Friendship Fiction Drama

" Hi Mike, I am on my way to 'Red Lion' see you soon,"

" I am already there. I shall get your pint, it will be ready for you,"


" It's freezing out there, let me warm up first. I want to play a trick on Andy. Do you think you can join me ?"

" I do not really like games or jokes. They usually turn nasty. I don't want to annoy Andy. We are very good friends. Last six months in London we supported each other. If anything goes wrong we may lose the friendship. By the way, What is your joke? something childish,"

" Not really, I heard that 'He is having an affair with Judy' at his office," Jack said.

" You can not be serious, It is a very serious accusation. If his wife Mary hears that it will ruin their marriage. That's not a joke, man "

" If I tell him that he will not listen, pulling his leg may bring him back to his senses and save his marriage,"

" How you going to that,"

" I am thinking of next Friday night, you know we are having dinner at his flat, I shall bring the subject up. I know, he and Mary will be really upset as soon as I mention the gossip. I shall wait to see how things will go, If it gets really nasty, I shall start laughing and say "It's April Fool day ' 1st of April' which is true if you check the calendar "

"I am sorry to say but you have a very weird sense of humour, Jack, it may ruin his life,"

" On the contrary, if the rumour is true and he is having an affair with Judy 'his secretary', it will be a warning for him to watch his actions. If we challenge him with the talking of the office, he may listen to us,"

" I shall be honest, I heard the same story from Judy's friend. I wanted to keep quiet. You know Mary and my wife Jane are very good friends. She will be both upset. Is it really worth taking that kind of chance? I wonder"


" Hi, nice to see you again Marry. Where is Andy? " Jack said.

" He is in the kitchen, preparing few things for the dinner, let me get you a drink ' Andy, love Jack is here'

The doorbell rang and Mary answered the door.

" Hello, Mike, lovely to see you, Jane, coming in. Let me get your coats. Andy is in the kitchen will join us shortly. Jack is already here. We can join him at the lounge. What you would like to drink, is the usual gin and tonic and a pint of lager !!!"

"Yes please," Mike said.


" It doesn't take too long to get drunk you two, few pints you are already tipsy, listen I have a few bottles of wine to drink at the table I hope you won't get drunk, we will eat soon, the table is ready, " Andy said.

" Let's eat, then we can relax and play some music after," Mary said.

" This is a delicious poached salmon and the hollandaise source. Thank you," Jane said.

" Hey John, you should be in bed by now it's a little late for you," Jack said.

" I was sleeping but wake up with your voices, good night everybody," John said.

"Please let's move to the living room, I shall bring some whisky or brandy for gentlemen, some champagne for ladies," Andy said.


"Andy, there is a rumour going around the office, about you and Judy, is that true " Jack said.

There was a big silence in the room. Nobody could speak for few minutes.

" What do you mean by that? Jack," Mary asked.

" Oh nothing important, I think it is hearsay!" Jack said.

" This is very serious Jack, I am angry and annoyed. Are you accusing me of having an affair with Judy? Andy said.

" Listen please do not get angry. It is just a stupid remark from Jack. I don't know where he gets his sense of humour from," Mike said.

" This is a real nightmare for me. It is difficult to handle it," Mary said.

" Let me hold you, please stop crying, Mary. It is not worth it. You are worrying me now," said jane.

Suddenly, Andy jumped on his feet and attacked Jack.

" I have to sort you out. This is a big lie and you are not getting away with it,"

" Please stopped it. You are both out of order. You got to calm down. Control yourself and don't wake John up," Mike said.

" Mary here is tissue for you. Wipe your tears and stop sobbing, love" Jane said.

" It is about time you come to clean Jack, no more game playing. You have gone over the board tonight," Mike said.

" Okay ! Okay! I am sorry. I did not expect you to become upset. Today is the 1st of April, April Fool's Day. I just wanted to pull your legs especially Andy, looks like it's backfired," Jack said.

" Please leave my house at once, I don't want to see your face, leave us alone," Mary said.

" Don't be stupid, It is only a joke," Jane said.

" I am retiring now, I shall speak to you tomorrow Andy," said, Mary.

" Goodnight, I am going to leave now however what has been said in the office remains to be seen, whether we like it or not," Jack said and walked out.

" Andy sorry about all this but I could not control Jack, it was a joke out of a simple gossip in the office, let's go, Jane," Mike said.


" Good morning Dad, Mum. Why it was so noisy last night? I could not go to sleep,"

" Come on son eat your breakfast and get ready. You will be late for school," Andy said.

" Just need five minutes, I'm ready but will fetch the ransack, by the way, Mum, Do you kiss Uncle Jack as well?

" What kind of stupid question is that John," Andy shouted.

" No it is just my curiosity, I saw him kissing auntie Jane in the kitchen last night, I was just wondering !!!, "

Andy just stared at Mary with a smile, she was frozen to say anything.

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00:20 Aug 26, 2021

Nice story! Yeah, lying is a double-edged sword. I enjoyed a lot!


Kayhan Egeli
08:37 Aug 27, 2021

Thank you.I hope, you will follow my future stories.


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