More than a woman.

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Friendship Sad Suspense


She is not the kind of lady you get to meet at your favorite drinking joint. I mean she can take a few tots, ain't no saint, but you know the introverted type preferring "domestication. 

I met her through a mutual friend. And my first impression? Young, beautiful and a killer smile.

Hearty laughs too

She was bold, way too bold for such an age. A few can speculate her to be shy but its part of her reservation, before she gets to know someone.

The kinda girl you could argue politics with and one who could banter you through football trolls.

A well conversed and articulatily read dearly with whom you could decipher the pros and cons on Chimamanza Ngozi Adichie's latest publication.

Not the regular Sinyorita obsessed with a celebrity crush syndrome and trials of the latest trending moves.

Whoever idealised that a nerdy woman couldn't be beatiful as well, needed see this chocolate marvel.

She had been a classmate and close friend for most of my teenage life and i had always managed a cheeky smile at the thought of her.

However, things were different this specific friday morning. Sneaking through the sleepy city of Chogoria was a long convoy of vehicles.

Not much hype and activity was associated with the city and one could have easily ignored its existence. 

But it was not just a regular normal city for with it came a history.

No one was likely to know any one's business in the town since everyone seemed to mind their own.

The daily hassle, retiring to homesteads later tired to probably sip some coffee or something 

 stronger while watching news was a major norm for the city residents.

It might have been mere hearsay but well, prevention is better than cure and to know was safer than ignorance in this city.

A rich history was dominant in the city. A body chilling and shivering kinda story if narrated to a sober, sane mind.

Of creatures of the night and those that did live amongst them. 

Of predators so dire it was a death wish strolling during their hunting season.

Of prayers to the most high wishing things would not ever get out of hand and the balance would remain as it was.

Of creatures of lust and thirst and everything that could be associated with darkness.

Of a rich history, unrecorded crisis and so much fear beìñg driven from grass roots to everyone having an idea about it, despite not living there.

Yet the city had existed and residents survived until a major tragedy broke out. An infectious virus had swept through in a strong wave and had the city in shackles. 

A tragedy that had led us to this particular friday morning.

The convey of vehicles finally made it to the homestead of the pretty lady and a solemn mood took over. Here she was, almost just like she had been but only a little different.

Ungloved and unmasked she lies

A sharp tuxedo and watch, her solitude ties

A shriek and distant whimper, her toddler cries

A sheikh and governor, will 'celebrate' her wise

A still numb corpse, was her price

Clean white coat, she had donned daily 

Keen to note, she mothered her toddler fairy

Sane to the oath, she persevered cheerfully

Same Medics coat, when they found her body

The worry wrinkles on her face are gone

This pale overworked with shifts skin tone though, she proudly wears despite her life being done,

Sad a young mother, wife and neighbour is lost

Somehow, a victim for trying save an infected patient

Sorry, the corps won't make it for the gun salute

Worry if you end up in their wrath and brutality 

Some forces in power, instructed them to 'deal' with the medics peacefully demonstrating

Same colleagues of hers seeking pay and better working conditions 

Sane medics not ready to endure her pain

A governor who ignored their grievances will read his 'condolences' speech

Maybe even politically, some Bill pitch

The Sheikh who asked them back to work with no protective gear might preach

Insane because with politicians he did dine

Her remains will be lowered

Of what used to be a learned Medic 

To them this would be no headache 

A star dimmed

A flicker of hope dead

No MONUMENT nor a silence MOMENT

Scars as Stars.

Dust to Dust

Ashes to Ashes.

Just as she goes down and her coffin is covered with huge lumps of soil, so does the faith of the people. The lives she had saved, risks she had taken and dedication is now a gospel in the city.

A selfish government that did let down a selfless mother will bear the guilt for negligence. Again the dust will settle but soon enough they'll visit the city, seeking elective posts with sugar coated promises of changes they'll make.

But awoke the people stay for they vividly know, once bitten twice shy. She was, had been and would always remain more than a regular woman.

Such was the short life of the city's favorite lady doctor. What very few people knew about was her roots. No relatives had been present since she had grown up in the streets.

She had survived the harsh conditions of sleeping on the cold pavements on an empty stomach, sometimes for days. A non governmental organisation had taken her in at the age of eleven and taken her to school.

She had scaled the heights and finally joined medical school, graduating top of her class in her dream career.

She had turned down offers to join elite hospitals and institutions, heading back to the city she had grown up in to give back to the less fortunate who couldn't afford proper medical care. She however had not lived her dream all through.

As i quietly brood over the loss of a friend, colleague and patriotic being, my heart is no longer at peace with the government officials nor the hypocritical church leaders endorsing their mischief. I mean, how do we have faith when there's no HOPE?

.mr write

July 16, 2021 16:22

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