Speculative Horror

In the heart of the digital world, where the virtual meets reality, there was a Twitter user known as frightfullySon171. He was a man consumed by fanaticism, driven by the belief that the world could only become a better place if all those he disagreed with were made to suffer. He envisioned a world where only the righteous and pure of heart would be left, free from the tyranny of those he deemed unworthy.

FrightfullySon171 would spend hours on end scrolling through his feed, gleefully retweeting any news of tragedy and misfortune that befell those he considered his enemies. His obsession with this idea grew, yet he knew that he could never enact his vision of a perfect world.

Until one day, he received a message from a new follower, morningl-c-f. 

FrightfullySon171: "I'm tired of this world. So many evil people that just want to oppress us. I just want to make them all disappear."

Morningl-c-f: "I feel your pain, my friend. You have such passion, and I admire that. You want to make a better world, and I want to help you. ╰( ▪‿▪)╮"

FrightfullySon171: "Really? What do you mean? How could you help me do something like that? What do you suggest? Or are you just pulling my leg?"

Morningl-c-f: "I have a special gift for you my friend. A delete function that can remove anyone you don't like. Imagine, a world without those who don't deserve to be in it. ƪ(•́⌣•̀)ʃ"

FrightfullySon171: "Dude. There is already a function to delete tweets. I knew as was dealing with someone full of BS."

Morningl-c-f: "Hahaha. Oh my friend, don't think ill of me. Neither thinks of me being so unoriginal. I mean a function that will literally delete people. Interested? ◔ ⌣ ◔" 

FrightfullySon171 was intrigued. He had always felt alone in his beliefs, but this stranger seemed to share his darkest desires.

FrightfullySon171: "How does it work? Can it really delete anyone I want?"

Morningl-c-f: "Yes, my friend. It works the same as turning off and on a lightbulb with the flicker of a switch. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯"

FrightfullySon171's heart raced as he read the messages. This was the opportunity he had been waiting for.

FrightfullySon171: "Dude, don't excite me for nothing, please. If, if you are saying the truth, then I want to use this power. I want to create a world where we can eradicate all these oppressors, bigots, misogynists, and every single asshole."

Morningl-c-f: "I knew you would understand. Together, we can make a world where only the worthy are left. The possibilities are endless. (づ。◕‿‿◕。)づ"

FrightfullySon171's fingers trembled as he typed out his reply. He had never felt so alive.

FrightfullySon171: "How do we start?"

Morningl-c-f: "It's simple, my friend. Just right the name of the user that is in your delete field in the upper part of the app. I already installed it for you. ~(ಠ‿ಠ ~)"

FrightfullySon171: "WTF?!"

Morningl-c-f: "Magic my friend. Remember? ( ͡ᵔ ͜ʖ ͡ᵔ )"

This follower offered him a solution, a magical and mysterious delete function that would rid the world of those who he deemed unworthy. FrightfullySon171 was ecstatic, his dreams had finally come true, and he now had the power to shape the world as he saw fit.

Without a moment's hesitation, FrightfullySon171 began deleting anyone who he believed did not belong in his perfect world. Politicians, celebrities, random strangers, even those close to him, no one was safe from his newfound power. And with each deletion, he felt a sense of power and control that he had never experienced before.

But soon, the consequences of his actions began to reveal themselves. Panic and paranoia began to spread as people disappeared without a trace, and it wasn't long before the world was consumed by fear and uncertainty. In the chaos that ensued, tensions between nations grew, and before long, the world was engulfed in a catastrophic nuclear war.

The world had been reduced to ruins, a wasteland of ash and debris. The once-great cities were now nothing but rubble, their towering buildings reduced to dust. The sky was darkened by a thick, choking cloud of smoke, and the air was heavy with the stench of death.

The few survivors who remained wandered aimlessly through the desolate landscape, their bodies wracked with pain and illness. They clung to life with a desperate tenacity, their spirits were broken by the horrors they had witnessed.

The once-beautiful countryside was now nothing but a barren wasteland, the trees, and plants long since withered and died. The rivers and streams had become poisoned, and their once-clear waters turned murky and foul. The very earth itself had been scarred and defiled by the relentless bombing.

Those who had survived the initial attack now wished they had perished in the flames. They were consumed by a never-ending agony, their bodies wracked with pain and their minds haunted by the memory of the cataclysmic events that had destroyed their world.

The few who remained were left to scavenge for food and shelter among the ruins, their bodies weakened and malnourished. They lived in constant fear of the roaming gangs of looters and raiders who preyed upon the weak and helpless.

FrightfullySon171 was horrified to learn that the world he had so desperately tried to shape had been destroyed. The delete function that had once given him so much power had now left him utterly alone, and he soon realized the true cost of his actions. His obsession with creating a perfect world had blinded him to his shortcomings as a human being for he felt superior to others in his ideology, and in his pursuit of perfection, he had destroyed everything that he held dear.

In his final moments, FrightfullySon171 received one last message from his follower morningl-c-f. "It's the thought that counts. You wanted to make a better world. Look at it now. There is no world. You are welcome. ♨(^‿^)♨" These words would be the last thing he ever heard, a haunting reminder of the price he had paid for his fanaticism.

People like to feel morally superior to others in their own beliefs and ideologies. But the evil that man do lives on and on. And so it can consume you too.  

April 12, 2023 04:57

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Mary Bendickson
14:16 Apr 19, 2023

'Just right the name of the user' should say 'write'? 'Neither thinks of me' should be 'think'? Me thinks first name to be right would be FrightfullySon171.


Emanuel Diaz
22:52 Apr 19, 2023

Thank you. It seems like some orthographical mistakes truly passed me.


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Wally Schmidt
00:03 Apr 17, 2023

Whew! This is so close to home with the fanatacism, it's scary. Compelling story and writing Emanuel! One small typo at the end, if you are still able to edit "But the evil that man do lives on and on". = does


Emanuel Diaz
01:51 Apr 17, 2023

Thank you very much for your comment. I actually wrote the typo on purpose. Is a reference to the Iron Maiden song "The evil that men do".


Wally Schmidt
02:54 Apr 17, 2023

Head smack. Got it.


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