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Allie knew it was going to be a very strange family dinner at her granny’s house when Puppy Girl, her grandmother’s dog didn’t greet her at the door and in the middle of the living room sat a suit of armor and a dead body. 

Allie was excited to go to her granny’s house for dinner with some of her family. She carefully picked out a blue and white pants suit and curled her long straight black hair. She even put on  a little bit of lip gloss. She was ready. It had been a while since she had seen her granny and her cousins. This was going to be a memorable dinner she thought. Little did she know it was but in ways she would never imagine.

Allie unlocked her granny’s door with her spare key and walked in. Puppy Girl didn’t greet her at the door as usual and Allie thought that was strange. She walked into the living room and everyone was standing around a man on the floor in a semicircle. Her cousin, Lily, a doctor, was bending over the body with her hand on the side of the neck. Allie realized she was either taking his pulse or trying to strangle him. She looked closer and she was taking his pulse or trying to find one. Allie looked around the room and it was as if the silence was as dead as the person on the floor.  She had never seen this person on the floor so she assumed it was a friend of her granny’s from the senior center. She waited for someone to say something but nobody did.

Her aunt, Lily, was covering her face with her hands and her cousin, Henderson was standing there next to Lily looking like he had just seen a horror movie. His eyes were open big and his mouth was half open. Granny stood there too and didn’t say a word. 

“Well, is someone going to tell me what is going on? Why is there a dead body in the middle of the living room and why is there a suit of armor next to it and the big question is why nobody is doing anything about it? Who is this person?” Allie said to the circle of people around the body which also included her sister, Dez. 

Everyone looked at each other and nobody spoke for a full two minutes. Allie looked at them all and she felt like she was in the middle of a bad horror movie. Her grandmother looked at her and wiped invisible lint from her yellow dress and began to speak.

“Allie the man on the floor is your uncle, Emerald. You never met him unfortunately. Tonight was supposed to be the first time you did. But, Emerald is my brother. We didn’t see each other often. The suit of armor is his.” Granny said.

“Well, that tells me who he is but that doesn’t tell me why he is dead on your living room floor.” Allie said.

“Allie, there is something that we have to tell you. We were going to wait to tell you when you were older but since you walked into this situation guess now is as good a time as any. See, Allie, we are all witches.” Aunt Lily said.

“Witches? You are kidding me right?” Allie said.

“No, we were going to tell you when you were older but it is the truth. We are witches. There are a lot of us here on earth. Not many people know who we are but it is the truth. We were all born in Iminii hundreds of years ago. And see when it is time to move on to another place we leave this body here and we continue our journey in another body and in another place. Similar to how mortals die.” Lily explained. 

“So, you are telling me that the man on the floor is a witch and you are all witches and he is now dead going to another place and I am supposed to believe all of this? I need a drink.” Allie said. 

Allie walked over to her grandmother’s mini bar a few feet away from the body on the floor and poured herself a tall glass of bourbon. She needed something strong to get through this evening. 

“Allie it is true. Emerald is not a witch, he is a warlock. We are witches.” Granny said.

“So, am I a so-called witch too?” Allie asked, taking a long sip of her drink.

“You are part witch. Your father was not a warlock but your mother was a witch.” Lily said.

“So, you mean that my dead mother who according to you is not really dead but somewhere else reincarnated into something or someone else is a witch and my dead father is not? Is that what you are telling me?” Allie asked, taking an even bigger sip of her drink.

“Yes, in a nutshell that is what we are telling you. There is more but we know all this is hard to believe and digest right now. But those are the simple facts.” Granny said.

“What about Dez is she a witch too?” Allie asked.

“I am a witch also.” Dez said, looking at Allie.

“I just don’t believe any of this. Are you all drunk or insane?” Allie asked. 

Before anyone could answer Emerald had disappeared right in front of them. The body was gone but the suit of armor remained. Allie didn’t remember what happened after that. All she remembered was waking up and lying on Granny’s sofa.

“What happened?” Allie said as she slowly opened her eyes.

“Did I faint or something?” She continued.

“Yes, you did faint. But you are okay. We were going to tell you all of this when you were older. When we thought you would be able to handle it better. The age of maturity in our family is 30.” Granny explained.

“So, I would have had to wait 4 years before you told me if I hadn’t seen this tonight?” Allie asked.

“Yes.” Granny said. 

“Well since I am only half witch, according to you. Do I have any special powers? Do you have special powers?” Allie asked.

“You do have some but the most valuable power you have is the power of compassion and strength. You are a very compassionate young woman and very strong. And as you get older you will need both of those things. The rest you will also learn when you get older.” Aunt Lily said.

“Allie, it will be okay and so will you.” Dez said.

Allie’s eyes got heavy and she felt them close again. She was in a deep sleep.

“Granny, you did the spell number 6 didn’t you?” Dez asked. 

“Yes, when she wakes up she won’t remember anything. She will only remember her life as it was for now. When she is older we will revisit this whole thing except for the dead body of course. But, for now she is better off forgetting this evening. Now, let me go and finish cooking the chicken. Nobody wants to eat half baked chicken, even witches.” Granny laughed as she walked to the kitchen. 

Allie woke up an hour later to Puppy Girl licking her face. She didn’t know why she fell asleep on granny’s sofa but she knew she was hungrier than she had ever been. She sat up on the sofa and stood up with Puppy Girl by her side. 

“Granny, is that baked chicken I smell? Allie asked, wrinkling her nose. 

“Yes, indeed, your favorite.” Granny answered with a smile.

September 13, 2022 16:50

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Kate Winchester
18:48 Sep 21, 2022

I chuckled when they said as soon as you are older. I was confused as to why she was drinking if she was so young but everything was explained. I enjoyed your story!


Marcia H.
20:04 Sep 21, 2022

Thank you. I am glad that you enjoyed it. Thank you for reading it.


Kate Winchester
20:23 Sep 21, 2022

You’re welcome ☺️


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Kristen Diaz
04:31 Sep 21, 2022

Allie is funny. Her reactions were realistic. I almost pictured this as an old movie I saw called Clue. It would be fun to see different endings to this. Great job


Marcia H.
20:04 Sep 21, 2022

Thank you for your comment. Thanks for reading.


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Marlene Minna
19:59 Sep 20, 2022

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Anne O
19:02 Sep 19, 2022

Great story! I loved the ending


Marcia H.
20:02 Sep 21, 2022

I am glad that you liked it. Thanks for reading.


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