Lilith the Crystal Ocean

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“I thought falling in love was supposed to be fun,” I said.  She scoffed “I don’t know why. When has any type of falling fun?”

Whatever you’re thinking this isn't my fault. She was the one who broke me. She destroyed the girl I was before. Lilly was kind and sweet until he moved here. She was my best friend, I was in love with her. She was my ‘Eureka’ moment, my shining star in the blackest sky.

I’m not saying I have had the best life. Growing up was rough, my grandpa was trying to groom me for prositution and my mom was verbally abusive. I was the oldest, a 13 year old brother and a 9 year old sister. We lived in downtown Ascot. It was a rough area. We were on the outskirts of the city in a condo.  It was me, Mom, Grandma, Grandpa, Aly and Hugh. Aly is my half sister. She is the product of what happens when you go to Arkala. The prosutition capital of the islands. We lost my dad 3 years ago to a drive by.


I just met her. Lilly, how to describe her. She's kind, sweet, gentle and kind. Quiet but crazy. She is perfect, nothing less than an angel. I met her in third period. She was the new girl. I always sat alone in the corner until she came. I was quiet and alone. I passed my classes and had no friends.  She walked in and looked for a seat. Everyone had there spot. There was one empty desk next to me. Miss Kay sat her next to me. She passed me sticky notes saying: Hey neighbor! I’m Lilly, I just moved her from mexico. Wanna come to my house after school to watch a movie? It can be your pick! I knew from that sticky note that she was my friend. She had only seen me now and wants to hangout. I responded: Sounds great! I’m Elsie. 

She was amazing, all kinds of movies. We watched a disney movie and a horror. Ate our weight in popcorn and laughed until we cried.  I knew that she was a good one to have around. She made me happy and I haven't been happy in a long time. When I got home my mom was at “work” and grandpa was on the porch with his gun. 

“Where have you been! Don’ t tell me you have been whoring around like your mother!”

“No grandpa, I was at a friends house, where is Aly?” I asked trying to avoid any more questions. “She somewhere. I don't care where that bastard is. She your mother's problem not yours.” I walked away to go find her.

“Hey Aly. How was school?” I asked. “It was fine I guess, it was just boring. I have to do my book report.” she said still looking at her computer.  “Okay well get that done before you go out and if you leave be back by ten and text me when you get there.” I walked out before she could answer and went to check on my grandma. She was in the back gardening like she is every day. “Hey Grandma.” she just looks at me then goes back to gardening. Since i was 6 we have lived here. In a pale yellow house at the end of the street. A little shed in the back with tools and a desk. I keep my art supplies there most days when mom is not home. She has never supported me in anything. She was always there for my dark moments and never there when I needed help. She never let me draw or do anything that made me happy. She made me miserable, threw me down the stairs and left large bruises on my back. She made me feel like I was worthless. I was never safe around her, she made me want to die every day. I feel like Lilly is my light in the dark. She makes me feel like I'm flying, 

By the time Halloween had come around me and Lilly were inseparable. We would walk home together and I would spend the night with her. I was on top of the world with her, I was in love. Classes and sleepovers, with her around I had a second family. Her parents loved me more than my family has ever loved me. She was my rock on my paper. Holding me down on earth when I wanted to leave. 

Hugh had only gotten worse. While at school he had been introduced to a gang he now calls family. He is dabling in drugs, sex and jail. He is never home. He isn't there for Aly or me. I haven't seen him since Lilly came to town.


Justin, why did he have to come here. He ruined her, a piece of trash in the crystal ocean. She was the best before him. 

On halloween he moved here. He was scaring people when we met him. We were walking home from her house when he popped out of the bush. We had screamed when he jumped out. “The hell are you doing your creep! Why would you do that?” I yelled. “Dude, calm down, it's just a prank. Get that stick out of your ass and have some fun.” He said. “Hehe, your funny. Sorry about her. She's not great with other people.” Lilly reliped. “Are you serious! He’s a dumb guy! Lets go he's not worth my time.” I walked off. 

“Not great with other people? Seriously?” I was so angry. “He’s a damn guy! He is just gonna fuck with you until he gets what he wants with you. Why can't you see what's right in front of you?” “Oh you mean how your so fucking clingy and that you in love with me?” Now she was mad. “That you get jealous every time I have a thing for a guy? If you don't think I can see what's in front of me go drown yourself.” I slammed my front door in her face. 

Maybe she was right, maybe I am jealous, and maybe I am in love with her. What hurt the most was that the one person who I thought never would tell me that was now on their side. Buzzz buzzz buzzz “Lilly. Nope.” 

“Elsie! Where are you! Something happened!” Hugh was back. “Hugh what the hell do you want. Why have you been gone since Halloween? Who have you been with?” I was so angry. “That doesn't matter right now I need your help. It’s Aly. She came looking for me and someone shot her. Moms not answering her cell and nobody wants to help me. Please if not for me for Aly. she could die. I don't want to lose her.” he was about to cry. “Over my dead body with either of you go help that skank. She isn't part of our family.” Grandpa had heard everything. “How dare you call her that!” I yelled. How dare you treat her so horribly her whole life! She's a child!” Grandpa's face went from an angry red to a calm pale. He walked away and turned down the hallway. He came back a few seconds later with his shot gun pointed at me. He fired. “No!” Hugh had taken the bullet for me. It hit him in the chest. He was bleend so much. I fell to the floor crying holding him as he took his last breaths. “I love you,” he closed his eyes “stay strong.” He was gone. Thirteen years old and he was killed by our grandpa what kind of legacy is that. 

Aly, no not her too. I raced out the door to find a brown beaten up truck in the driveway.They looked at me with sadness. One of them went around to the back of the  truck and opened the back. My eyes started to fill with tears again. He dragged Aly’s lifeless body out. He carried her up to me and set her on the ground. My heart dropped. Such a bright spirit was taken away too early to young. Hugh, Aly and Dad.  All shot, all too soon, leaving a hole in my heart.

August 10, 2019 16:39

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