Bedtime Holiday Horror

Special Shout to "Vicente Batista" and "Larissa Araujo"!

Hours and hours of sleepless night leave you sleepy and tired as you peek just beyond the door

Still snuggled up in your bed hoping there was….more

More excitement,more joy,more to do as you stare into space

But just behind the door you spot a pink little bow of lace

She exits from behind the enclosed area,so little and delicate in her silky dress

But across her face was dried blood drops making a mess

Her skin porcelain and shiny,as her eyes gleamed with light

Then her eyes locked on,staring dead into me as I stayed in sight

The floor creaked as she took each step,carefully stepping with her little shoes

Then I noticed a weapon in her possession….a bow with loose screws

It was rich in color decorated in redwood as the arrow embedded stayed ready

I carefully got out of bed holding my feet steady

The doll crawled to the floor as her face melted,creating a new mold

Then I dash through quickly,convincing myself to be bold

I turned back quickly, glancing at what was a doll,then my face went blank

Quickly after,I start running again as my heart began sank

Her face,her lips,and her porcelain cheeks they were gone

I continue to freak out as a run,run,and run

Hair stood up on my back as I heard distant shrieking, I look back once again

Seeing what I thought was just the doll in my window sill…

But now she was on all fours,faceless,and tracking me down

I would hope I was never,ever found…

Words echo throughout my head as my feet start to ache 

Not long after my voice quickly began to shake

Hours and hours of sleepless night leave me alive and aware

Hoping that the distant creature would never drag me back there

It was once home,I lived there up until tonight

Then that wretched creature gave me fear,way beyond the term "Fright"

My arms tremble as I stop to take a breath

What if,by the end of this endless night,I meet death?

The thought froze me in my tracks as my heart pumped up and down

Of course I then began to anxiously look around

The darkened night greeted my sight with a blind hello

Not long after,the darkness began to grow

My hopes and my dreams,will they all end before I turn eighteen

And why on earth did this have to happen on halloween?

My parents take my brother trick-or-treating while I stay home

And apparently the evil spirits start to roam...

The doll was my sisters,now it’s mine 

When she said “Burn it” that should have been a very,very clear sign.

I scatter across the nearby forest,roaming to hide

I decide to hide behind a tree and cried

Hours and hours of sleepless night

There is no way this life of mine is right

My face was flushed as I sob and pout

After awhile I decide it is time to try another route

I get up and pull my shit together 

Then I spot a feather

It was decorated in blood as I rub it between my fingers gently

A wolf then emerges from the bushes,and he sure as hell ain't friendly

His coat white as his soul ran black

He probably thought I had stole his snack

His bite pushed through my skin severing my leg as I grab a huge limb

And I hoped quietly that that would be enough to damage him

He ran away growling as I was left with a severed leg and open cuts

This is one very,very big reason I hate mutts

I feel light headed as I stagger,trying to stand up,and move around

Only mere minutes later I begin to hear another sound

Howling in the distance as I quiver in fear

That damned wolf brought his pack,and they are definitely near

I hide once more behind the thickened dark tree 

I was hoping,and praying that they would never find me

Cold breath awakened from dark,brushing above my ear

That is when i realized the doll had arrived here 

She had rose from all fours,now a glassy Person

Her eyes wide and bloodshot like a Persian

Her tongue slithered out between her glossy pale lips

And from her thickened white face blood dripped

Her presence was eerie and cold as her touch turned ice

I turned my head slightly as she started whispering lies

Her hardened tone carried through the wind as every breath I took seemed like my last

It was quiet,silent even as every second pasted

Her nails grew into razor blades,painful and sharp to the tip

I hoped my shoulder would not slip

Her teeth bared once more as I lost my breath due to pain

I realized what anyone else thought would be insane

She had my sister’s hair,and her little bow too

This must have been the creature’s way of saying “Boo”

My heart stopped as I thought about who this creature may be

This whole time I had only seen what I wanted to see…

Her feet turned from white and hard to fleshy and soft

This monster was really,really too swoft

Her eyes changed color as she took one step closer,emerging a face

when she started to touch me it made my heart race

Her razor blade claws were gone,and her eyes lightened

And her facial features appeared,quickly heightened

I start to move,to jerk away

Although within seconds I realized I was paralyzed,left in dismay

I thought the horror was over,as romance begun

But I suppose in the end this little doll won

A shapeshifter,a liar,a killer

She was a magnificent little thriller

Porcelain and creepy as you walk by

Do you think she will eventually tell you "Hi`"?

It is up to you how this man may die

Hell,you could even pick where he may lye!

I hope everyone enjoyed with telltale as much as I

But i believe this may be my goodbye

I post in spare time,I check here left and right

If I write another,will you bite?

Happy Halloween! (When Halloween gets here of course!)

October 06, 2023 17:59

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Larissa Araujo
11:48 Oct 22, 2023

Happy birthday little one 🎉 16 years of a lifetime ahead of you, I wish you all the best in your life, lots of peace, health, joy, love, success, may you continue to be that sweet and caring girl, with that huge heart, I hope you enjoy your day little one with responsibility always of course, thank you for these incredible stories I miss you princess, everything will be fine ok think positive.. kisses and hugs from Samy😘🥰


11:19 Oct 23, 2023



11:31 Oct 23, 2023

I think I would like to marry you. He he he,in a nice little piece of plains out in the country,where we shall have wine and cheese across the nearby tables.Your dress would be simple and white,speckled with little specks of metal reflecting the light.And Vicente Batista (Vincent) Shall be on a platter in honor of your good name. :0


Larissa Araujo
12:10 Oct 23, 2023

hahaha you and your best ideas, glad you liked it😍😅


12:25 Oct 23, 2023

he he he


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Larissa Araujo
00:17 Oct 08, 2023

Wonderfully perfect and chilling story, I admit it left me a little scared haha, sorry for the delay but as always you are killing it little one😍 Happy Halloween💕


11:40 Oct 09, 2023

im glad i posted it right before my weekend lol,it was rushed.


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Vicente Batista
23:02 Oct 07, 2023

Honestly, this story is frighteningly incredible. It gave me goosebumps, Happy Halloween to you too :/ I hope you don't disappear


11:31 Oct 09, 2023

nah i meant goodbye at the end of this passage lol,im glad you and Larissa found it thrilling i tried to make it Thursday and Friday


14:34 Oct 09, 2023

Oh,and before I forget,do not panic when i do not reply all next week,we are going on Fall Break.I wont be on during my birthday...REEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE.Happy early halloween too


Vicente Batista
16:40 Oct 09, 2023

You are the best, since you won't be here on your birthday I'm going to anticipate your congratulations lol Happy early birthday I hope your day is amazing 🥳


16:43 Oct 09, 2023

lol,thanks,although your scaring me with the extra enthusiasm


16:51 Oct 09, 2023

I also kinda wish me and you could instant text again :L it seemed less tedious cause now i keep this tab open almost all day in school and am constantly checking the button for a reply from you,Larissa,or even someone just commenting xD its kinda driving me nuts because i am a social butterfly.


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11:26 Oct 13, 2023

Its posted,i did not have much time to figure out a good rhyme scheme so this will have to work.I hope You understand it just fine...


17:42 Oct 13, 2023

oof it litterly just showed "Good Luck!" And i have bout an hour before fall break,i did good on both tests medical terms is 98% and the second exam about insurance was 76/80 he he he. If you dont see this in time Ill message you first thing on 23rd!


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