the spring prank

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Today is the day, it’s the spring formal! I am SO excited, the only thing is that, I don’t have a date yet. My best friend Mia is going with the guy that she has been crushing on since 5th grade, Isiah. Maybe I don’t have a date because I’m not as pretty as Mia is. Come to think of it I can’t really blame anyone for not asking me, every single day I wear the same thing hoodie and sweatpants or leggings with my hair in a ponytail. Looking at my outfit today that’s exactly what I was wearing, I had my black Vans hoodie on with light gray sweatpants and my black Nikes. That’s it! If I want to get a date, I need to dress nicer. So that’s what I did. I put on light ripped blue jeans and a black blouse with flowers on it, a jean jacket, straightened my hair and put on white Nike air forces. Then off to school I went.

Today is Friday, it’s a normal day expect for the fact that we have a science mock STAAR. I’m at my locker when Mia comes up behind me. I don’t react because she always stops at my locker in the morning. But then I hear a sniffle coming from her. I whip around hoping she isn’t crying. I am disappointed to see her face red and wet from her tears. “what’s wrong?” I say while holding her in my arms. “I told Isaiah I can’t go to the dance with him” she chokes out between sobs. “WHAT? WHY WOULD YOU DO THAT?” I quiet down when I realized people are staring. “Mia, you like him so much” I say as calm as possible. “I did it for you. You didn’t have a date so I thought we could go together.” She said with her face dug in my jacket. At that moment I didn’t know what to feel, happy, sad, or guilty. Then I realized I should be super happy and grateful to have her. Mia was the best friend I could ever ask for. RING! She jumps up startling me “I have to go to class I see you in 3rd period!” she yells back while running away and wiping her tears.

I had to go to my second period too so I ran to science class as fast as I could so I wouldn’t be tardy. Panting (from the running) I got to Mrs. Clark’s class. That’s when I saw him Adrian one of my best friends. Me and Adrian are super close and have no secrets. Well… I have one secret from him, I have had a HUGE crush on him since the 3rd grade. I have heard some rumors that he liked me back and was going to ask me to the spring formal!  But if he didn’t do that today then that means it was just a whole bunch of stupid meaningless rumors. After class I went up to him hoping he was going to pop the question. “hey, are you excited for the formal?” I ask, trying to hint that I want him to ask me. He starts rubbing his neck like he always does when he is nervous. “Hey… I was wondering, do you want to go to the dance with me?” My heart was beating so loud now I think he was able to hear every single beat. I stood there for what seemed like hours not knowing what to say. I know I wanted him to ask me, but I just remembered I’m supposed to go with Mia. I look at his face getting ready to say no, but his face seemed so sad it seemed like he was begging me to say yes, so I said “yes I’ll go with you”

His face lit up like a lightbulb. Next thing I know he is hugging me super tight. RING “We’re late let’s go” I say to him. As soon as I get to 3rd period I see Mia standing at the door probably waiting for me. I go and give her a little hug, and we went to sit. All I had to do was get through the day without her finding out.

The school day is over now, and I am waiting for Mia to come over because she wanted to get ready with me since her mom is at work. KNOCK KNOCK I run downstairs and open the door. There she is wearing the same thing as before and holding a golden sparkly dress. “Hi there” she says “come in” I say. She doesn’t respond she just runs up the stairs to my room yelling back at me “Hurry up!” so I do. In two hours, we are ready. I am wearing a short sleeveless baby blue dress, a denim jacket with rips and white slip-on Vans. Mia is wearing the golden sparkly dress that she was holding and some golden high heels that look like they were made for that dress. And we both have our hair curled. I was ready physically but not so much mentally. What was I going to do? I could feel the guilt building up inside me. That’s when it hit me! I will go with both. That should work right. I’ve seen it done a thousand times in tv shows. “I can’t wait to hang out with you all tonight” “Yeah” I say back to her trying not to blurt out the truth. That I would be going back and forth between her and Adrian.

We finally arrive at the school. The school looks nothing like it usually does. Covering the walls are different posters about the formal that student council have been designing for at least a month now, there is balloons tied to all the benches and two fold-up tables where you can buy your ticket. I follow Mia out of the car, and we run to the table to buy our 20-dollar ticket. “so expensive,” Mia complained in my ear. My chuckle while looking at her “I know right” I say a little louder than she did. We laugh a little, but that changes when I see Adrian coming out of his mom red Honda.

I rush Mia inside, so he won’t see me. I freeze in shock. The first thing we walk into is the cafeteria It looks SO different. There are blue, pink, and yellow streamers hanging all over the ceiling, Balloons hanging in every corner and flashing disco lights. “Hanna!” crap! Adrian is coming and yelling my name. What do I do? “I’ll be back” I yell at Mia already running away from her and closer to Adrian. I reach him a grab his hand and we go to the dancefloor and dance together. “I’m so glad that I asked you to the dance. Now I get to spend all night with you” he whispers into my ear as we dance. “yeah” I say realizing that Mia is still waiting for me. “Shoot! I have to go!” “wait!” I hear him yell back at me back I don’t reply because I’m already across the dance floor dodging dancing boys and girls as I run. When I get to Mia she has two cups of fruit punch in her hands and I looking around everywhere, (I’m guessing for me) “Mia!” she spins around to face me, not realizing some of the fruit punch spilled on the floor. “Where were you?” she asks suspiciously. “Trying to find where to buy candy.” Wow Hanna that wasn’t bad I think to myself. “oh well, did you find the candy table?” she asks me still a little suspicious. Then behind her I see Adrian looking around with the same sad face from earlier. “let’s go find it though!” I say while grabbing her arm and running. “Ok!” I hear her yell behind me. Wait what about Adrian? I know! “let’s split up. I’ll meet you at the punch table later, ok?” I suggest. “Sure,” she says obviously not very happy about the plan. I run to Adrian and hug him from behind. “Where did you go?” what do I say? I can’t say the truth. “I’m on my period and was leaking.” I say quickly. Seriously Hanna that’s the one thing you think of, I say to myself. I can tell he feels awkward. At least he will change the subject now.

“I have to go again, sorry,” I say just before running to candy table to get candy. I get the candy and run to the punch table. Surprising Mia isn’t there yet. So, I stand there and wait. After like 10 minutes, I see Adrian talking to another girl it’s weird because the girl looks exactly like Mia. The girl had blonde silky hair like Mia and the same dress and shoes. The I see her face. It is Mia. Its fine its not like they are dancing together or anything they are just talking, they are friends too. I try to convince myself that they are just friends. Until, i know they are not just friends when they start slow dancing together, then leave and go to the hallway, where all the kids go to escape the chaperones.  Almost 20 minutes later Adrian comes to me. He still has some lipstick on his lips and one of the buttons on his shirt is undone.

Then to top everything off Mia came up behind and said “Hanna, I’ve been looking for you.” Then I just couldn’t deal with it anymore. All the tears I had been holding back just burst out and soon I was crying rivers. I feel a hand on my shoulder. Is Mia really trying to comfort me right now after she made a move on my best friend and crush. I run outside yelling at them “JUST LEAVE ME ALONE!” I call my mom and tell her to pick me up early.

The car ride home was silent, the last thing I wanted to do right now was talk about it. We were almost half way home when I realized how long has their little relationship going on? I laid on my bed crying into my white fluffy blanket that I always keep at the foot of my bed.  BUZZ I look up out of curiosity my phone screen is lit up. I sit up on my bed and look at my phone. Mia is calling me. I hesitate not knowing if I should answer or not, but I do answer. Before she can say anything, I say into the phone “WHY THE HELL WOULD YOU DO THAT TO ME?” All she does is sighs. After I’ve calmed down, I say, “you are supposed to be my best friend, and I’m pretty sure besties don’t date each other’s crush” another sigh, I’m about to keep talking when she finally says something. “look, I have always liked Adrian and a couple days before the dance he told me that he liked me too.” that’s NOT what I was expecting her to say. “That doesn’t make sense he said that he liked me and asked me to the dance.” There was a silence in the room wait, did she not know that? I didn’t know how to feel or what to say so I just started talking. I don’t even know what I said but after a while Mia just said. “Hanna, let me text you something bye”

So, I go to all my text messages with Mia and wait for her to send me a text. When she finally does, I realize it’s not what I expected. I figured it would be a long apology text but instead it was a video of her and Adrian. Did she really send me a video of them making out? I click the first thing in on the video out of curiosity. The first thing in the video is Adrian and Mia in the bathroom “Hey Hanna, me and Adrian know about your little double date and decided we are going to get you back.” Mia says to the camera. She sets the camera down and Adrian unbuttons the one button that was undone and put some of the lipstick that Mia kept in her purse. Mia messed up her hair and smudged her lipstick too (I didn’t realize her hair and lipstick at the time) then they walk out of the bathroom and I see me sitting at the punch table with a sad look on my face. “Bye Hanna” Mia says to camera as it turns off. It was a prank!

I call Mia back as soon as possible and yell “It was all a prank?!” she started cracking up laughing and I can’t help but to laugh too. We talk about the dance for a while. Then she tells me “Hanna, call Adrian he was really worried that he lost you.” “OK” I say before hanging up and dialing his number. He answered right away like he was watching his phone waiting for me to call. “Hanna, let me explain” before I can tell him that I know it was a prank he starts saying, “it was all a prank we knew you were at the dance with both of us” I chuckle and say, “Adrian don’t worry I know.” He sighs and asks, “So are we good?”  I chuckle again and say, “yeah were good.” Then I go onto our group chat and send “Milkshakes tomorrow at 4? 😊” Adrian says “👍” and Mia said “definitely”

So we got milkshakes and I guess I can say, we lived happily ever after.

April 03, 2020 21:55

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