Fantasy Fiction Drama

(This story is set on GAIA2 earth’s twin, 800 years younger and evolving.)

My name is Fez and I was only 18 and very adventurous when I got a strange idea which was to go to the edge of the world and look down below. I went to Wiz an elderly man and sought advice.

Wiz said “It would be very dangerous. So far no one has embarked on such a venture.”

I said “I had a dream in which I saw a long mountain range at land’s end preventing me from going beyond.”

Wiz said “Yes. That’s the mountain called Bu which blocks people from going or looking beyond.”

“But there could be passes through we could pass and see beyond.”

“Perhaps so but fear of falling off has prevented people from venturing beyond looking at Bu.” Wiz continued “Young man remember that Nature has a way of blocking people from seeing what it wants to hide. I won’t discourage you. Just do me a favour. Record all your doings and sightings and let the world know what lies beyond land’s end. I wish you luck.”

I had a ship and I had money and only needed 3 sailors as crew. When those who offered themselves to be crew knew that I was wanting to go to land’s end they withdrew. After a search i could only get two outlaws to work for me. As I continued my search I found a girl willing to go on the expedition. I was surprised as I looked at her in her pareyou which only covered her waist dow. She said “I’m an experienced pearl diver and have sea going experience thanks to my father. I can be one of your crew.”

I said “But the boat will have no facilities for females.”

She laughed and said “That’s up to me to manage. I can be home anywhere. Jipsy is my name.”

I said “Okay I’ll take you on. Remember this would be a long and dangerous expedition.”

“I’m fearless. I would also like to see how it looks when we see from the edge of the earth.”

I put to sea early one morning and was surprised to find Jipsy experienced in port locations and the creatures of the sea. She set up the appropriate sails herself based on wind direction. As we sailed Jipsy said “Master, I can see there is going to be rain. There could also be a squall. Let us sail portside as we’re near a coast.”

I said “How do you know?”

She laughed and said “You see the birds over the water? They will only be near the shore.”

She was right and after camping there for a day we set off again. On the way we had a problem. The 2 sailors quarrelled and there was a fight in which one of the sailors was killed.

I said “Jipsy, I don’t know if we could find a replacement.”

“Why not? This sea route is often travelled. I’m sure we could find a replacement. Meanwhile I will; work harder as I’m also eager to see land’s end.”

As we proceeded she said “We’re near the island of Lob.”

I asked “How do you know?”

She said “See the whales in the sea? They abound near Lob. They’re harmless.”

I noticed the big fish jumping around and playing with each other. Suddenly one playful big fish came near out boat and I shouted to Jipsy. She said “Don’t worry about it.”

Despite her trying to reassure me, one of the fish came near our boat. It was followed by a big one which with one swipe of its tail capsized our boat which floated away leaving us in the water. I swam with all my might wondering what would happen to the 2 crew. When I reached the shore I was relieved to find Jipsy already on the sand. She said “I don’t know what happened to our sailor.”

I caught my breath and then said “We’re now facing a serious problem. How can we proceed?”

It was now late morning and 2 men, whom I presumed were guards, seized us. One of them said “You had no permission to enter the island of Lob. We’ll take you to our queen now.”

We were marched and produced before the queen. I noticed she was also in pareyou, had nice features and a good slender build though her projections front and back were of generous proportions.

The queen looked at us and said “First take that woman away to the women’s detention centre.”

After JIpsy had gone the queen questioned me about why we were on the island. I told her the truth.

She laughed and said “Bu is very far away.” She got up and said “Come with me.” She led the way to  where a statue stood. It had the head of a lion with open jaws within which sharp teeth could be seen. She ordered “Fez, stick your palm into the lion’s mouth.”

I was scared when she said “Then answer a simple question truthfully. This is the Stone of Truth.”

I did as ordered when she asked “Did you enjoy yourself with that Jipsy.”

I saw the upper jaw of the lion descending and said “No. I’m virgin.”

The upper jaw receded. The queen said “If your answer were false your palm would’ve been ripped apart.”

She led me back to the throne room and said “I had a dream a couple of days ago. According to it I had to test the man who was found on our shore. If he happened to be virgin I had to go to bed with him. Due to that my husband’s illness will subside and he will become normal again. I believe the Stone of Truth. Move inro my quarter immediately.”

I had no choice but to do what she ordered. In bed  she took the initiative. I was floored but soon whispered “Heaven’s above, it is Heaven above me.” She wore me out.

This continued for three days when I sought permission to meet Jipsy. At first she refused but then relented and I met Jipsy. I told her all that had happened.

She said “The Stone of Truth is all bull shit. She wanted you for enjoyment.” She gnashed her teeth and said “It has happened as I had thought.” She paused and said “Land’s end is still very far away. he queen will want you permanently here but I’ve devised a plan for us to escape. One of the guards here is cooperating with me. Full moon night is 3 days away. The guard will trigger you at the right moment on that night. Merely follow instructions and you’ll be on a boat with me on our way home.”

“I’m disappointed that we won’t be able to see land’s end.”

“Doesn’t matter. May be we’ll try again. I’m overjoyed that we’ll be home soon. Remember you must do to me what all  that the queen did to you and you to her starting from your exploration of her realm of Venus. You must be truthful. I would like to have a stone of truth myself but I trust you.”

Jipsy’s plan worked out well and we were homeward bound on a ship as planned. The usual delays were there on our way but we safely reached our native island without further problems. After our arrival, Jipsy was surprised to see the king come to welcome me. I told her that I was the king’s eldest son and the heir to the throne. Jipsy was welcomed into the family and she made me duplicate every move which had been made by the queen of Lob in bed. It was days before I could get regular sleep again!


August 09, 2021 16:07

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Keya Jadav
05:42 Dec 08, 2021

It was a good story, just needs to be polished a bit. I'd recommend to proofread the work and take care of the punctuation. Maybe you could try raveling through some conjunctions and try experimenting them in your stories. And of course, the more you read, the better you get. There are lot of stunning stories on reedsy! Another thing, I think more words could've been devoted when the ship sunk near Island of Lob. It was quite quick to comprehend. I liked the way you ended though. I hope the mentioned critiques are taken on a positive note...


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Carmen Rose
20:37 Oct 04, 2021

This is a very well-written story, with a nice twist at the end. i really enjoyed reading this!


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