So many questions

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My chest went heavy, full of joy, excitement and 

even worries upon hearing those words from him. 

What would my life be with him? That's what comes 

first to my mind. Then I started to imagine a 

happy family. I can see myself standing looking 

at the kids running around while a wide smile is 

painted on my face. Then I saw him doing some 

woodwork, he sweating but still looking so brusque 

and handsome.

I blinked my eyes and came back to my senses. I 

asked myself, are you ready to live with this man 

for the rest of your life? He was there right in 

front of me waiting for my answer. He was holding 

my hand and it really felt warm. I could feel all 

the love and sincerity in his eyes. He adores me 

so much and wouldn't want to let go of me at that 


I don't know much about him but all I know is 

that he's willing to accept me with all his 

heart. A man who's never afraid what lies ahead 

for tomorrow just to be with me. Should I say 

yes? He's not even the man of my dreams but when 

I'm with him I feel complete. When he touches me, 

I feel special, I feel wanted, I feel like a real 


He's not too tall, just about 5 feet and 7 inches 

tall. He has a masculine body, tanned skin, I 

guess he's exposed to the sun most of the time. I 

like his beard that makes him more attractive and 

his full lips that when touches mine made me stop 

breathing for a while. The moles on his face that 

I already memorized it. All of these is what makes 

my man.

We're like the sun and moon, different in many 

ways. Though we both dream a similar dream we 

try to pursue them in different approaches and 

hoping that we will meet at the same point. He is 

indecisive, procrastinating most of the time and 

not a risk-taker and I'm totally the opposite of that. I 

like things done at a certain period of time. I 

don't want to lose chances.

Time, there was a time that I was not loyal to 

him. A time that I look at others and try to find 

what I was looking for. I was young, aggressive 

and so hasty in making decisions. I felt guilty 

so it didn't last. I questioned myself, "Is he 

really the one for me?" or "Am I the right woman 

for him?" That's what running on my mind, so I 

just closed my eyes when he hugged me.

What am I really looking for? A tall, dark, 

handsome face and a rich man? Hahaha! Is that even 

possible? To meet a perfect guy? I'm not even 

perfect myself but when I'm him I feel like a 

perfect woman. A woman that shouldn't feel 

ashamed of her flaws.

He adores everything about me. To his eyes I'm 

perfect. I can see that whenever he looks at me 

in the eyes. I feel the warmth of his love. I 

know that he wanted me, he always wants me and it 

never subsides. It actually gets stronger and 

stronger each day.

It feels good to be loved and it feels good to be 

wanted. There he was in front of me, patiently 

waiting for my answer. He's caressing my arms, my 

hands. As his eyes meet mine, I asked myself, " 

Is it love that all matters?" " Can love really 

conquer everything?" I'm sure many would disagree 

and would tell me to be realistic.

My future relies on my decision. Once I make one, 

there's no turning back. My dream is simple. In 

that dream I see three kids chasing each other. 

They were laughing while we were watching them 

together. We were so happy but those are just 

dreams. It's like you are in a fantasy world, 

everything's happy but I have to face reality. 

Responsibilities, am I ready for bigger 

responsibilities? Managing a family, raising 

kids, they are too many. I opened my eyes and 

there his face so close to me. He whispered "I 

love you" and suddenly kissed me passionately. 

A kiss that could bring me to another world. A 

kiss that could take away all my worries in this 

world. Why will I get scared of tomorrow? When 

there's someone beside me who promised to stay 

with me until we grow old.

My heart is pounding, so fast that I almost can't 

breath when his skin touches mine. That feeling 

never changed as days, months passed by and it 

even keeps growing. It's like our eyes, body and 

heart communicate with each other. We don't need to say a word

and we already knew what's on each other's mind.

He is part of all my plans, he is part of my every dream, my heart

beats fast whenever I see him. I love his kisses, his hug, his face,

his body, everything about him.

I'm in love with this man. That's all I know.

I want to take the risk and hold on to his 

promise. A promise that he'll never break my 

heart and will be by my side until the end. That 

I will never be alone again. Why I have so many 

questions when the answer is all of you.

I was teary-eyed looking at this man in front of 

me. As soon as he saw those eyes he immediately 

hugged me. A hug that's so warm and full of 

affection. A hug that I'm always longing for.

Now I'm ready to face the world. So long as I'm 

with you, everything will be alright. Yes, you 

might not be perfect but you are perfect for me.

For the second time, he asked me " Will you marry 

me and be my wife?"

My eyes are twinkling and I hugged him tightly. I 

whispered on his ears, "Yes, I love and I'm 

willing to be your wife".

July 17, 2020 01:59

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