Heading up to my little cabin. It is a long way, putting music in the car and trying to stay awake. “Rocking to the Oldies”. Bumps and turns along the way. It had to be about mid afternoon by now. Pulling into the driveway and seeing my old neighbors.

Grabbing my bags and putting my hand on the doorknob. Ready to settle in. Just closed the door. Someone knocked on the door! “What now”. 

Hi neighbor. {Just saw you pill in} and wanted to let you know you have a light out. Thanks. Have a good evening. Lights were on and I went to put wood in the fireplace. It wasn’t that late so put the kettle on. 

Sitting down ready to enjoy a nice cup of tea and read the newspaper. The lights blew out and lightning flashed. A thunderstorm was brewing and blowing gusts of wind that hit my windows. That was a time when I was five and having tea with my grandma. 

Sitting there listening to stories of the olden days. It was great in the old days. But now I’m older and just living in quietness. Remembering the past was ok. But now that my kids have grown up it's now my time to just live. That is what I am going to do. First night in my cabin was great. 

It’s morning now and after waking I put the kettle on. Went outside to cut more wood and sat at the table looking outside to see what the storm did. Not much damage. What am I going to do now that I have come to my cabin? That is a question! Could I call my old friends? It has been 10 years. Why not! It would be nice to know what they have been up to. The first friend would call my old {Jareth} my bird. “Hoot” my bird squawks. Good to see you old boy.

As for my friends; there is something you need to know and I was known to be the strange one. Because the friends that I am about to mention are {a dark elf, halfling, a mage, ranger, a Trickster “Arcangel” and me “druid”. Their names are {Athena Starbreeze, Tasslehoff Brightblade, Raistlin Majere, Tanis Fireforge, Laurana Goldmoon and me Angeni Burrfoot. Told you I was different.

Sending “Jareth” my bird to fetch them. {I request your presence to join me on a quest. Sincerely, Angeni stopped. I know it has been five years. Stop. Hope you come}! That deserves another cup of tea and putting another wood in the fireplace. It has to be around noon by now. “Jareth” came in scoffing. Settled in his nest. Just then there was a knock at the door. Jumping up to answer it. Eagerly, surrounded by my closest friends ever and very happy to have you here. 

Putting the kettle on for time with my gathering. Should put another wood one the fireplace. We got to reminiscing of the time when we got stuck in the whirlwind and Tanis tossed his crossbow trying to stop it. Surprisingly it didn’t work. Raistlin used his magic to reverse the whirlwind in the other direction and we all fell out landing on top of the mountain.

Something you need to know about Raistlin, once he finished sorcery school in the twin towers his eyes changed to {Hour Glass Eyes}. His skin changed also and instead of sickly white to yellowish gold color. His story is: “he was never the same, he hid out in the shadow lands, and kept his magic a secret”. As for the others they lived life as normal as can be! Sometimes we would travel to forgotten realms from time to time and weird things would find us drag us in.

Sorry time got away from us. It was now midnight. Athena, put another wood to put in the fire. As everyone settled in the lights we turned off and curled up into the covers. Something was not feeling normal. Closing my eyes, the only thing I could see in darkness was Raistlin eyes and it didn’t scare me, just startled me. What is the matter I asked? 

“Raistlin” did I wake you? No, I said. Glad that you're still awake “Angeni”, because I need to ask for a favor. {It has to do with going on a journey to the forgotten realms}! Can you wait till the morning? Angeni said. {Yes. I can wait for the morning}. Finally morning comes. Putting more wood in the fireplace and asking “Raistlin” to get more wood since he was the only other person up. After words the rest of the gang was awake. So we were all sitting around the table and “Raistlin” spoke, asking the gang if they wanted to go to the forgotten realms.

Another quest? The gang asked! We all yelled yes. Afterwards the gang put all our stuff together by the door. Packing up food and stuff we need to take on the journey. One thing you need to know about the forgotten realms. There is no time in the realms. There are many realms. By this time it is getting close to evening. {Athena Starbreeze said we should get going or it will be midnight once we arrive}.

{Athena Starbreeze said I am ok by seeing in darkness} the others may have issues. So the decision was made that we will start early in the morning. Early morning came, the gang was making their way through the forgotten realms and once everyone was there {Tanis Fireforge}, said here are the plans. This time we all are sticking together. No running off or ahead of the team “Tasslehoff Brightblade”. Why are you all looking at me? There was a long pause. Let's get going already. Why are you all looking at me? There was a long pause. Let's get going already. "Tasslehoff Brightblade, said can we stop and take a break?''

This is where it is going to get a little tricky. It gets very foggy. This is the time where you can get separated! The fog slowly disappears. Looking around to see who is still there? Calling out the names of my friends {Jareth} started squawking at the sounds surrounding us. Ok we are not alone anymore. Scooby comes running up and {scooby says ruh roh a roast} meaning: oh a ghost.

Well we are all accounted for. Except an Aqrabuamelu “scorpion man”, {aka scorpion king} came out and said what are you doing here? We all said just passing through. One of us said do you know where to find the right door to the labyrinth of goblin king castle? Yes. Take two rights and then take a hard left just before you hit Medusa’s forest of lost souls. Thanks for your time. Now that is said. We ended at the Labyrinth. Since no one has the proper time.

Setting up camp. It has to be almost dinner time. Have not had any tea in some time. It feels like we haven’t eaten in days. So we took a couple of days camping. It was nice to just hang with good friends. But we are on a journey. Oh that is what I forgot? “Raistlin Majere,” “Raistlin” did I wake you? No, I said. Glad that you're still awake “Angeni”, because I need to ask for a favor. {It has to do with going on a journey to the forgotten realms}! You remember. Yes, I said. Now that we are in the forgotten realms. 

We have been friends since the day of time right! Yes. Just then “Jareth” my bird flew and landed on my arm. It startled the gang. Now everyone is awake. So we have to talk later. {Laurana Goldmoon}, and Tanis Fireforge said we should start packing up if we want to be at the castle in the next two days. It is a hike in half. If we don’t want to get involved with anything supernatural that is.

We finally reached our destination. Athena Starbreeze, said: {to Raistlin Majere, in my pouch is the golden egg}. Present your gift from your “King of Firewire” in Spirit Falls. Now that our quest is done. What are we about to do now? Well first off we are going to camp for next week. If you want. Second, have a cup of tea. Eat. Tell spooky stories. Or just relax. In the forgotten realms. 

I’ll understand if you want to leave. But that is what I will be doing. Anyone want to stay with me? Raistlin Majere, I'm in. We are all in. Ok. Let's go find a special spot and set up camp. Leaving the labyrinth. Passing through Medusa’s forest of lost souls. Finding the perfect spot. Which is the netherworld. In basic terms the abyss. Just past the Castle of Grayskull. Just keep remembering to eat! Because there is no time in the forgotten realms. 

Camping is different then just hanging with friends at a coffee shop. It is spending quality time with the best friends ever. Suddenly a creepy crawly sandworm came out of the fog. Beneath our feet was fog rolling in. It was getting thick. So thick you couldn't even see anything in front of your face. Then we were back in my cabin. What is going on? In a snap. I was sitting all alone in my cabin, no one was with me and all was quiet. Asking myself was this all a dream. No. Trickster “Arcangel” at your service. Why? Laurana Goldmoon said because I’m a trickster. 

That was a good trick, Laurana. It is mid afternoon time for lunch. Now that we all had a good laugh. Putting more wood in the firepit. First we all ate lunch. Started packing and getting ready to go home. The week went by quickly. Ending at my cabin now. Setting the table up for one last tea. Have to cut more wood so that we can be nice and warm. Saying I hope this won’t be the last time all of us get together!

All is said and done. Saying goodbye is hard but it won’t be the last time the old gang will be together before long. As my friends are saying goodbye. Raistlin pulled me aside and asked once everyone is gone can we talk. I don’t see any problem with that. Goodbyes are over with. It is now just you and Raistlin now. I have to talk with you, “Raistlin” said. Well talk. Putting the kettle on again. This cabin gets cold fast so put more wood on the fireplace. {Remember when we were at the twin towers}? Of course I do. Do you remember the punishment that I {Raistlin} went through. Of course I do. {Do you remember Why}? Not really. It was so long ago. 

It is mid afternoon now and we should get something to eat. Fine, “Raistlin said. I will have a sandwich”. Can we still talk well if you make the food? Sure thing. Well here goes. {Raistlin said; I did it for you}! Why would you do that kind of punishment? I said. {Because I did it for you and was young}. Now as that was done now I am “Raistlin” the King of Mage. Very high roll to play. Finishing up lunch. I am happy for you {Raistlin}. I said. Now that is over with “Raistlin” said I am off to the underworld. To take care of my business.

Did all this really happen? Was it another one of my daydreams? It felt so real just had to be a nightmare. Or too much tea. That's too much tea. But I did have lots of tea time parties with my grandma and aunt. One time we all made biscuits. Those were the best years of my life. I might have been only five years old. 

That is my tea time party story. Now putting more wood in the fireplace. Sitting in my rocking chair, snuggling up with a good novel and falling asleep.

January 14, 2022 17:12

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