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Eze is a handsome looking guy from one of the noble families in Ede village. He is in his twenties now. He owns one of the famous bakery businesses in his home town which he established immediately after his education. He started the bakery in a small scale and built it to become one of the leading businesses in the town. During Eze’s teenage period when he was in high school, he was always inquisitive of what he sees or teacher taught him in class. He is always asking questions. This made his friends then to nick name him “ inquiz boy”. His inquisitiveness made him pick interest in cashew seed which his teacher mentioned in classroom while he was teaching. 

“Today our topic is fruit” said Eze’s teacher.

“Sir, what is the meaning of fruit?” asked Nani, Eze’s classmate.

“Fruit is a sweet, succulent, edible part of a plant that mostly bears the seed of that plant. Example of seeds are groundnuts, palm cannels, rice seeds, beans seeds, cashew nuts etc” answered by Eze's teacher.

“Sir, I have not heard of cashew nuts. How does it look like? How can I identify it when I see it? And where can I see it? Eze quickly asked without missing words.

“Cashew nuts are brown coloured, coma shaped seeds. It cannot be found in this part of the world. It is only imported to these place and that are always on rare occasions” answered the teacher.

“Sir, why is it that it cannot be found or grown here” Eze asked again.

“It cannot be grown here because of the high acidity, temperature and speed of air that is characterized by this place” answered by the teacher.

“Sir, can I ask one more question” Eze inquired.

“Yes, you can but you should be fast and brief” said the teacher.

“Sir, what are the importance of cashew nut?” Immediately asked by Eze.

“Cashew nuts are important in many ways” said by the teacher before pausing for a while, took a little breath and continued.

“Cashew nuts are rich in heart-healthy fats, fiber and protein of plant. They are also sources of nutrients such as copper, manganese and magnesium that are essential for energy production, healthy bone, healthy brain, and immunity. It can as well serve as a present to visitors since it is not common in these areas” Illustrated by the teacher.

“Can we continue our today’s topic?” immediately asked by the teacher.

“Yes sir” echoed by all students in the class and the teacher continued his teaching till the end of the time allocated to him by the school authority.

After the class, Eze thought about the importance of the cashew nut as outlined by his teacher and decided that he must eat it. He searched for the nut in that period of time when he was in high school but he didn’t find it. When he graduated, he decided to let the sleeping dog be that one day a lamb will eventually be before a lion. 

It is now eleven years after Eze graduated from high school. His town is celebrating their usual Nchanwu annual holiday festival. A year to year celebration which is always held on the middle of every year in the honour of late chief Agba nchanwu. One of the past traditional rulers of their community who sleeplessly faught and liberated the community from slavery. The festival is always a must witness celebration to everybody in the community. Whenever it approaches, nobody always wants to miss it. They always want to see the form in which it will take since they discovered that every time it comes, new events and projects are often introduced. While the youths are preparing for one competition or the other, the aged are on their own part telling death that they should be allowed to witness the festival before taking them away. Indeed, it is always a great celebration.

At the eleventh hour of that year, at the appearance of a bright orange coloured light, Eze being one of the representatives of his village went to their town hall which is a mile away from his village to check how many activities which will be taking place that very day. On his way, he saw one of his classmates in high school walking by the road side. He stopped, alighted from his car and called him.

“Hi, Ozo did you still remember who I am?” Shouted Eze.

“No I didn’t” replied Ozo.

“My name is Eze. One of your classmates in high school” Eze introduced. 

Oh! Eze is this you?, your body structure have changed a lot” said Ozo hugging him tightly with smiles on his face.

“Yes, I’m the one…oh!” Eze replied immediately and continued by saying.

“My body structure is just God hand work…oh! Where have you been all these years?” 

“I have been away from town sha. I just returned to witness this year Nchanwu festival” replied Ozo.

“Where are you going now” Eze asked. 

“I am going to the town hall to check the activities we have for today” replied by Ozo

“What a coincidence! That is the place I’m going also. Enter my car let’s go together” Eze said.

“Ok” replied Ozo.

 Both entered the car and drove to the town hall. Immediately they reached, Ozo saw a man sailing cashew nuts. Based on the description of their teacher back then in school quickly recognized it and told Eze.

“Eze, there is a cashew nut over there” Ozo said.

“Where is it” Eze quickly asked.

Ozo without further speech, pointed toward the direction the man is. Both went there to buy the cashew nut but on them reaching, Nkeoma, a beautiful young lady at her twenties, that is there, has already paid for it. Eze approached her to know if she will resale the cashew nut to him but didn’t succeed.

“Hi beauty” Eze said.

“Hi, what can I do for you” replied Nkeoma.

“May I know your name” Eze asked with a gazing look in his face.

“My name is Nkeoma. Anything else” replied by Nkeoma.

“Yeah, I want to know if you can resale that cashew to me” Eze said.

“No I can’t. I bought it for my father” replied Nkeoma.

“Ok. Bye”Eze replied.

“Bye” Nkeoma returned.

After their conversation at the cashew not stand, Nkeoma went her way but while she was going, Eze discovering that he hasn’t seen such a beautiful young lady before looked her till when she disappeared from his view. When sun set that same day, Eze went to a bar which is a stone throw to town hall to take his dinner. He went there, sat down and was still thinking of what to actually eat when he suddenly saw Nkeoma coming to the bar. He acted as if he has not seen anybody till when she sat on a chair opposite him. He then approached her and asked her if she wouldn’t mind joining him in his table which she accepted after a few minutes of silence. In the table,

“I hope you still recall who is sitting before you” Eze asked.

“No, I didn’t” replied Nkeoma.

“I am the one that told you to resale cashew nut to him in the morning” eze said.

“Cashew nut!” Nkeoma called with a gazing face to know if she can recall what Eze is saying

“The coma shaped nut” Eze said.

“Ok, I now remember” exclaimed Nkeoma.

“Where do you live and what do you for a living?” Eze asked.

“I live in this town though does travel sometimes for recreational purpose. I am the owner of NK bakery ” Said Nkeoma.

“oh! You own that bakery which it's product is compiting with. It is nice meeting you. Eze Replied. Both smiled for some minutes before continuing their discussion which lasted for a long time.

After their discussion, they went to their respective home. In Eze's room, Eze couldn’t concentrate to say his normal prayer which he always does before sleep. The thought of Nkeoma filled his mind. This lingered till when sleep took away his consciousness. On the other side of the curtain, Nkeoma immediately slept when she entered her room but was brought back from the world of the dead by the dream she had. She was still thinking about her dream when the taught of Eze took over her. She was in that state when sleep took over her again.

it is very important to let us know that a group termite does not only emback on nuptial flight for reproduction niether does a bee only perform tail waggling to signal other bees for the presence of food but to also demonstrate love which is the only thing that every living organisms respond to. While the festival progress, both met several times. Discussed and had fun. At the end of the festival, both don’t need anybody to tell them that they can’t do without each other. Indeed if that occasions are held for celebration only, men and women would have been in their respective homes celebrating it. 

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