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This story contains themes or mentions of sexual violence.

"Hello, Father Christis" said the nun, with the pristine black and white habit on. " Hello, sister Smyth", said the handsome, older, extremely dapper Catholic father. He was eating a meal of cornbread and stew at the same table as the nun, who just had joined him. "I have word of the Cheribum, we have been waiting for, from in the New Testament,for two thousand years, Father" she quietly told him,smiling from inside and out. " It is written sister, where are they" he asked, stopping chewing for a moment ,and sopping up the gravey with his bread. "They are 100% their mothers DNA, and they were born in Canada" she let out a large breath, took a small bite of cornbread and looked at him like she ate a canary.

They both were very excited about the arrival of the babies, as a international thieft ring called A.F.E were waiting for them for two thousand years also. Tormenting the mother, and threatening her, leaving messages that the babies would all die. The mother had secretly contacted the Vatican, through an elite barrage of messages,that had finally reached the Pope. The Vatican, was expecting about two thousand, of these extra small babies,from around the world. Asian, caucasian,black arabic,and Indian babies were made space for in the tiny country in the middle of Italy. The Catholic Church would provide for them, and teach them the ways of Jesus. All the mothers,of the young small children, would be secretly given instructions, on what to do. One of the mothers of the tiny Cheribum was fairly wealthy, and after they were stolen from her womb, spent a billion dollars rounding them up,from the band of illwillers, that absconded them,to extort her with.

The black Sudanese malitia, saluted their captain." Yes sir, we will find the children" he told his superior. Knowing, that these babies were very special, and realizing that this baby mission, was to be a very lucrative endeavour,for his comrades. They left the captains quarters, with smiles on their faces, and a promise, that babies would be delivered.

"Come here" the beast woman would say to the tiny baby, who was only mere inches tall, but walking already, as he was two years old. The minute, the the small child reached her, she would push him down. Making him cry. The other small woman, who people would call a little person, put acid on his tongue if he cried. She was 37 years old. He learned not to cry. He spent most of his second year, laying on the floor, not understanding what he did wrong to be abused by these devil worshippers. Worshippers, of pain and suffering. The only result, of the mean women's actions, were a confused baby, and a thick, dark, angry, heavey energy that the Devil his self, could use for evil majic. One of the black Sudanese malitia, caught wind,of the baby in these monsters hands,and rescued him, and another ,from a ring of pedophiles. The mothers were very pleased, with the black men,and women's work, at retrieving the little ones. The other few, that needed saving, were in the hands of another sick woman, who's soul, and life, was given to the Devil. She wanted the babies for no other reason, other than to extort one of the mothers.Her sadistic pleasure, was feeding all who were in her path, feces. She had already had her hands,on one of the Cheribum mom's little sisters. She had starved her for three weeks in a dungeon, the little five year old, so hungry, that she had had to eat her lip gloss, for sustinence. These were real people,who committed these horrendous acts to these children, and they would be stopped. Even, if it was a large order, for the group to take on. They worked like soldiers, the Soldiers that they really were, and managed to bring ten babies, and the little girl to safety.

The nuns buzzed around, folding baby blankets and getting the cribs ready, for their biblical babies. They were excited to have a great part, in the raising of these children. Theses children, were supposed to have information, for the Pope in their latter years, about the end times, and what to do in certain situations.

Rumours went around, that the babies mothers were fentanyl addicts. Judging the babies for their size. Many people did not know, that the Christians had waited for these end time babies, for a long long time. The mothers were clean and sober, throughout their pregnancies.

Finally. All of the babies were in the Vatican. The Pope himself laughing, at the mass amount of funny babies. Some of the children, were actually in fairly good homes, for their short life so far, before arriving. The Father decided to teach them the numbers, one to ten. The two year olds looked at him after he counted one to ten and said" yaaay Father" and clapped then promply counted eleven, twelve, thirteen,fourteen,fifteen,sixteen,seventeen,eighteen, nineteen,twenty. Then clapped, for their clever little selves, along with him. These stories were passed along to the mothers for their enjoyment. The mothers craved the love of the babies, but knew that the Vatican was the safest place for the children for now.

Six,small babies, were found dead, in a closet, in Calgary Alberta. DNA placed them from the same womb as many of the Vatican babies. A.F.E were relentless in their efforts to get money for nothing. If the mothers had known the carnage of these gang members, they would have paid for A.F.E to be hunted instead of paying for the babies retrieval.

The A.F.E were relentless, in demanding to know where the babies were. Some of them, tricking people with their beguiling ways, into telling them where they were. If the babies were dead, then the Second Coming of Christ, would be delayed, and the Devil would win for another hundred years. None could believe this group could be this ignorant and lazy. Always wanting from creative artists for nothing. Making real Satanists that believe in the power of man look like idiots, as A.F.E called themselves Satanists. Many of these ring leaders would be attractive women. Fooling society, with their previous actions.

Many years have passed and these little ones are now adults. Holding positions in the supreme courts, and many other high authoritarian jobs. People take them very seriously, and I am not able to make a judgement, because I haven't met any of them yet, but I can be sure that these small human beings, have a great impact on the way our society is headed. There is no wand of justice written in the sands ,but you can be sure that in this world, they are making alot of contact with the big Judge above. Getting results, and that we will all be affected, by their presence. All babies are precious, and these ones are too. May God Bless the Catholic Pope for his presence in their lives and all of ours. All the power, Cheribum.

September 10, 2022 01:52

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