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Hours whether long or short matter not when your dog meets you at the front door. Maxx, the sheltie circles around the fluffy sheepskin dog bed at the end of the bed. Listening to relaxation/sleep music, he is the first of us to ease into sleep. Soft snoring awakens me, reminding me this is a good time to get up and go to the bathroom.

Leader of the pack, stubs their big toe on the way to empty their bowels and bladder. I whine and whine until LOTP opens the sliding glass door to let me out to pee and poop. I run across the yard, stop to eat some blades of grass, bark at the neighbor's cat. Smelling the cat urine on our azalea bush, I chase the nightly visitor to the edge of the vinyl fence. My collar emits a sharp burst of pain to my throat. My barking ceases,peeing this time outside, holding the poop for when I'm back inside. I runin a zigzag pattern racing indoors.

Muddy pawprints track through the kitchen and across the hall. I help as I am grabbed by a hind leg, carried to the bathroom before I can cover more territory. Cleaning my paws, patting my head I shake myself out ridding the droplets of rain on my thick fur. Listening for continued play of the relaxation/sleep music, instead of steady beat that soon places me and my LOTP in a sound dreamless sleep.

Bacon, bacon, bacon wafted the incredible, amazing, awesome, yummy, delicious, aroma of real honest to goodness bacon not the followers of the pack. The appeal is in the shiny, bright packaging of the product. I know this for the simple fact that, I have traveled in a car, led on a leash into PETSMART, pushed in the shopping cart, and seen the Beggin Strips packages inside the shopping cart beside me. The selling points feature, real meats the #1 ingredient. Another key benefit is ideal for use as a trading treat, another plus is dogs don't know it's not bacon, please don't insult my sense of smell. This FOTP is graciously submissive to the top dog, after she prepares breakfast, puts leftovers in my dish. On mornings when my LOTP is home on a off day, I get crumbled up bacon, about two slices, scrambled eggs whisked with milk for fluffy, add some butter to make it tasty. I wouldn't let those begin strips go to waste. Share and share alike I say, a dog pack has to stick together.

LOTP, still in her pajamas , turns over on the couch, ear buds in her ears, back to me as I wag my tail; the leash in my mouth. Left to my own devices, on padded paws I stealthily advance upon the kitchen trash can. Rummaging through the scrapes, I find a tidbit here and there. That action complete, I go into the living room, jump on the couch, beside my LOTP, I nap some more. A couple of hours go by and she calls me to follow her to the front door. As an obedient FOTP, I have my leash attached to my collar and out the door I go. I sit still on the passenger side of the car. I look up at her adoringly as the car begins to move. At the park in town, her human guy friend approaches us with a frisbee in one hand and Fiona, his dog pack member/which poodle. I cannot contain my excitement, and sniff all around, my nose and back leg tingling.

It seemed our LOTP members got along great,, not as followers. It was decided, Fiona and I would be crated in our respective homes .My LOTP brought me home some chicken in a doggy bag, so the two of them must have gone out to eat. Once upon a time, not so long ago, the four of us tried couch surfing on the sectional sofa at our house, Fiona cozied up to my LOTP , and I sat on the outside of the huddle feeling jealous.

Whining to be let outside, I ran away. Crawling under a loose board in the fence, I escaped. They crated, Fiona canvassed the neighborhood and found me in the bushes down the street. I had not meant to stay out so long. I lost my sense of direction. I was so glad to see my LOTP , I pranced into her arms. Fiona and me, our times of being together, has been restricted to play dates only. This particular evening, after the doggie take out meal we dozed on the couch watching Entertainment Tonight, ET.

Next day, was another day off for mmy LOTP. It is a little tricky to figure out on mornings work and bacon is not frying in the cast iron skillet. This morning medium sized bowl of wholesome lamb fry dog food instead of what she is having. A good long drink of cool, clean, water to finish the meal. On her second day off work, we head off for an early morning walk. Blue skies and white fluffy clouds greet us at the dog park. As a FOTP I roll around on the thick green grass. The sun feels so good on my fur.

In the afternoon, she runs the tub with warm water using gentle hands places me in the bath tub. to bathe me and we play with squeaky toys. Lifting me out of the bath tub, she dries me with a bath towel as she sings a silly song. I lift my voice in a lingering howl and join in. We have an appointment to be groomed at PETSMART and we are on our way.

Watching movies with dog celebrities like, "All Dogs Go To Heaven", and "Marley and Me ", fill up our evening. It is the best of times. Cozy and comfortable, I circle three times, nesting or donning it is sometimes called. Off to dream, yes dogs dream. Americans Kennel Club states dogs replay the activities of their day at night in their dreams. Dreaming of all the fun we"ve had, and. more fun that is sure to come.

March 25, 2020 03:35

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Miles Gatling
06:51 Mar 28, 2020

Sweet! This dog has the best life. Bacon. Congratulations on your writing.


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