WB: The Return of the Enemy (part 2)

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Contemporary Fiction

There once was a dragon who loved stargazing.

Ooh, this could be going somewhere!

His charcoal skin blended in with the nightly shadows perfectly.

What’s this, am I finally getting inspired to write a story…?

He swooped and he…

Oh no… come back precious story idea!

HA! You really thought you could escape the clutches of your worst enemy?

Noooooooo…I almost had it, almost!

Not while I’m around, foolish writer! Did you miss me?

Writer’s Block, I am so sick and tired of you messing up my plans!

Ah, but do you see, it brings me much pleasure to take up most of your computer storage!

You mean all those empty documents that all start with ‘untitled document’?

Those are the ones! Isn’t it unfortunate that those very documents could have been an actual story? What a shame. 

Ugh. When will you leave me alone?!

Never, dear writer, never!

Look, I’ve already written numerous stories about you, WB, isn’t that enough?

It’s never enough child, never! Give me the spotlight, I shall rule the world!

I’ve written about you subtly in ‘Uninspired’. 

Ah yes, that ‘inner monologue’. 

I even personifed you straighforwardly in ‘WB: Every Writer’s Bestest Frenemy.’

Make me human again!

No way, WB. Not this time. It can stay a simple conversation for now.

Aw, but I loved torturing you and forcing you to think your writing is the opposite of amazing!

Nope. Not gonna happen again. I won’t fall into your trap. Leave me alone!

Fine. I shall go sit in the corner and pout until you write something again.

Good. Go do that.


An interview with WB doesn’t sound that bad…

You called? I’m here. Do whatever gives me more popularity!

Fine. I’ll do it. Not for your sake, but for the sake of the viewers. Ready?

Hit me with your best shot!

First off, why do you like to torment people so much?

Easy! It’s fun clutching innocent authors out of Inspiration Lane. I love seeing people stare at blank documents and curse me for my very existence!

Sure, sure. Next, how long will you keep up this torment on us writers?

Well, simply enough, I like watching them suffer. I may keep them in my grasp for months, and some worst cases have gone on for years! Some have never typed a word again because of me!

Wow. I sure hope that our viewers find some inspiration soon. Next question. Is there any possible chance of escape from your malicious hold on their souls?

Coming from me, being the enemy and all, I’ll say no. There is NO escape! Mwahahaha!

Thank you, Writer’s Block. I think we’ve all heard enough from you now *shoves out of room*

Now, onto the serious stuff. 

For those of you concerned about falling into or coming out of Writer’s Block’s clutches, here are some confidential tips I find very resourceful. 

  1. Don’t let negativity get the best of you. It won’t do any good to shame your writing. Plus, you can always learn from the past. 
  2. Let the past remain in the past. Don’t go back and try to re-do an older story. You’ll just cringe and fall back into WB’s hold, trust me. If anything, try to create something new or a spin-off of an older story. 
  3. There is still hope. There are sites and people out there to help you improve your writing (like the old Reedsy, for example). If you want to get better, just ask around. 

I may not be a professional, but Writer’s Block is often difficult. No, that is not a compliment, WB. I mean that as writers, we try to be better in the end, and that’s what matters. Who knows, maybe writing your own story about Writer’s Block may free up the bonds and tension for you. I sure hoped that this story helped you in some way.

Happy writing!

April 20, 2022 02:22

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