About Last Night, and the Night Before That, and Probably The Night Before That Too.

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​TW: sexual situations of a queer nature.

​Whose the evil genius who made morning so bright? I thought to myself as I slowly opened my eyes and why am I up so early on a Saturday? And why am I wearing a black button up shirt with pink flowers that is too big for me and the boxers that I have on are not mine, they too are too big and plaid. I don’t own plaid boxers, and ew I am wearing someone else’s underwear. I slid out from over an arm draped over me and sat up and looked to the right next to me.  It was Keen, my friend and the bartender at the two bars near me that I am a regular at. His wavy almost black hair was tousled, his glasses that he normally wore were on the nightstand. He was shirtless. I tip toed out of bed, went to the bathroom and splashed some water over my face, and put on a pair of Boston Celtics basketball shorts, and a shirt with the numbers 01 and my initials LO on the back of it, which is what everyone calls me.  I’d received the shirt as I was the first to register for the Chase Corporate Challenge at the not for profit agency I worked at. I put a backward Celtics cap over my cropped auburn hair and hopped on my stationary bike to get a quiet workout in, and not wake Keen. As I biked, the nights events came back to me.

I closed the bar with him. He’d wanted me to keep him company, so, I did. In my early 40’s, I didn’t normally close bars to hang out with the bartender. In order to close a bar you have to plan your drinking. I had two alcoholic beverages, then switched to NA beer and water. The 90’s themed bar would get slow after 12am. It got to the point where it was me an another regular and I almost left.

“No stay. Keep me company. He put his hand over mine. I felt static course through my hand. His brown eyes bore into mine. I quickly removed my hand from his.

“I don’t feel like going home”, He said.

”I’m an easy walk away if you just want to hang out at my place”, I offered.

”It’s a date”, He affirmed. We walked to my place after he closed the bar. I let us in my first floor one bedroom apartment.

“Make yourself at home”, I said. “Would you like a fizzy water or coffee or something?”, I asked.

”I’ll have a cup of coffee please”.

”Regular or flavored?”.

”Regular please”. He had turned Midnight Gospel on. I was packing that night. What is packing? Packing is wearing a strap on. As a queer and gender queer person who has a vagina, I like to on occasion, where my strap on out. It makes me feel confident and hot.

He came up behind me in the kitchen.

”Are you packing?”, He inquired.

”I am”.

”Really. That’s hot”. There was static in the air and his eyes looked into mine intensely. He stepped toward me and pulled me to him, his lips finding mine. He got to his knees and started to unbutton and unzip my jeans.

”Can I?”. He looked up at me.

”Oh yes”. He got my pants down and in no time I was in his mouth. I ran my hand through his hair, blissing out. We ended up in my bed exploring each other until we passed out. That brings us to this morning, The Wright of his arm draped over me woke me up. It had been a while since waking next to anyone. I hopped in the shower after my stationary bike ride. I showered in a fragrant bath scrub of apple and rose and then threw on some boxers and a t-shirt. I made a French press of Christmas scented coffee and the aroma of cinnamon filled the apartment. Any time of year is a Christmas flavored coffee time. There was stirring in the bedroom and a shirtless keen in his tattooed glory sauntered into the kitchen wrapped in a sheet. He kissed my cheek.

”You smell good and so does that coffee”. I poured him a steaming mug full.

”Your boxers and shirt are on top of my hamper in the bathroom. I somehow woke up in them”. Keen laughed.

”I thought they were yours. You got cold at night and wanted clothes.”

“It’s funny because I never wear pink. I woke up so confused”.

“Are you hungry?”, He asked.

”I’m famished”.

”Wanna do brunch?”.

”Let’s. I’ve been craving Rome”.

”Rome it is. Mind if I shower first?”.

”Go ahead. There’s towels in the closet and feel free to use any of my product”.

”Thanks”. He hopped in the shower. I put on brunch attire, some black skinny jeans and a black top with a white collar. I put some cocoa butter on my lips, some mascara, and scented oil.

”Shall we?”, Keen asked freshly showered and ready to go.

”We shall”, I exclaimed. Keen took my hand as we walked. I looked at him.

”Not a hand holder?”, He queried.

”I haven’t held hands with anyone in a while. Just getting used to it again. You’ve seen me naked. What’s a little hand holding?”.

”I saw you naked and it was glorious!”. I blushed,

”That was all very unexpected.”

”The best things can be unexpected. You couldn’t feel something was going to happen?”.

”I mean, something felt different. There’s been the all day and late night messaging, the compliments of my clothing and hair these past few nights. Actually yeah, I saw this coming”.

“We are doing things in reverse. Hook up and then goon a date?”, He wondered allowed.

”Of course we are. Why would we do things the normal way?”, I chuckled.

”True”. We took a seat at a table outside and perused the menu and when the waitress came around we ordered 3 pizzas to share; a veggie, an all the meats, and their hangover pizza that they were known for.

"I didn't realize how hungry I was until we sat down to eat", I stated.

"We worked up an appetite last night", Keen said.

"We really did". When the check for our meal came, I grabbed for it. Keen got it first.

"I got this".

"Well I want to get it", I challenged half laughing.

"How about you pay for our next date?".

"Oh. So there's going to be a next date?"

"Yes, and a bunch of dates after that, and maybe some weddings and bar mitzvahs after that. So, put me in your date book accordingly".

"I'll do that", I laughed happy to have a new person in my life.

May 13, 2022 15:28

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18:16 May 13, 2022

This is a great story! As I’ve said before, you are so great at writing natural dialogue, and it works so well here! Keep writing, I can’t wait to read more of your stories! (P.S., your title is great!)


Laura Eliz
22:18 May 13, 2022

Thank you for your kind words! I am so glad you enjoy my writing!


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