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Friendship Fiction Kids

“Friendships day’s coming and I haven’t thought of anything to give to my best friend.” Harry thought. “I’ve bought him a PS5 for his birthday. Maybe, something special from when we were kids? One more until friend ship day.”

 That night, Harry was thinking about a present for Benjamin. He couldn’t sleep, just thinking and thinking and thinking until midnight, he fell asleep.

“Gasp” Harry woke up in excitement. “I know the perfect gift, just hope I still have it.” He said. He jumped off the bed and lay down on the floor and reached for a box under his bed. “There it is.” Harry said as he blows the dust from the box. ”Now, where’s the key?” He was nervous about not finding the key. He reached for the flashlight on the bed and he pointed the light under the bed. He found the key and opened the box. He found his old toys; comics, books and drawing, but he didn’t find the picture of him and Benjamin from kindergarten.

He was disappointed but he still hasn’t given up. He was thinking about where he might put it as he was having breakfast. He remembered a few places. His photo album, his box of old junk in the attic but first, he has to go to school. He grabbed his backpack and hoping to find it.

On the way to school, he met Benjamin. “Hey, Ben, over here!” he shouted as they both ran towards each other. Benjamin gave him a pat on the shoulder and began to walk to school. “So, have you thought about my present for friend ship day?” Harry asked. “Yes! Have you?” Benjamin replied. “Yes, of course.” Harry replied.

Harry was worried he couldn’t find that picture. That picture is taken on the day they met each other and became friends. Throughout the whole day, he was anxious and couldn’t keep his mind straight. He couldn’t answer anything the teacher asks and he was even sent to the head teacher’s office for not paying attention in class.

At 3, the bell rang and everyone rushed out of the school. Harry ran back home as fast as he could, leaving Benjamin walk to home by himself, and praying to find it. After a long run, he finally arrived home. He stopped at the front yard to catch a breath, and rushed inside, tossing his backpack on the couch as he ran upstairs to his room.

He slid into his room and opened the cupboard. He reached for his photo album on the bottom layer. There were three books, he searched the first book and it wasn’t found. He searched in the second book and it wasn’t there. Anxious he was, as he was about to open the last photo album. “Please be in here!” Harry said. He searched the whole book but it wasn’t found. He even triple checks every album.

“What am I going to buy him now?” Harry asked himself. He jumped on the bed in disappointment. “Wait, what about my old junk box in the attic.” He said in excitement. He jumped off the bed and ran outside of his room and stopped under a trapdoor in the celling. He grabbed the rope and the trapdoor opened and the ladder came falling down. Thankfully it didn’t hit him.

He went up the attic, climbing the ladder and watching his step. It was dark and warm even when it’s still bright and cold outside. He turned on the lights. He had to breathe the dusty air which made him sneeze several times. He searched for the box and found it.

“Here you are!” He said. “Please, please be in this box!” He opened the box nervously. “My old basketball! Bon-Bon! I thought I lost you when we changed houses.” Harry said. He digs until he reached the bottom of the old cardboard box but it wasn’t found again.

He switched off the lights and climbed back down stairs. “What am I going to do now?” He asked himself.

~The next morning~

He woke up and went downstairs. He packed his bag and got ready for school. He met with Benjamin on the way to school. “Hey, Harry!” Benjamin called. “Here’s your present, happy friendship day.” It was a game CD of Minecraft. He felt bad for himself for not being able to find it. “I will get your present after school.” Harry replied. “That’s cool. I can wait a bit longer.” Benjamin said.

After school, Harry ran back to his house just like yesterday. He ran crying inside, kicking the door open and ran upstairs to his room. He lay on the bed and cried.

He heard footsteps coming near his room. “What’s wrong?” His mother asked in a gentle voice. “I couldn’t give Ben his present.” Harry replied sobbing. “What was it?” She asked. “The photo of me and Ben when we were in kindergarten.” He replied. “Why didn’t you say so? I kept it in my room since you forget where you put something all the time.” She replied. “That is why I thought I lost Bon-Bon!” He thought.

He followed his mother to her room and she gave him the picture. “Thanks mom. Now I need to give Benjamin the picture.” He said as he ran off. He looked at his watch and surprisingly he cried from 3o’clock until 4o’clock. He ran and takes a breath when he got to Ben’s house. He pressed the bell. “DING DONG”

Ben’s mother opened the door. “Hi, Mrs. Williams. Is Ben upstairs?” He asked. “Yes he is.” She answered. Harry ran upstairs to Ben’s room. Harry heard Ben screaming in anger. “I think I made Ben feel upset. I should go apologies. “I know you are angry because I haven’t given you the present.” Harry said. “What are you talking about? I was mad because I lost my Mobile legends rank game and now I went back to legend 1 from mythic!” Benjamin replied. “I’m sorry, but here’s your present.” He said as he handed it over. Benjamin started to cry. Tears started to drop. “Was it because my present was just a picture, was it lame?” Harry thought.

“I’m so sorry Ben. I thought this was a perfect gift. But, I see I was wrong.” Harry apologized. “No, this brings back lots of memories.” Benjamin said as he stood up and gave Harry a hug.

            Benjamin might have spent about maybe, 10 or above dollars on Minecraft for Harry and Harry give him a photograph he searched never giving up. This photograph seem worthless to others but in the right hands, anything that you think worthless will be useful in many ways as they understand. You can't turn back time and this is a piece of memory because they can't go back to that time.                                                                

December 14, 2021 11:14

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Aung Bhone Myat
07:29 May 12, 2022

Such an amazing story mate! That remind me of my childhood with my best friend! Keep it up!


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