Hello everyone! This is your author speaking, Emelia. Over the past month or so I know I am leaving for summer camp soon and I won't have access to my writing device. I do not want to bring electronics with me that will most likely be unused because chances are likely that I will not be able to write where there is no service and I will have no time to write. I have published five stories a week since January, and I am pretty consistent. But next week will be extremely busy with putting together extras for that, (Not to mention my dad will not be in my house, as he will be in Texas. To put that in perspective, I live in New Jersey.) and the week after packing. Then I will have to leave for a week and then when I come back I will have to pack that week and leave again. So when I come back I will be exhausted. A couple weeks later I leave again to be with my grandparents, and the week before that I will be packing. The day after I will be unpacking.)

Then I will probably start writing again, but that is looking at more like August. In between then, you can expect maybe one or two a week, but I still have a whole summer. I have a pool and I like being outdoors. I can do this five times a week during the colder months. But when it's the warmer months and I'm not in school, then I really would want to be outside and go on adventures. Be with my friends and have a good time. As much as I love to tell stories and write on this blog, I still have a life. My alternatives would not have been great options, and it would be stressful to write as many as I was. When I'm in school, I can write during free moments and at lunch. But when it comes to my summer, I would much rather be out in the great outdoors and hanging out with my younger siblings. I'm not really into the idea of writing like that so much. I love writing, but I have other things that I like to do, like reading, camping, swimming, and hanging out with friends.

I know this probably sounds selfish, but I would like to put in perspective what we would be looking at if I were to write five times a week for the entire summer. (Summer ending September ninth.) I would be watching my brothers, writing, prepping for camp, and helping my mom while my dad was in another state while writing on here. That is WAY too much for me to handle. Of course, I would have to cut some stuff, and this would be it. I need my family. The week after I'm packing for summer came and packing my younger brother for summer camp. I would have to cut this out again because I am going to be busy helping him and making my own. The week after that I would be gone. The week after that I would be packing for my younger and youngest brothers, unpacking my younger brother and myself, washing, and drying all that stuff. Only to get ready to go again. The week after I'm six hours away from home for the week.

No service at either summer camp. The week after I'm super tired and washing and drying and putting away all the other stuff. The week after that I'm resting, as I probably won't get a chance the week before that. The week after that I'm packing and getting ready to leave for my grandparent's house. The week after that I'm at my grandparent's house. The week after that I'm unpacking and washing and drying stuff from that. So once more, I'm looking at no time. But there are four weeks or so of August that look pretty free. And maybe during packing or unpacking if I have a moment I will try diligently to write. But it is starting to look pretty impossible for me to write five blog posts a week and have a super fun summer. I thought I could do it on Monday, but as the week has passed, I'm starting to realize that isn't really going to work for me. I am really sorry that I have waited until about the last minute to share this with you all, but I needed to.

I wasn't even really sure until right before I started writing, but the more I do write it out, the more I realize it just doesn't work out. I will try to still blog, but it won't be nearly as much as how much I wrote over the second half of my seventh-grade year. I want to live my summer, and part of that is not sitting on a device writing. Sorry about that. But thank you all for understanding! I will have many more stories after I have my adventures because adventures always inspire me to write something. I really do need some time to just have some fun. And I feel like that is really going to mean taking a step away so that I can have fun. So thank you for your cooperation, and I'm sorry for not posting. But I keep ending up thinking the same thing, which is it doesn't work. No matter how hard I might try, it's not going to work. I wanted to warn you in advance, so this is that warning. But once again, getting out there and having fun with others makes some really great stories, and I feel my current ones becoming more and more fantasy. So these adventures can spark new ideas and I can tell you about more real-life adventures, which I hope you all like.

So Sorry! And thank you for your cooperation! I will try to write again soon!

Emelia G. Bergstralh.

June 24, 2022 02:01

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