Fiction Friendship Holiday

She stared at the man inside the room which was supposed to be hers, her face perplexed and hurt, “I don’t understand a bit of all you said mister. Can you please excuse me out of my room?”, she asked the stranger who was standing in front of her smiling with his teeth visible. “Excuse me, did you hear a single word I said?”, she asked him again. “Sorry miss, I think you might have gotten it all wrong. I am your roommate for the next 3 days, and by the way, you are welcome”, he said still wearing the same smile on his face.

Sia couldn’t stop the weird expression on her face, thinking she has to share a room with a total stranger, a man at that. Who would have thought her day was going to get any worst than it did. She is to tired to keep arguing, “I need to take my birth and rest”, was all she said to the stranger passing beside him into the bathroom.

While inside the bathroom, she couldn’t stop wondering why Alex did this to her, she sacrificed a lot for this. He should have told her beforehand if there was nothing he could do about. But her posting letter clearly stated a private room in it. Just thinking about the what happened turned her tummy and she became irritated. She rushed to the sink and vomited all that was in her. “Are you alright?”, was what she heard behind her while he offered her a napkin and patted her back as he dried her mouth. “Don’t you think you should rest now, you look pale and exhausted. Go and rest, I will tidy the bathroom”. She spoke without waiting for her answer. She felt too weak to argue, all she needed was a warm bath and sleep.

While on bed, her mind drifted away to what had earlier that morning. It was a very beautiful day and memorable one at that to her. Sia was full of energy been it a day she will be opportuned to meet her role model and icon in person of Mr. Fred author of “A Home Like Ours”. It was one of the best selling book in Africa. It depicted the African way of life, their culture, traditions, religion and all other important aspect that is supposed to be captured. She has so much adoration for him, its been 5 years already but reading that book feels like right now, she never gets tired or bored. And today an opportunity presented itself at her table. She received an email last two days to represent her broadcasting unit in an interview session with Mr. Fred at his farm house. She was overly excited at the thought of laying her eyes on him. How handsome and confident he looks when he speaks.

Little was she aware that Alex was reselected to be represented by the manager who was hurt after he received Sia’s rejection of the posting. Upon her arrival, with wide grins, she greeted everyone and headed for the managers office, she has been calling him for the last two hours but he wasn’t picking. Just as she was about to knock on the door, it was opened and Alex came out smiling sheepishly at her. She ignored him and went straight into the office, “good morning sir”, she said making herself comfortable on a seat that was facing him in the office. “Morning”, he replied without glancing at her, she kept typing on his computer. “Sir, I am here for the schedule of my meeting with Mr. Fred. The manager looked at her staring at her with blank expression, he was determined to tell at her but decide to leg it slide. “Alex will be handling that, you don’t need to worry”, he said as he continued typing on this computer. “You can leave now”, he added while making gesture with his hand, not giving her any room for further clarification.

She left the office feeling dejected and sad. What made him change his mind was the thought that kept playing on her mind. She remembered her luggage which she left with the gateman, tears rolling down her eyes. “We could bargain you know”, she heard Alex voice. “What do you want”, she asked him. Using his fingers he pointed at her smiling a devilish smile. “And what about me”, she asked a little bit confused. “I need you to break your rule”, he replied still wearing that same smile. “You know I can’t do that, I have never done anything of such, and you clearly know”, she said to him with disgust in her eyes. “No one will force you to”, he replied her shrugging his shoulders in a nonchalant manner. “Well, in that case, I think I will take my leave, even though it is an interview session, it is also true that it is a 3 days vacation trip”, he turned to go not giving her a second look.

Her disgusted feeling was soon replaced by resentment towards their manager, this was a vacation of her dream and an opportunity to her carrier as an upcoming writer. Plus she was going to meet Mr. Fred, this opportunity rarely comes in handy. She followed Alex to the staffroom, “Where should I meet you?”, was all she asked and he knew it was a success. He wasn’t really into the idea of going for this vacation, he would have given the opportunity out to someone else but then he was a beautiful bargain he was sure he isn’t going to miss. “Follow me”, he replied her walking towards the storeroom. While in the storeroom, he carefully dragged her to the back of the cupboard where a pavement became visible. She never knew there was a pavement as such, maybe because she was always on her text and only leaves when she needs to use the restroom or at the end of the day’s work. There he opened a door and locked it while they were in. As if he was waiting for some privacy, he kissed her hungrily, while smooching every part of her body. He did what he wanted to do and spanked her in the process all in the name of bargaining for this opportunity. She hated herself and was irritated throughout, all that made her endure was the brighter side of what she would achieve at the long end.

He left her alone when he was finally satisfied while the tears she was holding rolled down and there she broke down, crying profusely. He abused her indirectly, he knew she was never a fan of an affair or intimacy and so he used this opportunity to quench the thirst he has been searching for ways to get rid of. He threw a letter at her foot and left saying, “if is less than 30mknuted before the flight takes off. You should get going if you really are interested in going”.

She wiped her tears and headed for the airport, luckily she reached at the last minute. Tears were still rolling down from her eyes which were already puffy. Her head felt heavy and empty. She couldn’t think of a thing straight but was saved by the sleep that stole her away. It wasn’t all smooth but at least her mind was kept at place and prevented from wandering off to the disgusting bargain she did with Alex. She slept throughout the ride, or pretended she did. In the vacation letter, she read the terms surrounding the vacation. And now here she is in a room with a total stranger whom she has to share the 3- days vacation period with.

“Here is a hot soup”, the stranger said, this brought her back from the thought she drifted in. “Do you mind telling me your name”, she said while collecting the bowl of soup from his hands. She adjusted herself sitting on the bed while sipping the soup. It tasted nice and energetic. Drinking it made her feel refreshed. “My name is Sam and you?”, he replied. Sia was all she said. And before she knew it, she was laughing hard at his jokes. Right there they connected and he helped her loosen up and lessen the pain and guilt she came with. He was also here to meet Mr. Fred, and there in the suite she was supposed to stay alone for her vacation and exclusive interview, she found friendship in Sam. Her day won’t have been better than it was right there, right that minute in a hotel room in an unknown environment where is found an unimaginable and unexplainable peace of mind.

March 06, 2021 01:21

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