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Look up into the sky and you will see the most amazing sight, a place so wondrous, so imaginative you won't believe with your own eyes until you see it in real time. So come with me and have the most magical time. Bring your kids, friends, bring everybody you know on this once in a lifetime adventure. Come and join me at Sky Playground.

Emma looks at the flyer many times to see if her eyes are not playing any tricks. She sees people around her also reading the flyer. They look up into the sky as does Emma and see what looks like a UFO. They do not know what to make of it. Then Emma and the people look once again at the flyer and read Sky Playground.

Emma runs home and shows the flyer to her mother. Her mother takes the flyer and reads it. Emma tells her mother she wants to go. Her mother nods and tells Emma "We'll go tomorrow." Emma excitedly runs to her bedroom to prepare for tomorrow's adventure.

Early the next morning Emma gets up quickly takes a shower and gets dressed. She runs downstairs and sees her mother making breakfast. Emma sits down and quickly eats her breakfast. Her mother tells her to slow down but Emma is too excited to go.

A little after 10 Emma and her mother are ready to go to Sky Playground. Mother and daughter leave their house and follow the instructions to the launch point. Once at the launch point Emma sees a big line but that doesn't deter her from going. Emma and her mother get on the line.

As the line moves Emma begins to see pictures of Sky Playground and those pictures are unlike any playground Emma has ever seen. Emma is immediately attracted to the giant slides.

"Mommy, look." Emma's mother turns to the pictures and see what Emma is pointing at. "It's beautiful." Up ahead is the launch point. Emma sees what looks like a plane. She sees many people boarding with their kids.

The line is moving faster. Emma and her mother are almost at the launch point. Emma sees many colorful people. One of them pops out and says "Hello little girl. Sky Playground is waiting for you." he gives Emma a balloon and goes off to the next group.

Emma and her mother reach the front of the line. They board Sky Plane with the next group. They find a seat in the front row. Emma takes the window seat. Once everybody is on board, the guide and driver step on board.

The driver starts Sky Plane. Emma, her mother and the rest of the passengers buckle up. The guide asks "Is everyone ready?" They all yell yes. In lift off. Sky Plane takes to the sky. Emma looks out the window and sees the city getting smaller and smaller. She smiles knowing she is going on a great adventure. With each passing moment the kids scream as Sky Plane does so many flips. Emma yells and screams. Her mother happily watches her young daughter.

The guide gives the passengers a little history on Sky Playground. He tells the passengers "Sky Playground is the ground breaking invention of the Dillion family. The Dillion family which comprised of Mr. and Mrs. Dillion and their six kids Megan, Cameron, Carson, Kyle, Peyton and Jasmine loved the playground so much that when their own playground started to get crowded with more kids, the playground started to get ruined. The Dillion kids were hurt and angry. So, Mr. Dillion who was an inventor started working on an invention that would create the world's first playground in the sky.

Sky Playground took many years to create, many disappointments and many man hours to build. By the time Sky Playground was finished the Dillion kids grew up, got married and had kids of their own. The new Dillion kids, the grandchildren were the first to enjoy Sky Playground. Many months later the first visitors arrived and enjoyed Sky Playground. Today like the Dillion grandchildren and the first visitors, you will enjoy all the wonders and magic Sky Playground offers. Enjoy and have a magical time."

Sky Plane landed outside of Sky Playground. The passengers disembarked. Emma happily walks off of Sky plane with her mother. She waves goodbye to the guide and begins to walk to Sky Playground. Emma and her mother pass under a tunnel filled with bright colors. Emma looks on amazed.

When Emma and her mother finishes walking through the tunnel they come upon the most amazing sight. With wide eyes and a big smile Emma sees the biggest playground. A giant slide , swings that reach into the clouds, the biggest jungle gym, a playground challenge where the kids have to run through a course across the jungle gym, down the slide, do ten pumps on the swing and three summersaults across the grass and over the finish line.

Emma sees so many fun things to do but cannot decide what to play first. Emma's mother nudges her towards the slides. They walk to the slides and see a line forming. Emma runs to the line before it gets bigger.

She waves goodbye to her mother and walks up to the slide. Emma climbs the stairs and waits for her turn. When the little girl in front of her goes, Emma patiently walks to the top of the slide. She steps on the slide and is given the all clear.

Emma goes down the slide up and down, around every curve yelling and screaming she goes. Hands up in the air, faster and faster until the end. Once she finishes on the slide Emma lands on a soft cushion.

A fun time on the slide, Emma goes to find her mother and tells her "Mommy, the slide was so much fun." Her mother smiles. Next Emma tells her mother she wants to go on the jungle gym.

Emma runs to the jungle gym. She climbs up the stairs, goes across the monkey bars into the castle and down the slide. Emma plays in the jungle gym for the next hour.

After playing in the jungle gym Emma's mother brings water for her to drink, then Emma goes to the swings. She hops on one of the swings. Emma's mother pushes her and up Emma goes pumping her legs back and forth, back and forth for the next ten minutes.

Emma jumps off the swing, runs through the sprinkler, up another slide, goes down on her belly and lands on a cushion. She gets up, runs through the sprinkler and down the slide once more.

The playground challenge is about to begin. Emma rushes to an open field where another jungle gym is located. Emma stands next to a group of kids who waiting for their turn.

Emma sees the other kids doing the playground challenge and she is very excited for her turn. The boy before Emma is finished, now it's her turn. She takes up her position. In 3,2,1 Emma runs across the jungle gym, she goes up the slide, then down the slide, then goes to the swing, does ten pumps on the swing, gets off does three summersaults across the grass and crosses the finish line.

Emma is finished with the playground challenge. She runs to her mother who is cheering her on and gives her a hug. her mother says "Great job."

Emma runs off to the sprinkler goes through the sprinkler and back up the slide. For the next hour this is all Emma does. At 7pm Emma is tired. Her mother grabs her hand, wraps her arm around Emma and walk to Sky plane.

Emma and her mother board Sky plane and take their seats. When the passengers are on board, Sky plane departs back to the city.

"Thank you mommy. I had so much fun."

July 21, 2022 21:11

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Sylph Fox
02:55 Oct 23, 2022

Hi Melinda, I really enjoyed your story! I wish I am having as much fun as Emma at the Sky Playground and you did a great job putting her happiness into words. I'm starting an audio book channel and I'd really love to feature your work. If you’re interested in having your story read by me I'd really appreciate it if you'd contact me at SylphFoxSubmission@gmail.com. Thanks for considering me to adapt your works to an audio book channel.


Melinda Madrigal
19:13 Oct 24, 2022

Thanks for reading my story. Glad you like it.


Sylph Fox
11:11 Apr 24, 2023

Hey Melinda, I have published the narration of your story on my podcast :) Here are the links : Apple : https://podcasts.apple.com/au/podcast/codename-sylph-fox/id1667146729?i=1000610245082 Spotify : https://open.spotify.com/episode/4o6GT7ZlU9nBAA9G5vr0Vt?si=64993eacc8c340a6 Thanks again for the great story. Sylph


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