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This story contains sensitive content

She was an Egyptian goddess Aset. Many pronounce her name wrong. She is from long long ago. Times were different then. She can’t tell their secrets to life and death but offers clues and hints to me. She is one of my guardians. I have many of them. Old and new. Times are rapidly changing and One needs be on guard. There are many evils in this world trying to make the humans die faster. From what I gather the faster the evil kills you the longer the wait into heaven. If you call the afterlife that. It has many names and many different stories. They are all quite the same though these stories. I wonder if others notice this. Aset comes to my aid when I’m in severe danger. She is a powerful old sorcereress . Many evils attack me at times. They know I know they’re there. I’m dying like everyone else though. You can’t escape the evil. Protection is given to some who are worthy. Only God knows these people. Who is your God though? I’m asked at times. We’ll I say it every time, God is my best friend. I love him. He loves me. He can be very strict to me at times though this God of mine is ancient but also very new. Older than any of the gods and goddesses. Even Aset. Younger than any in this decade as well. For he is omnipotent. I say he but that’s just me. Makes me feel safe. Guides me through life. Helps me when I’m down and about to give up. I’m very blessed. Who am I? I am you. I am God.

Who am I? Sometimes she tells me I’m her. How could that be. For she is so gifted and powerful. Knows things before they happen. Has telepathy with my witnesses. ( they are my dogs). So fun to talk to these creatures. One time my boy had to go to the bathroom and told me he was going to pee his pants. I never laughed so hard. You don’t have pants! So funny. Even dogs crack jokes. It gets us through the day I suppose. Being human is hard. Lots of pain, lots of hurt. There is happy though, peace inside. If you reach this peace don’t ever let it go.

Aset told me that the sun is the most important element in this universe. Without it nothing would survive. That’s what the evil wants. Your sun. When I sit out in the beautiful sunny days. I feel peace. The sun gives off such happiness. Such energy. Makes me feel alive. It affects all us humans. Aset tells me that the ancients knew the sun was important. Many gods were named after the sun. Many gods are the sun. Such beauty is shown if you let it in. I am blessed to have the opportunity to sit out and enjoy the sun. We all are. Aset tells me the second most important thing to us and our survival is water. Water is God too. Many gods were named after the water as well. Water was worshipped back in ancient times. We take it for granted now. The evil poisons our water now too. My eyes burn from the chlorine when I cry. So much burning that it left a red scar on my cheek. It’ll never go away. A strike from the evil. I try not to cry often. It hurts me so. Aset tells me so many things about life. I’m am not worthy of this knowledge but I am ever so grateful. They tell me when all of this is over, they’re taking me home.

She wraps me in her invisible arms and hugs me. Everything will be alright. Whoever you wish to come home with you will come. The sad part is I can’t take any animals. Animals have their own set of rules and quests. I’m assured they will all be well. Not assured if I’ll ever see them again. Aset won’t tell me if that is possible. So sad. My babies. I don’t know what I’d do without them. I’m scared for them days to come. Animals lovers know in their heart what I’m saying. Beautiful angels on this earth. They keep humans from completely slaughtering each other believe it or not. They have important jobs. Unfortunately there are still evil beings in human form that have no hearts and hurt these poor creatures. You know who you are. Your punishment will come to you in time. These creatures who are hurt will forever live in peace in their next life. This helps me sleep at night but makes me very angry still. I want to beat this evil. There is just too much of it now. We need to come together as one celestial family before it’s too late. I don’t know how to make this happen. I don’t know if I even can. I’m unsure of my destiny. Guardians don’t tell and can only help in certain times. They are not omnipotent in the animal kingdom. Which is what we’re in I’m told. Such simple knowledge most of us take for granted. I’m glad she tells me of these things. Helps me stay happy and humble.

To be poor is to be rich. I love being poor. It has made me a better person. I treasure and take care of things more. I’m thankful for all I’m helped with and more. I’m not like all humans. I’m not all different either. I just function on different frequencies . The main frequency is speed, fast fast go go. Why would you want time to go so fast. How can you feel peace going like that all the time. Some of us can’t do that. Some of you get angry with us that can’t do it. We have different disabilities then you do. It’s a challenging world. Not all is perfect and yes things could be much better. That’s at the top of the food chain though. There poisoned with power and greed. Aset tells me they’re not even human anymore. They have no idea how to live they are possessed. That fucking evil again. Why can’t we rid the world of that. If we did could there be a utopia? Is utopia even possible being human? The best we can do is to find utopia within ourselves. That’s what Aset tells me at night when I’m curled up with my furry friends for the night. I am a child you see. I feel safer as a child. A child happily playing with her toys. Guided by love. Guided by Aset and others. That come and go. They are new to even Aset. She only entered my life in 2017. What happened that year. Did the windows shatter out into the universe when my heart screamed in pain. She came to help me come back to life. Teaches me how to live and enjoy again. It was a long three years.

Yes, Love. Love is beautiful and pure. Aset tells me we are all loved. Even the ones that have too much evil attached to them. They are loved. Someday they’ll be at peace but they’ll have to keep coming back till there at the bottom and can see the real meaning in life. Which is what? She won’t tell me that ever. No one knows and never will. Infinity is endless even if it keeps fleeing farther away. Most beings destroy the life sustaining planets. That’s why there are so many without life. In the end it is all revealed and we all move on to the next. Leaving no trace of whats all happened here. Only a whisper from the Gods. A whisper from us.

The end,

written by Tiffany Anne Epstein

(only fiction please don’t be offended)

March 21, 2023 23:25

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Josephine Harris
12:00 Mar 30, 2023

Hey Tiffany: I love the premise and mood of this. I found myself tripped up by the short sentences and some grammatical problems, but these are not insurmountable. Otherwise it did make me visualize a kind of netherworld where the protagonist is floating in space (or water?) while commenting on the chaotic world around them. I enjoyed that glimpse. Thank you. Jo.


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