really good at playing these fantasy games with my own mind. I wondered if I would get heavy, with her as my wife, then remembered the workout invitation. She would get her nails done and stay gorgeous inbetween taking care of me, her man. When I got home, I counted the receipts of our day date, it came to $25.90. Whoah, I thought to myself I better not spend this much everyday, for coffee dates, or I'd be broke in no time. I was laid off from my paving job last November, and wasn't going back to work until March. Maybe if she called they could go dutch next time, and split the dates costs.

He looked so good, and handsome as a Greek God, but probably just wanted to "bed me" she misinterpreted. He obviously is into the same kind of lifestyle I am, and has lots of girlfriends, she said to herself again, for the second time. He has girls all over the place. Probably, these other women, he calls and takes them out on dates everyday. She wondered if this was true.

I didn't want to end the day with her, and go home to my lonely apartment about a mile away from hers. I thought about inviting myself over to her pad. I said to myself that, her apartment was probably as classy as her, and she saved it for special visitors. She wouldn't come home with me, I knew this, she was not that kind of girl. Maybe she's a virgin, he wondered?

We finally parted ways at six. A quick hug, exchange of numbers and we left each other's company. I went through my phone list of girls and erased all of them, putting her number at the top of my list of other people on my phone, mostly family underneath. I blocked out three women's names, and felt like I was already loyal to her, in some way. This reddish haired beauty that captivated me today. She was now in every moment of my thoughts.

She called her friend with benefits on the way home. After not seeing him for two weeks, being busy with alot of other dates. She wanted to get naked. It didn't fsze her that she just didn't all day with a man then bed another that night.

It's been two years and I see her with her dates at the coffee shop

I'm still in love with her, but over it.

It had been two years since she first saw him and he looked fatter, but still very handsome. She couldn't stop going to the coffee place, that he went. She spent all her spare time "playing the field" in her relationships with men. They were there to service her she felt, and she wouldn't ever stop being single. She almost wondered if she should ignore him, yesterday so that he didn't get a fatter, bigger ego than he already had. Here he was all winter long in this coffee shop, probably at his summer home in the summer months.

" Sure hope you find a girlfriend soon" she said to me, last time I saw her. I never will stop loving that gorgeous woman,I thought. But I'm not good enough for her. She's probably just chaist, and wants to be alone.

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