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I saw Jack, Rebecca’s second cousin in school the other day, he was eyeing her and lost in his own thought, the school bell rang for the free period and he was back into his senses, he left off for the school ground. Two pages fell out from his notebook as he left.

‘Hey Jack, you left-‘

 I left my sentence incomplete as I saw the heading.

Rebecca Reese (Things I still like about her.)


Studies: Rebecca’s a great student too. Ms. Kara, the history teacher, goes on about how great she is in studying history and Mrs. LeBlanc, the math teacher hardly is satisfied from someone’s math exam, but she was amazed at her paper.

Everyone takes help from her; she’s so fluent in her Spanish that it looks like she knew it since day one.


Acting: There’s always drama practice ever Wednesday and Thursday, she enthusiastically takes part in it and does her best and always seems like a real actress, she is so pretty. Her green eyes are always glowing, her dark brown hair always falling into place. Her acting is just stunning. It looks just like looking at an actress from the Hollywood film industry.


Singing: I only listened to her singing once, when I visited her house, I listened through the locked door of her bedroom, seemed just as if those beautiful sound effects had been applied to her voice. I don’t know whether she knows that I listened to her but her voice just sounded so relaxing. Seems like out of all the other things she’s a singer out of another planet too.


Writing: She was working on her 200 paged novel/book that got published three months earlier, I read it too. It was a fantastic adventure novel, seemed like I was in it. Her writing seemed like it was from one of those bestselling authors. She really is a multitalented human being, many girls in the library are talking about her book and go to her seat to acknowledge her. Sometimes I doubt whether she wrote it herself though, because it just doesn’t seem like it was written by a fifteen year old girl.


Sports: She seems to be quite good in sports to me, though, the others say, she needs improvement, but what can I say? I only saw her once, when she won the football match once. That’s all I can write in sports.


Keeping secrets: She may be good in keeping secrets, because one of her friend Lena, told her a secret once, and she never told it to anyone, she has two best friends, who are always with her and behind her. One person said as a joke once: ‘They’d do her bidding anytime.’ But it’s actually true. She may look shy, but she really isn’t. they call her shy just because she doesn’t talk with her classmate, she only talks with her two best friends. They say she doesn’t talk something normal with them for fun, all he does is gossip…all of them seem to have a problem with her.


She loves reading: Just like I do, but she barely talks to me. I only talk to her if I go at her place. Maybe she doesn’t like to talk to me, or doesn’t like me but it could be both as well. I have only talked to her once in school, and that was when I told her that it doesn’t seem that she wrote her book, but I think she got the wrong meaning out of it.


She’s so beautiful: She Is very beautiful, just like the princess in my story, dark brown long hair, green eyes, pink cheeks and slim. I always keep staring at her in school, without realizing, I know it because, my friend Clay told me that. Just like a model. She looks quite good when she ties her hair.


Art: She never really participated in art class, but she loves painting and photography, she takes pictures of her art and shows it to some of her ‘friends’ to get acknowledged. She really does like to show off her talents. But I once say her painting, it was just charming, just like her


Picking at others, showing off or bullying.

Except for all the other things, she’s good at, she is so mean, she is always picking at her juniors, gossiping with her two cronies. She doesn’t talk to me either, tries to make everyone feel inferior, but she has a good side, when she is good, she is so sweet and kind, but sometimes she could be the Rebecca you do not want to see, but I don’t know why, despite all the things, she has sometimes made me feel good and even comforted me, she isn’t like that, her two so called best friends were a bad influence on her and still are, so she bosses them around, just for once, I would like to knock some sense into her. She may be mean now, but I still find everything good about her, because I can never think of her in a bad way.

Jack snatched the paper from me. But I had read all of it now…

‘She doesn’t seem the same anymore, she was just the one person I had.’

‘Nobody listens to me; she was the only one person, who could make me feel happy.’

Jack said, sadly.

‘You could tell her, I know, Rebecca has changed. I’ll go with you.’ I said.

‘She wouldn’t listen-‘

‘She will.’

‘How can you say that?’

I gave him a nudge.

‘Well, just remember, she wasn’t your only friend, she will still be your friend who can understand you, but except for that remember you have Clay and me too.’

He smiled. And we set off for Rebecca, to knock some sense into her, so he could be the same 'delighted girl' that we knew...

By: Emma Kate

(Note: I may write a part 2 to this soon as well)

January 01, 2021 13:25

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