It's just HOME ALONE>

"Have you heard about the break in two houses from here!? This thing is going too far"Kaley badged inside my room without any care. That's my sister,my very loud sister.

"What?What happened?"I jumped from the bed looking at her. I'm waiting for some answers,she shakes her head glaring back at me.

"There's been a break-in two houses away from here, apparently they took everything,from the furniture to the clothes"She breath that out placing her hands on her hips"This people are imbecile!"Yeah they are.

"Again? That's absurd"I shook my head narrowing my eyes at her.

"Yes again Jane, people should just come back from their holidays. These thieves won't Stop doing this thing, but the police are investigating"It's not like they will get anything right!They can be too slow.

"They can be too slow,let me tell Aunty Pat about this. She has to be careful since she wants to leave for the holidays either"Kaley claps her hands folding them across her chest.

"She doesn't have to go,they will do the same to her"I throw my head back swinging to the closet. 

I took out my outfit and I changed my clothes. I have to tell Aunty Pat about this,there has been a lot of break-ins this Holidays. These thieves have been doing this for weeks now and the police are failing to catch them.

"Are you going down there?I thought you will call her"I looked at her as I shook my head. She thought wrong.

"Stop thinking, I'm going down there. Aunty Pat has made some scones either way"I'm not going there to tell her about the break-ins only.

Kaley sighed"I'm going with you"She says and chuckled looking back at her "What?I knew you were going for those delicious scones too"She walks out from my room.

My phone rang as I toss the from from my dressing table. My eyes quickly set on the screen, Ashley's name flashed on the phone screen.

"Ash...."I screamed out her name. I miss my best friend, she's been gone for ages.

"Jane, how are you doing?I heard about the break-in that has been going around the area"She mutter. 

"It's already spreading,I hope your house is very safe Ash"I breath out shooting my eyes out of the window.

"My Father is on his way back there,I will be back in two days"I thought she's not coming back anytime soon "I'm not spending my New Year this side"I nod like she can see me.

"Oh,I will be expecting you then"I moved to take my sling bag. I made my way out heading to the living room.

"Cool,Heart you"A smile flashed across my face. "I heart you back"I disconnected the call immediately.

"You leaving without me!?"Kaley barks at me the moment I approached the living room.

"Who said I will be leaving you behind? I'm leaving though"I looked up to her and she nods.

"Let's go"She says leading the way.

We walked out of the house. Aunty Pat's house is Four houses away from our house. She's not our biological Auntie, she's just a close friend.

Auntie Pat!"I called out for her as we walked inside the house. We have finally arrived after walking for few minutes.

"Sisters,How are you?"She hugs me before she hugs Kaley "I'm good, what brings you Here?"She replies to our greeting.

"Scones!"Kalet jumps into the Conversation immediately. I chuckled looking at her,I just shook my head looking at Auntie Pat.

"She's lying"I defend myself walking inside the house following her. We settled around the couch "Have you heard about the break-in?"I asked her.

"Yeah, I'm even afraid of leaving the town. This thing is going too far"I know right? It's frustrating really, Stupid people!

"You should stay,your house will be turned to a party Auntie"I mutter setting my eyes at the little puppy coming my way.

"Such a lovely puppy! He's so beautiful"I picked the puppy as my Aunt bust into laughter. I turned to look at her in confusion.

"You love some dick!This is a she"Oh Corse it is. What did I think? Most of the puppies are female "She's Emmy"I nods.

"Cute!"She's really cute. Maybe I should get myself a puppy.

"Jane you can here for a reason,not to compliment my puppy!"Auntie Pat says.

I looked at her and she shrugged her shoulders"Yeah"I shook my head.

"I think you should stay, I'm afraid of the break-in that has been happening around town Auntie"I was really scared!I don't know if there thieves take this as a joke or a game. It's now frustrating.

"I'm not leaving anymore,and thank you for being so concerned about me"She flashes her Innocent smile in which I returned back.

"About the Scones-"Here Kaley starts.


I was woken up by a loud bang. I quickly got up with my popped eyes as I realize that it's in the morning. I tap my left feet on the Mat just next to my bed;on the floor. My eyes shook straight to the clock hanging over the wall. It's 8am I quickly walked over to the bathroom. I Shriver the moment the cold water hit my back. I stepped out of the shower walking over to the bedroom. I dressed up before i made my way downstairs.

"Morning Mom"Kissing her cheek "Morning Dad"Kissed his too before I settled on the high chair in the Kitchen.

"How was your sleep?"Mom asked.

"Wanna know the truth?I was scared,I don't trust this Town anymore"I shook that to her.

Frown"They won't break-in,you don't have to be so worked out"I wouldn't if it wasn't for these Imbeciles.

"Mom you just don't get it"I looked away as she placed a plate next to me"Thank you Mom"I started to eat.

"You're getting all worked out for nothing, just focus on yourself and forget about these things"If only it was easy. I'm so much afraid of any Thieve.

"Mmmh"I chew. Kaley made her way upstairs "She's up early this morning"I clapped my hands in a childish way congratulationg her.

Pushed my shoulder"It's not like I'm always late, Morning Mom and Dad. You too you pig"I stuck my tongue out.

"Morning my baby" "Morning my Angel"Kaley groaned on how much they always treat her life a baby.

"I'm not a baby,you guys should Stop this"She settled on the high chair and Mom placed the plate next to her "Thank you Mom"I looked at her.

"So,I was thinking"I looked away from her to my parents "Since we cannot visit because of these Imbeciles,I say we have to do something"I say.

"Count me out, we're going away"I looked at Mom so surprised about her sudden announcement.

"Where are you going Mom?"I asked.

"Out for Business, we'll be back tomorrow"Oh,but it's Holidays. Do they have to go in any meeting or what's so ever

"You wouldn't understand"She continued like she heard any of my thoughts.

"Fine,I will see you'll"I pushed the plate making my way back to my room.


It's just after the Sunset,here am I making dinner. Mom and Dad walked down holding their travelling bags. Phew! 

"Baby be good, look after your sister"She kissed my forehead and Dad did too.

"Goodbye Mom, I'm just scared"I honestly murmur so they could hear me.

"Nothing will happen to both of you, just be good"They made their way out. HOME ALONE.

Kaley made her way down just after the parents shut the door closed. 

"We'll be having a party!"She shout taking me by surprise.

"No, we're not having any party"I snap getting back to my pots "You love silly things K, you're too young"She groans walking away from here.

I finished cooking as I dish up for both of us. She walked back as we settle in the living room Gavin our dinner while watching the Television.

"I'm going to sleep"She says standing on her feet "I will sleep with you right?"I nods and She walks away. 

I was left watching the Television. Soon the show was over and I was done with my dinner. I washed the dish before I locked then I walked over to my bedroom.

Kaley was already under covers


I was deep in my sleep as I heard some findling around the room. It went on and on so I thought it was my Mom.

"Mom"I shout in the darkness of the room causing me to frighten a little bit.

"Huh"Replies. That voice was a bit different though but I brushed that off

"Mom is that you?"I got off the bed walking over to turn on the covers,there was no one but I was sure that I've heard someone in there "Kaley"I whispered under my breath.

"Huh?"She groaned turning to my side "Why are you whispering?"She asked slowly opening her eyes.

"I think there is someone in here, I've heard the voice,the movement too"I say to her and she jump off the bed.

"You serious? Let's kill that fucker!"She makes her way out but I quickly pulled her to me.

Hissed"You crazy? You want to die or what?"I narrowed my eyes at her until she saw that I'm dead serious.

"You... You serious?Oh my God let's call Mom"She takes her phone dialing my mother's number "It goes straight to voicemail, Dad's too"She nervously says.

"Don't panic,send a message"I say slowly walking out if my bedroom

"What are you doing!?"She halve shouted from the room then I turned to look at her.

"To do something,I can't stand there and do nothing. Kaley don't go anywhere hear the?Stay put!"She nods. I made my way out but I didn't find anything nor some clue.

"Kaley!!!"I shout and she came out after some few minutes "There's no one"She let's out a deep breath.

"Are you sure there was someone? Maybe it's your imagination"I looked at her as my eyes moved Landing on the Tv stand.

Where is the Television?

"Where's the Television Kaley?I was watching it not so long ago see?There was someone in here"I placed my hand on my chest looking around.

"You right!There was someone. Let me quickly call the Police Jane"I scoffs Shaking my head but she called them regardless

"They won't do anything!They are too slow"I say to her and she slowly nods after disconnecting the call.

"Let's wait for Dad and Mom, I'm sure there's something that needs to be done"She murmur settling over the couch as she placed her head on her knees with her feet on the couch.

"It's going to be a long night,I hate being home alone"She mumbles "Hate it" I hate it too. Thieves they are.


"What?What really happened!?"Mom shouts out as soon as she approached us.

"They took the Television Mom,there were thieves in here"Snorts looking forward.

"Oh Are you Ohk?We drove here as soon as we got your message"She says turning us around 

"We're fine"irritated"Just fine"

"Your father is doing everything he can at the moment to catch these thieves"She assures us.

"Ohk Mom"


"They have catched them, they are on their way to the police station as we speak"Mom shouts from the staircase

"Really?At last!"Kaley threw herself on the couch "I miss watching my favourite Movie, where's the television?"I nearly laughed. 

She's thinking about her favourite movie under these circumstances, Idiot!

December 23, 2019 15:27

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