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(A/N: Make sure you read "The True Traitor Parts 1 and 2 before reading this. This is a sequel to those two)


It's been two calm years for Reanna and Thomas; Reanna still had no memory of her past, but that caused her to star over in life, learning things all over again.

She had decided to wait before getting a job, so she stayed living in Thomas's apartment, sleeping in the extra room he had. Reanna cleaned around the apartment room, keeping things tidy while Thomas was at work.

Thomas stuck with his job as a detective; however, he was determined to get to the bottom of Reanna's missing family members. Reanna may have said that she wanted to start over in life, he knew that somewhere in her heart she wanted to know where she came from, and who she was.

However, Thomas didn't know how dangerous looking for clues would actually be, and how badly it could hurt his best friend....


"Okay, Red, I got to head out. I shouldn't be too late tonight." Thomas informed her, as he retrieved his briefcase from the countertop.

Reanna, who was washing the dishes, responded, "Alright, oh, by the way, Thomas. I have a job interview for that office job downtown."

Thomas smacked his head, and exclaimed, "Oh, Crap, I forgot about that. I'll see if I can get the day off."

Reanna smiled and said, "Okay, just wanted to remind you." Thomas nodded before waving her one last "bye." He then disappeared behind the door.


It started out as a slow day for Thomas; he had a few files to look through, had several cups of coffee, and looked over a couple of field reports. It wasn't until the afternoon, when things started to heat up for the detective.

"Detective! Detective!" An officer called, startling Thomas out of thought. He shot out of his chair, when he saw the officer was carrying a file with the mugshot of Reanna's older sister, Bella.

"What is it officer?" Thomas questioned, with his eyebrow raised.

The officer, James Archer, slapped the file down onto Thomas's wooden desk, and panted, "Bella would like to talk with you."

Now, the detective was intrigued; why would Reanna's older sister want to have a chat with him?

He agreed to the small "meeting, " but knew he would have to keep his guard up around Bella.


Reanna had finished cleaning, and was in her room getting her resume together for her big day. She then heard the apartment door open, and turned around in her chair. "Thomas? You home?" she called, standing up.

"Sorry, but no." she heard a male voice say. A young man, who looked about her age stepped into the room. "Wh....Who are you?" Reanna stuttered, terrified of this strange man.

"Pfft, you don't recognize me cousin? Oh wait, that's right, you have amnesia. I'm your cousin, Jaxon, and I'm here to take you home." he announced.

Eyes wide, and her breath caught in her chest, Reanna backed up to the wall, and grabbed her phone to attempt to send Thomas an S.O.S text, but Jaxon whacked the phone from her hands, and covered her mouth so she wasn't able to yell for help. "You wanted to learn where you came from, now is your chance." he scowled.


"I'm surprised you agreed to this detective, after all I did give your girlfriend amnesia." Bella pointed out.

Thomas sat on the other side of the interrogation table with a scowl plastered on his face. "I might as well listen to what you have to say." he responded, ignoring the girlfriend comment.

"I decided to be nice and give you a warning about my family. I understand that you've been looking into them; I'm here to tell you to stop. Looking into my family will get you and my sister hurt." Bella informed him.

Thomas took in a sharp breath, but kept his composure. "Why should I listen to you? You tried to kill your own sister." he reminded her.

"I didn't pay that officer to kill Reanna; I paid him to injure her, but he took it a little farther than I would have expected." Bella admitted.

"Oh, that's an understatement." Thomas growled. Bella remained calm, and slid a letter across the table to the detective. "What's this?" he asked, gazing down at it.

"A letter from my dear cousin, Jaxon. He informed me he had heard about my capture, and was in town to see me." Bella explained. Thomas's eyes narrowed, and he averted his gaze back towards her.

Bella mentally grinned, knowing she had the detective's attention, so she continued to further explain, "He also mentioned something about my dear baby sister."

Thomas gasped, and pounded on the metal table, before snarling, "What did he say?"

Instead of mentally grinning, Bella physically smiled, and whispered, "That she's going to meet the rest of her family." The realization hit Thomas, and he sprinted out of the interrogation room, ordering other officers to lock Bella back up on his way out.

"Captain Reagan!" Thomas shouted, causing other officers to look at him while he burst through the door.

"Thomas, what is it?" Reagan asked, partly frustrated about the outburst.

"We need to send units to my apartment building at once. Reanna is in danger." Thomas exclaimed, through heavy breaths. The captain sternly nodded, and Thomas ran out to his car to speed to where he hoped Reanna was unharmed and alive.


"Reanna!" Thomas shouted bursting through the door of the apartment. He was greeted with a tense silence; a silence that was never a good sign.

He snuck around the apartment, looking for any signs of Reanna, but only found a phone that was cracked on the floor, and a resume on the desk that had papers spilling from it.

"No, no, no!" he shouted, foolishly thinking that would bring Reanna back into the room.

"This is all my fault. I should have thought about the consequences of looking into Reanna's corrupted family." Thomas mumbled, tears stinging his eyes, as he ran his fingers through his hair.

"Reanna, please, please be alive."


Reanna was frozen in the passenger seat, as the truck drove down the deserted the road; pulling her farther and farther away from Thomas. Her hands were zip-tied behind her back, so she wasn't able to go anywhere.

"When I heard your boyfriend was looking our family's history I said, 'he shouldn't do that, he won't like what he finds,' but he continued on looking into things he shouldn't." Jaxon laughed.

Reanna didn't turn her gaze from her legs, but she mumbled, "I don't even know who you are."

Jaxon smacked her arm in a playful gesture, which caused her to flinch. "Well, your relatives are going to change that." he answered. Reanna tensed when she heard that.

"Thomas, where are you?"

To be continued...

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Ooooh it's getting good! Can't wait to see what happens next!


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