Haunted Love

Have you seen happy people? Have you got the chance to spend time with one of those souls? Ever wondered about their contagious personality? It is beautiful to be around these people. Just beyond the description of words. There are books, poems, and novels on these people explaining their goodness. But what people do not know is about how contagious their bitter past is. One of those stories that haunt them down day and night. This is a story of a person with the same personality, who is haunted down by the past. One story sets lives on the process of either destruction or construction.

Christina was her official name. Yes! Official one. Because each individual knew her differently and addressed accordingly. Her dream has always been pretty simple. To be happy. That's all she wanted and all she asked for. Christina carried thousands of stories that would inspire people and herself. But one story of her life ruined everything else.

Christina and Kevin loved each other very much but they had never seen each other in person. They could not wait to see each other again. Despite every difference, they were together. Others saw it as either a surprise or insanity while they called it a miracle. However, other surprises were on the way to meet them. On summer holiday Kevin decided to visit Christina without prior notice. He thought it would be romantic, will take their relationship to the next stage. This is true for a normal person but their case was different.

It was on September 16 2018, 9:40 pm EST, when Christina saw Kevin for the first time. I witnessed that moment but it was not special to me in any way. It looked normal for me, same like how I picked others from the airport and nothing rare. But her description of that moment gives me chills. She recalls it whenever she gets a chance. And I want to fall in love as well. Christina explained Kevin with his long black hair tied to make a man bun, his gorgeous brown eyes and his beautiful soul that made her fall for him again and again. And that's exactly how he was, standing there in front of the exit in the airport.

There was a distance of approximately 10 feet between them but only they could feel the closure of that space. Christina mentioned the conversation they had at that airport is the best one so far. After shedding all the tears of happiness, they realised it was for real. Christina waved hi and Kevin waved back at her. They both walked towards each other, feeling every inch between them grow short.

Hi, said Kevin.

Hi, she replied.

How have you been? Are you alright?

Kevin answered, "Ah, Yeah yeah. It's all good. Yup, alright."

He was nervous. So damn nervous. It was written all over his face.

You look terrified. You did not see a ghost, right? Christina giggled and kept mocking around. They stood there for a long time, without saying a word and just gazing at each other. Well, that's all I could see. But for them, it was a different feeling, maybe because of what they felt for each other.

We went out and sat in a café, ordered a cappuccino for me and they both wanted a latte. I went to pick up the order and gave them their personal space. As I was taking the order, I could see Kevin coming close to her with the flowers he got. He held her hands, kept talking to her but Christina did not say a word. She kept gazing at him with a penetrating look and started sweating and shivering, her skin changed its colour and she became dull. For all the while I have been with her, I never saw her in this state. She collapsed right in front of us, I was left with questions of what and how while Kevin knew exactly what to do. It was like he was prepared for this. For a second, I wanted to blame him and ask what did he do something wrong? Then, I realised there was no time for that.

Christina woke up in the hospital after 24 hours. The nurse told us, we could go and meet her. She smiled at me and Kevin.

I went up and held her hand asked, Hey! Christina, are you okay?

She answered with a low voice, yes. I think so.

I had never seen her in a hospital bed before. The atmosphere gave a weird feeling to me. Moreover, seeing Kevin worried, scared the hell out of me. It felt like he knew something that I didn't. I got jealous. Yeah, even in that situation. I am okay, you can judge me. I wanted to know the whole thing about what happened. I was waiting for an explanation but I did not know whom to ask. I thought it was not the right time, which was true. The silence in the room, the silence between Kevin and Christina increased my curiosity. Christina smiled at Kevin and gestured she is okay. He smiled at her from far with tears filled eyes and we left the room so she could get some rest.

Later the next morning, I gathered the courage needed and questioned Kevin about what is going on? Was I the only confused person in this whole scenario? Am I even Christina's best friend? How was she so sick and I had no clue about it? I had questions and only questions. Kevin looked at me and smiled.

He said, " Christina has Androphobia."

I was blank. Wha… What? What the hell is Androphobia?

Some conditions where people are scared of man, said Kevin.

I was left with no words. I understood the literal meaning of speechless that day. How would you respond to that? I got scared. I had questions raising. I could hear my blood rushing from my heart.

I questioned myself, how can Kevin be okay with his girlfriend being Androphobic? I could not ask that to him. I did not dare to do so. There was this awkward silence after that until the Nurse called out Kevin's name. They said, Christina has regained her health and we can take her home now. After completing all the procedures and clearing the bills, we took Christina home. She lived with me in a shared room. We have been living together for years. We made Christina lie down and take rest. Then, Kevin left.

That night, Kevin and Christina talked for hours on phone. Nothing was different. They said the same words. They confessed how much they love each other. I could not explain this to myself. Is love this insane? This was practically impossible. Is Christina even going to overcome this? What happened? I wanted to know it all. Kevin cut the call around 3 in the morning. I was awake, waiting to hear all the story and Christina knows me very well. She called me closer to her. We laid down on the same bed gazing at the ceiling as if we are under the sky.

Christina started her story of childhood. She was abused. Sexually abused by her cousin brother. It's where it all started. I do not want to go into the details of it because that's her story and I want her to share it to people. It shouldn't be me or Kevin or anyone else. It must be her. That bitter memory of her childhood was haunting her and she became androphobic. The reason for her fainting that day. Nobody knew how serious it was. No wonder, I have never seen her around a guy.

2 years passed, but she is trying to get out of it. No, that's the wrong way to say it. They are still fighting to overcome it. Yeah, after all that incident, Kevin and Christina are still together. This does not make much sense to me, maybe even to you. But it is what it is. They still love each other the same way as before. Kevin still surprises Christina with visits. She has not been able to overcome it but she doesn't faint, not that extreme. I am mesmerized by their love at times, perhaps that's what happened to the haunting past. Maybe this is the connection everyone needs. This level of commitments that keep fighting to love and to be loved is what everyone longs for. Despite the crazy condition, they are together. I do not know if I will ever be able to do that much of sacrifice for someone but they did. After all, love remains and this is haunting love.

July 24, 2020 17:08

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