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while my small body lays across the hospital bed I overhear my mother and the doctor discussing my procedure. I know that this might sound silly but I think that I am allergic to the sun. Google told me so. Ok, so let me take you back 2 hours ago. It was a nice hot day when my best friend Raina and I decided to go bike riding. You could smell the scented oil that our mothers spread on our bodies filling the misty air.

The sound of our bike tires screeched every time we turned a corner on our block leaving the people staring at us with discomfort facial expressions. With all of the fun that we were having, we decided to sit underneath a tree with shade to cool off for just a bit.

Our backs pressed up against the bark of the trees and our bikes lay beside us in the grass.

"It's so hot I can make breakfast out here all I need is a frying pan," Raina says while nudging me with her elbow. I join her with laughter until Raina notices my skin becoming beet red. "What's wrong with your skin? It's turning red".

I look at my 2 arms and notice red spots. Nervously, I replied, "I don't know".

Raina insisted that we should ride our bikes to the nearest library so we can google my symptoms. Although, I thought it was silly I agreed to go anyways. As we entered the library we sat in an empty chair with a computer. " What should I type?" I ask Raina since it was her bright idea.

"Maybe you should type skin conditions?"

We both shrug our shoulders while I type in the Google search bar box "skin conditions".

The things that we've seen were horrendous! I thought myself there's no way I have a skin disease. My skin doesn't look infected at all.

While being in the library for approximately 2 hours we decided to give up. " Daisy, I think you should tell your mom when you get home," Raina says while she and I walk our bikes on our block. "I don't think I should it's just a small red spot. I'm probably turning into the Kool-Aid man." Raina and I laugh as we say goodbye to one another.

As I drink a cold bottle of water while sitting at the dinner table I glance at the sun shining from the dining room window. "Maybe I'm allergic to something that I know nothing about," I say to myself. As I think what could be wrong with my skin the first thing that came to mind since I was looking at the sun was maybe I have a sun allergy?!

I spit the cold water out of my mouth and run into the living where the computer is to search for the symptoms of a sun allergy.

The first symptom said red spots. I take a double-take at the screen to see if I were seeing things but no in big bold letters the symptom specifically said RED SPOTS IS A SYMPTOM OF A SUN ALLERGY! With a loss of words and a tingling sensation coming from my fingers, I say to myself "I have a sun allergy?"

I know that sometimes google isn't accurate but I had a feeling that this information that I was receiving was accurate. The first thing that I must do is tell my mother because this could be very serious. It might affect another organ in my body who knows what might happen if I don't seek medical help.

When my mother arrived home from work she found me in the bath with ice covering my body. " Honey, why are you in an ice bath?" As I shiver from the coldness of the ice I replied "B-because I think that I have a sun allergy." Because of my ridiculous response, my mother looked at me as if I had two heads.

"What are you talking about Daisy? There's no such thing as a sun allergy! Don't be ridiculous get out of this ice bath right now so I can found out what's going on in this instance!"

As I sit on the edge of my bed with a towel and heater my mother stands next to me with her arms crossed. "So? When are you going to explain this sun allergy to me? What gave you such an idea?"

"Well, when Raina and I were out riding bikes I noticed red spots on both of my arms so I assumed it was some sort of an allergic reaction occurring." I didn't want to tell my mother that I googled my symptoms because I didn't know how her reaction was going to be.

"It could simply be skin irritation." My mother replies. Because I didn't quite understand what she meant I asked her to explain to me what that might be.

"The heat from the sun could've irritated your skin just a bit." My mother sits down next to me rubbing my back to make me feel better about my ridiculousness. "Can I go to doctor Stevenson and see what he says?"

"If you want to go to the doctor's then we can go." My mother says as she kisses my forehead.

Now going back to the beginning of the story. I lay in the hospital bed wondering what will be said to me. Doctor Stevenson and my mother enter the room to tell me the news.

"How are you feeling Daisy?" Doctor Stevenson asks. "I'm feeling better. What's wrong with me?"

"Nothing is the wrong Daisy. Your skin was irritated by the sun that is all."

"So no allergic reaction?"

"None, you are free to go home."

My mother chimes in and say "Are you sure that this sun allergy idea wasn't something that you looked up on google?"

As much as I didn't want to say yes I had to because it was the right thing to do.

May 02, 2021 20:37

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