Crime Drama Sad

(This contains context about addiction,so please don't let any underage child read this,it is a VERY true story,it is my brother's story...)

Here in Kentucky…

We may breed horses and live out on the line,

However, no one gets lucky

Well, and at least ninety-nine percent of the time…

I once had a brother, who I stood close by

But now he is far away

Probably getting over-the-top high,

Because he went astray

My family is big and my thoughts are bigger

But one day, just the year before last

An older man pulled the trigger,

Leaving his wife during the blast…

It was sad coming back from the little lane,

Dad took us to Granny’s as he decided to go

Everyone around here seemed more and more insane

But why he shot himself no one will know…

Mere months later tragedy struck not once but twice,

And everyone was addicted to a drug

You would think one life lost would suffice…

But no…two holes were dug

Slowly but surely our small town was going to hell,

And everyone gets dumber by the day

The church, every Sunday still rung the bell

Even if the community changed its way

I was never religious, but I believe

What one must say, shall be spoken

Even if the redemption you want to receive

will always be broken

Our ways change fast as the years go by,

My brother I fear may be not far behind

In this passage, there is not a single lie

I fear my brother’s life may resign

He leaves us, for his own blood

And I cry each tear

But even then, he walks through mud

Not caring and holding a beer

He is twenty, and I’m almost sixteen.

I never imagined my family would turn his back

This goes beyond me not being seen

As he continues to walk in his new tracks.

October 6th,2023 just days ago, in late fall

An older man died terminally, knowing his demise

Instead of crying, he stood tall

And for his daughters, wore a convincing disguise

I was in school as if it meant nothing to me

A life, I had never known before

Why is this the way it is to be,

Why do many go on, and ignore?

Kentucky is sad in many ways

Whether it's drugs or death

My brother now has a strong craze

Especially for heroin, or meth…

He called and called but never came

Why would he go back to his father

Knowing it was not smart, nor brave?

As I continue to try and tell myself not to bother

Kentucky is a quiet and peaceful place

However, not everything is as it seems

At times, there can be a disgrace,

There are better places in your dreams

But we do try in the community, we give will and strength

As well as courage and fight

Some of us decide to go the extra length

Even when the sun seems too bright

Our farmers work hard across the fields

And even under their tractors as they keep going

Showing the will they wield

And by farming it keeps showing

I used to call this state my home

However drugs eat you alive,

Now it is just a place where I roam

As the addiction begins to thrive

Across the bluegrass, smoke never clears

Eventually, peace may come again

However it will never come with beer,

As we continue to lose brave men

We hold on to hope, and our lives

As our senses slowly decrease

Leaving insanity to thrive

As many continue to decrease

These drugs, this curse, it can kill

As people continue to stab their arm

Don't mistake it, you can also take a pill

Without raising an alarm...

It happens so fast, all too quick

Leaving the family to find

Their choice of lick

And their bodies to find…

This is why it is important, important for you

Not to me

To keep your heart honest and true

And don't become what my brother came to be

His hair is dark brown and his eyes blue

He is a lot taller than me

And by now probably almost twenty-two

As he decides what he wants to be

He had three good jobs, and couldn't keep one

He slowly withdrew from reality 

Meaning his job as a brother and adult was done

As he changed his mentality

True, No one is dead

But he may be soon if I don't ignore

Why would he tread

On land, he should never have walked on for?

Questions are raised as doubts fly

Leaving me in the dark

As my parents lecture my brother about being high.

This alone really stabbed my heart.

Trenton refused to listen to Mom or Dad

I stayed quiet While they talked on the phone

And it sounded like my brother was glad

He then raised his tone

Mom had cried several times as my brother continued to block words

Eventually, the phone shut off making no sound

Leaving nothing but the quiet chirping of birds

Then Dad realized his hands were bound

If Trenton refused to listen that was on him

But raising his tone at Mom was the break

As Dad decided he was not welcome past the nearby tree limb

These words came at Mom like an earthquake

She knew it was true that he was lost.

She was strong, and tough as times got bad

But the line she and Dad drew, was crossed

And to worsen things she was beyond the word “Sad”

Here in Kentucky, life gets tough

As the days go by

But even so, you have to be rough

Don't break down to cry

My brother is only half my blood.

Yes, this may be true

But family goes beyond thickened red mud

We stick together as a crew

The parents, they are captains

And your siblings the crew

If you're lost in the treasured sea

They will come to look for you

Many worry, and for all good reasons

It is because of this motion

That you may eventually commit treason

This story is the past, but look in the mirror

Say "No" and stay in the clear

October 13, 2023 11:25

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Tulipa Palomita
14:41 Oct 22, 2023

Hi Alli, happy birthday (≡^∇^≡) I hope your day is as amazing as you and I hope you continue to be a sweet person and a wonderful writer :3 I will keep your PVC with me always kkkkkk and I will read all your stories!!! A kiss for you, I miss you ❤️❤️❤️


11:22 Oct 23, 2023

THANK YOU TULIIIIIII! Your as beautiful as ever!!!!! :3 And your heart is golden.


Tulipa Palomita
19:42 Oct 30, 2023

Estou lendo suas histórias nos meus tempos livres, são muito boas :3 Espero que novos enredos cheguem logo kkkkkk PS. Você que é linda, tem um coração incrível e uma mente brilhante ❤️


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Vicente Batista
12:16 Oct 22, 2023

Happy birthday my great friend, I hope you have a good day, you are an amazing person when you are not holding a PVC 🥳


11:21 Oct 23, 2023

Thank You,I appreciate you getting them on here,and you remembered my favorite weapon xD touching.


11:21 Oct 23, 2023

Also I am back,and ready to annoy the hell out of you! lmao


Vicente Batista
16:12 Oct 23, 2023

Finally lol how was your vacation? Do you already have new ideas for new stories?


17:24 Oct 23, 2023

i have one but i am tired....and these teachers do not have an sympathy.


17:24 Oct 23, 2023



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Vicente Batista
14:26 Oct 24, 2023

Student life is not easy


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Vicente Batista
17:38 Oct 13, 2023

Damn, I can feel the melancholy in your words, not romanticizing these events but this is too expressive, your words are profound, wow


18:22 Oct 13, 2023

thanks,we have not heard from him in roughly two months now...at least i can express that


Vicente Batista
18:51 Oct 13, 2023

Damn... All I can say is think positive :/ at the end of all this good things can come


18:53 Oct 13, 2023

not always lol,by the way may have a boyfriend soon-


18:53 Oct 13, 2023

and i have seven minutes before im gone till the 23rd :L......


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Vicente Batista
18:54 Oct 13, 2023

You're better than me lol


18:57 Oct 13, 2023

OOf four minutes,im going to go on ahead and go,tell everyone i love em,and ill text you first thing on the twenty third,readdy to annoy you.BYEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE


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12:31 Nov 03, 2023

right,that is what i'm trying to teach him,instead of telling him everything i may want,or try,im trying to convince him to take chances.He works on trucks,and has money he is willing to spend,but i couldnt care less about the money,I want him to gain courage to try new things.


Vicente Batista
22:07 Nov 04, 2023

Is he very shy? Look on the bright side he's a hard working boy


12:03 Nov 06, 2023

He is very shy around me when it comes to speaking some of his more private thoughts,and bout a week ago he kissed me on the cheek outta no where. I threw my head back,giggled and blushed,then i told him at least he got the guts to kiss my cheek. Also new story is posted.


Vicente Batista
12:07 Nov 06, 2023

You guys are very cute haha ​​I think with time he will lose his shyness, I will check out his new story


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Vicente Batista
12:08 Nov 06, 2023

haven't posted yet 🤨


12:08 Nov 06, 2023

oop try now,refresh


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