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           The girl was running so fast on the corridor of national college. Everyone was stunning over at the sight of her. Because she wore scottish traditional dress in modern style and backpack and running as a marathon. Then, she ran up to the high level and get inside the classroom. She put down herself on the chair right in front of the teacher’s desk. She took off her backpack and put it on the desk. And then, she waited for others to come. She looked at her watch and she saw it was 9:15 am already. But no one else came into the class so she decided to double check the number of the classroom. When she went out and checked the number beside the main door. She saw the number of the classroom was 7A. So, she took out the paper which was given by the office staff. She looked at there and looked back to the wall beside the door. She said “that’s correct but it was being weird where others are”. During she was checking the numbers, one of her classmates showed up behind her. She hadn’t notice that person come closer to her. That person wanted to scare her. So, it went closer quietly and said “Groan”. She jumped off to other parts of the corridor and looked back there. She said “Oh, it’s you”. That person waved at her and said “Hi, Fiona”. She said “why all of you being late today”. Her classmate said “No, we are not only you waited in wrong place”. She looked at the paper back and gives it to the classmate. She told him “is that so, having a looked at it”. He looked at it straight and smiled. He pointed his finger on the paper and said “here it is, it’s not 7A”. She got a closer look to the paper and raised her glasses. She told him “you are right”. Then, she said “Joe, our class did it start”. He told her “No, it hasn’t started yet”. He said “Let’s go by pulling her bag to follow him”. 

            When they went into the classroom, everyone was being arrived. But some of the spaces are blank. They took their place at the front line. No one wanted to take the front line space because they scared the professor. A minute later, the guy who had red hair and the long hair girl were entering to their classroom. She told them “we hadn’t seen you guys before you might have wrong place”. The girl said “we don’t think so please have a look”. That girl gave Fiona their papers. But Joe took the papers and focused on those. Later, he said “they are entering to the right place, welcome”. After he told, they took the blank places behind her. The tall, white guy with red hair who wore the traditional dress as her was sitting at there. The brown girl with long hair who wore the traditional dress was taking the place beside him. She and her friends were murmuring about them because they seemed weird. They stopped their conversation in the middle when the professor came into to the class. During the class, he was annoying her with his strong breath out. She tried to ignore his hot air disturbing her ears. Without looking back she knew how close he was, she took her chair to the desk more. Her friend beside noticed her movement. So, her friend turned back and looked behind her. There the red hair guy with pale skin was getting closer to her. But the professor turned back to them after writing the lecturers over the white board. So, her friend looked back to the professor as nothing happened. Her friend gave his scarf to her. He said “you might need this because the air wasn’t good for you”. The professor looked straight to those two. But professor hasn’t said anything during the class. After the class over, the professor stand in front of them and told them “come to meet me at lunch time okay”. She and Joe looked each other with questions in their eyes. 

             They attended the other classes together. When its lunch time reached, she stood up and head to the teacher’s room. The professor just called them for warning their body languages during class. But they explained the reasons why he did that. Then, the professor understood their positions. The two of them decided to buy their lunch at restaurant nearby. So, they headed to there and ordered the foods. During the time they wait, they saw the red guy and the long hair girl was heading forward to them. Inside their mind, they didn’t like to see those two here. Fiona was looking around the restaurant and she saw there wasn’t a free space. So, she knew they can’t escape here. The red guy started his polite words to request to join into their desk. They couldn’t reject so just accept. Fiona and Joe were friends so they took the chair face to face not the side chairs. The red guy was taking the chair beside Fiona. At that time, Joe was staring at him. But the red guy just ignored his glare eyes. Before they ordered foods, the red guy greeted them politely by saying his name. The long hair girl either telling her name. Then, he just smiled to Fiona and requesting a menu book from waiter and made the orders. Fiona’s order was reaching first, so she took it and ate without talking. But the person who focused on her was Mr. Red. He requested to Fiona directly and that was the tasting her dish. He said straightly to her “I want to know how it tastes like, can I”. She didn’t know what to answer at that time and then she said “okay, go ahead”. Then, she got a counter attack from him. She moved her body back and slapped his face. She said “what are you”. Joe stood up right away and took her beside him by covering with his body. Then, Joe took Fiona leave that place. 

              The other days, Joe and Fiona changed their places with other friends and took the desks near the windows. Joe guarded her all the time since that day. The other classmates didn’t like the newbies too. One day, Fiona was staying at the library alone because she must complete her assignment that day. She hadn’t notice the others beside her and inside the library. She didn’t notice how long she stay at there. When she noticed the hours, it was being late. She opened her phone and called her family members to pick her up. But all the phones were going busy. So, she called her classmates. None of them picked up their phone. She thought “what the heck”. Then, she messaged to Joe for picking her up. Joe messaged her back “Sorry, I couldn’t come to you please take a bus before getting too late”. She replied by messaging “okay then”. She picked up her stuffs and put those inside her backpack. And then, she headed to the bus stop near the college. It was evening time. The sky was getting darker and there has no people who wait the bus. She sighed herself and sits over the bench and waits for the bus. An hour later, the car was slowing down the speed and stop right in front of her. She looked away from the car and waits the bus. The person was coming out from the car and walked towards her. When the person got closer to her, she recognized the cologne scent. She slowly moved her face to there and saw the person who came down from nice car. He was Mr. Red. She stood up right away and said “what are you doing here”. He moved his hand to her and said “come on, get in I will drive you home”. She turned her face to other side and said “No need”. But he attacks to her again. He carried her body with his arms and put her in his car. And then, he locked the doors and start driving. She said “what are you doing, didn’t you hear what I say”. He smiled to her and said “I don’t know why you are so rejecting me over and over again”. He told her with a peaceful smile “just rest for a while I will take you home safely”. She said “did you know me”. He said “Yes, you parents also knew me”. She was surprising over his words. 

              Three hours later, they reached her home. He opened the door for her and said “goodbye for today”. She glared at him “what he meant”. She entered her home without saying thanks to him. And then, she was looking for her parents and asking them straight “mom and dad did you know the guy who name Kris Fox”. Her dad was turning his face towards her and said “did you meet him”. She said “so do you know him”. Her father told her with calm voice “Yes, of course dear his father and I were friends and you two got engage already”. She was getting angry after she heard this. She said “how could you do this without asking me”. She was crying and goes upstairs and locked her door. Her mother was worrying about her. But her father told her mother just leave her be. She woke up immediately when she heard the birds singing out loud. She opened her window for relaxing a bit at the morning time. Then, she heard the strange voice. She looked at there under the big tree near her window. There she saw his car and he was standing with full dress. She thought back yesterday happening and got back inside to look the calendar. She said in her mind “this was holiday why he showed up today”. She washed her face and gets dress up herself and went downstairs. Then, she went into the dining room and saw him sit with her parents and having a dinner. When she arrived, her father said “Kris will take you to the place which he wanted to show you before engagement day”. She was scratching her head and said “what do you mean”. Her mother stood up and goes inside the kitchen by saying “you weren’t kid anymore so your engagement party was getting closer”. Her father told her “we didn’t rush you to get marry the stranger so we decided to let you date before engagement”. She told them “weren’t you think by my side of view”. But her parents were neglecting her words. So, she just sat at the place beside him and having the breakfast. After having the breakfast, she said “I will date him and try to get in touch with him as much as I can”. She continued “if there had anything, I couldn’t accept him by reasons I will stop dating him”. Her parents said “that won’t happen”. Then, she followed him for dating. 

             At their first date, he took her to the garden. The garden was blooming with flowers and the other people seemed happy to get there. For him it seemed so great. She asked him “how many girls have you take here”. He was surprising by her words. He said “No, I haven’t experience like that you are my one and only”. During their dating time, she realized he was trying to reject the phone calls all the time. At the evening time, they went to the cinema for watching the love drama. Before getting inside the show, she wanted to go to toilet. So, she went into the toilet and he waited her outside. When she got back, he was talking with beautiful girl who wore off shoulder short dress. She seemed like modern girl so Fiona decided to get nosy over their conversation. Then, she realized that girl was his ex-girlfriend and the girl didn’t want to break up with him. They couldn’t stop their clashes over an hour so she decided to get into them. She went in front of them and said “Ms. I didn’t know you but if you want him then take it and tie him well”. Then, she left that place. She waited in front of the cinema for getting the taxi. He rushed follow her and grab her hand. He said “she was nothing for me and she won’t get into our relationship from now on”. She slapped his face and said “I am done with you”. She continued “please kept this in your mind, I’m never going out with you again”. She said “that girl was stalking me all the time and I knew the reason why”. 

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