Who said Twitter is not useful- this story will prove you it does

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Friendship Happy Inspirational

Finding friends in the most unexpected places.

It all started with a simple tweet. It’s amazing to know how much technology makes people far away from each other, get closer by just a hit of a button. 

Common tastes and common ideals helped us to realized that all for one purpose could keep spirits high. Keep mental health in the right path, make everyone happy and over all spread. Love, no hate, was a must.

A simple answered tweet that made other tweeter engaged into the thread, quickly started to join many other Twitters from all over the world. The tweet; inviting people from many places in the world to join a great cause: prevent mental health practices snd guarantee kids at school with low in one to have a decent morning breakfast, important for a great learning day at school.

But it was not easy.

There was a big physical distance, half of our group were in side of the continent, the other on the other side of the hemisphere. But thanks to the new technology; distances were reduced. All of the sudden, our pen and paper transformed in our keyboard and Twitter, social media became our canvas. 

With the help of other Twitter friends, our community grew, as well as our popularity. If there was a way to make a difference in the world would be a great idea to start with music, good eating habits and good coaching life skills. 

Being there for, when anyone felt down was a great purpose for us. George and Cree loved the idea of sharing their songs as a supporting idea for my writing stories. Being that expressed and discussed over video calls, we started our quest.

Amy’s passion for healthy habits and green based cooking book author, successfully published her fifth book, the complete plant based book. Her recipes motivates an easy way of cooking using plant based ingredients appealing to all ages an types of people looking for an alternative to a healthier eating habits still being a non complete vegetarian. 

Cree and George on their part, happy on their forte; songwriting and music, thriving in their life passion- their lyrics always saying the truth and beyond support for many souls on this planet. 

We thought like we were a type of modern Marvel Universe heroes….kinda of… but with a somehow realistic purpose. Bring this said, everyone went back to their spots and started to brainstorm their plans on how to entertain everyone and keep them healthy and with their mind in good shape. 

Mona coordinated the postings of new music and vids on social media and the production of videos for the blogs, as well as the teasers to promote Cree and George’s new songs. Quickly; their popularity expanded all over the continent, and after the whole world. Their music touched a lot of hearts and souls. Their music also entertained many fans as well as their participation in many charity works. They both were admired, respected and loved by everyone in the world. 

Mona on her side, after years of studies and investigation on humans and healthy habits , a living proof of what healthy habit choices; complimented with easy daily workouts, to keep everyone’s body in good shape, fair enough advices for busy people and for all ages and types, workouts to keep anyone in shape.

Mona just had to coordinate the proper organization of posting the information and advice to be provided along with the postings on social media.

George and Cree; on their side came up with catchy nam S for their songs, all around the healthy idea motivational vibe.

Songs like ‘Nice and Slow’ to ‘Elita’ contagious enough to make anyone dance to start their workout start for the day, to ‘Music is the Best Medicine’, to ‘Swoon’. Cree’s music , many took part on many theatrical plays, had too much on their hands to supervise, but loved it.

Mona’s cooking book recipes were a complete compendium of healthy recipes, desserts, ice cream and easy workouts included for busy people on the go.

Very quickly their popularity expanded, their tours and participations in many charities and programs reinforced their new project, soon many followers joined to the very fast growing emporium where not only made the initial plan and objectives of the group but the expansion of their charities to other countries and the addition of new supporters, actors, artists and politicians also joined this wonderful cause. No doubt about it, the foundation for kids for sure, made lots of kids very happy. 

Mona’s program would keep the kids away from malnourishment and away from inappropriate education. Of course a good balanced food plan will allow the kids to properly study and develop according to the world’s current demands.

Amy luckily, got in contact with some countries that already had activities related already put into place. 

Mona felt so proud of her accomplishments. Many kids lives were saved because of her food program. Later on, many schools and early and after school programs adopted this beneficial food program for kids with lesser family income. Kids with a proper healthy food program; proven to better attention spam, plus the benefit of starting a great happy day!

This approach really benefit not only kid’s health, it also benefit their families, they knew their kids have a better brighter future.

At the end of the day; everyone felt happy; and this happiness was so contagious that this little program not only benefit the kids. 

That happiness also extended to George and Cree, whose music entertained all people from around the world, their music a reflection of their experiences, and encouragement to continue, made many forget their problems and share their love.

That’s exactly what the world needs.

That’s exactly what we should do

That’s exactly what we should pass along

That’s exactly what it should persevere on top of eve one’s mind

We felt like heroes in our own mind

We felt to everyone change their mind

We felt so happy to our heart’s content

We felt our mission for many to share this moment

And for all this moment

To all hearts content

September 17, 2021 02:23

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