Adventure Kids Friendship

Rain poured and the skies turned gray. Footsteps sounded like a march in union. Everyone was trying to get home and avoid the enemy above. Soon it became stronger. Trees started to bend and struggled with balance. Powerful winds struck at building signs and isolated cars. The skies above roared as if it was an angry god, the thunder looked like a vein popping out. It was a battlefield, and no one wanted to be a part of it. 

In the very corner of the streets lies a man in a brown suit inside his car. “I can’t believe this is happening. I might die,” Henry said. He just got off of work and had to make it back home to his family. He was not expecting a raging weapon from mother nature today. The thought of his children and wife waiting for his return made him nervous. He tried to call but his phone was already dead. I’m not having the best of luck aren’t I. The cold breeze made him stiff like a frozen pole. It was getting worse and worse. Another car flipped to the side from the wind's striking attack. A few seconds later his own car began to wobble. It's as if he was being taunted. Henry shook his head and couldn’t wait any longer. I know it's not any safer but maybe I can find another spot to shelter in. The car door opened wide, and Henry dashed away.

He ran through the hurricane storm. The concrete was slippery, and his vision was impaired by the drizzling rain and bashful winds. He stopped at a bakery building, the windows closed and everything dark. Figures. He went under its roof, finally protected. Henry inhaled and exhaled his shivery breath and closed his eyes.

 Drip Drip Drop. The rain continued to speak. Drip Drop Drop Drip…Purr. Henry frowned at the sudden change. Drop Drip…Meow. Henry jolted from his break and turned his head both ways. No one’s here, just me. Henry closed his eyes once again. MEOW. Henry looked down and saw where the source was coming from. A small black cat.

“Oh, hello my little furry friend got caught in the storm too huh?”

Henry bent down and looked at the timid feline. The cat purred in response and licked his nose with its tiny tongue. 

“We are both stuck here until it calms, I guess…well hopefully it won’t get too dangerous here.” Henry chuckled at his own nervousness. 

The cat tilted its head in response. Its yellow eyes glowed like a car’s headlights. It stared intently at the man and seemed to understand him. The cat went to the side of the building and looked back at the man. 

“What is it? Why are you leaving me so soon?” Henry's facial expression turned sad. He liked having a small companion with him. Made him less alone in this frantic weather. 

The cat meowed again and twirled in a circle. This little guy wants me to come along? Henry went up to the cat and watched it twirl again in response. Well, what other choice do I have? Henry and the cat walked together in the alleyway. The rain was still boisterous but was less harsh in this area. The cat paused and turned its head. It went up against a pipeline and beneath it was a wide deep tunnel. Its paws mashed on the muddy dirt, and it slid under, meowing its friend to follow. Henry caught on to the signal and ducked underneath the surprisingly large tunnel. 

Both travelers crawled underneath the mysterious tunnel. The sound of rain was more like a drum beating. Light blasted in the darkness as they crawled further to it. Once they reached the end of the tunnel there was a new alley. There was no messy weather. Just a clear sky and trees bristling with the wind. 

“How? It's like I entered a whole new world.” Henry wanted to discover more but his feline friend was already on the lead. “Oh, hold up, I’m coming, I’m coming”. 

They stopped at a cyclone fence and the cat looked around. It leaped high in the air and went over the fence, later, it signaled his tall friend to do the same. 

Henry chuckled again. “Well, I can’t jump very high like you do.” Henry climbed the fence and observed his new surroundings when he landed. No rain. No blazing winds. And no harsh storms. It was just a dead end. The only thing that was there was an empty trash bin laying on the ground. The cat pushed the lid and went inside the garbage bin. Henry doing the same. 

Henry felt the surface become smoother and soon was sliding down as if he was at a park. At the very end he reached the destination and slid down next to his friend and ally. The cat ears perked up when it noticed him and motioned him to look around. 

Henry looked around and noticed the number of antiques and valuable objects. It ranged from trophies, photos, record players, jewelry, and even furniture. Henry was quite shocked at how a small cat could even find a spot like this. I wondered if it even collected some of this stuff too.

From raging storms and heavy rain to a secret stash of treasure. Henry felt like a pirate at that point. He saw old board games too and even a golden crown. This feels like a reward. Henry smiles to himself.

Henry saw the cat looking at a photo and meowing very sadly. Henry sat down next to it and noticed the picture resembled a family. 

“Oh, was this your family?” Henry mentioned as he picked up the photograph. He looked back at the cat and saw the sadness in its eyes. Oh, maybe you had a family or just really lonely. An idea popped up in his head. “Hey, my little friend, I have something to tell you.”

The cat looked up and placed its paw on his knee, showing that it was listening. “How would you like to be a part of my family? I have one too.” Henry pointed at the photo and then at himself. The cat understood this, and its tail raised up a bit.  Now that I think about it, you need a name too.

“And how about a name?” Henry said as the cat looked at him with curiosity. “Let’s name you….” Henry looked around and tapped his chin. “How about Treasure?” The newly named cat purred in happiness.

“Once the storm clears up from the other side, we can go back home.” He petted his new companion and family member on the head and let Treasure cuddle up on his chest.

The raging storm may have been a nasty one, but Henry was happy to be saved by a very smart cat named Treasure.

March 04, 2023 03:07

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Hope Linter
22:49 Mar 09, 2023

Wonderful use of the active tense in setting up the initial scene. Since the story is in the kid’s genre, perhaps the protagonist could’ve been a child? Otherwise, well done.


Mehkyla Gibson
17:19 Mar 12, 2023

Good point, thank you!


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