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“-Sun allergy, also known as sun rash, is a rare sunlight allergy that causes hives to occur on sun-exposed skin. Itchy, reddish patches or welts appear within minutes of sun exposure. They will last anywhere from a few minutes to several hours. The cause of solar urticaria is unclear. The allergy can progress to a lifelong illness, but the effects can be controlled. additionally-”

Two large pale hands gripped some blue dyed locks and pulled in frustration, hurting the scalp and slowly making it bleed. A deep groan echoed through the dead silent wood cabin. Benedict Morgan felt miserable.

“Fucking son of a bitch”

Ben is not a swear person most of the time, but having a sun allergy takes it to another level.

He just became a modern-era vampire for fuck’s sake!

It was only this week when Ben noted he had rashes and the only time he does so is when he goes out during the daytime with a cup of joe or when his pale skin is exposed to the early rays while he sipped his coffee. Not only rashes but also itchy boils which Ben can testify is a bitch to take care of.

Unfortunately, Ben only took notice the past few days and is now regretting it. If he found out sooner, at least he could have called for help or just asked for advice from a doctor but no.

Ben just had to wait till the day he couldn’t even get out of the house because he hyperventilates and gets a terrible allergy reaction from just getting out. Getting out in the middle of the night is also out of question, after all-

-Who in their right mind would get out in the woods in the middle of the night?

Not Ben. He'd already had enough raccoons in his garbage before they started pouring down in the trees. Worse, depending on the height of land you are on, there is no reception near his house for the next six to eight miles.

Now, he can just blame himself for making such reckless decisions such as buying a cheap cabin in the middle of remote woods on top of a forest full of rodents and wild animals.

‘Great going, Ben. Now, you can’t even get out of the stupid house’

The blue-haired man sighed, it’s been two weeks since he last went down the mountain and he was running low on food and other necessities. He could go on for another week with his vegetable garden at the back if it weren’t for his damn allergy.

“Stupid fucking sun”

He stood up, no work is done if he just moped around. The least he could do was do a bit of work. He trudged towards his workroom and carefully walked around to avoid sunlight. Dragging a large brown towel, yes, towel. He couldn’t use blankets as they are all hanging outside being chewed up by raccoons.

He huffed his blue bangs, noticing the roots of his hair are starting to show, contrasting blue and brown. It was about time he needed a new color anyways.

He landed in the sunroom at last. The sunroom in question is dim, with window and sunroof covers taped and screwed in place. There wasn't a single ray of light entering the dark, dingy space full of parchments and ink.

He sat in a plush chair, cracking his fingers, opening his laptop, and getting to work. Electricity appeared to suit him well, and he was grateful for the limited supply of light. Many of the lightbulbs were either burned out or just destroyed. So his only source of illumination was his old pink Nokia phone and a nine-year-old Acer laptop full of princess stickers.

Although he is saddened by his sun allergy, Solar Urticaria did have some benefits. He can concentrate better on the laptop since it is his only source of light. It made him long for the sun as if he craved it. It was a weird feeling, to be stuck in darkness, stumbling and hurting his toe one too many times. While he had all the time of the world in the shadows, he has a slight problem in writing his story.

He can’t fucking find inspiration.

How does he not? It was one of the reasons he enjoyed being outside and in nature. He shivered at the prospect and felt numb as he tried to recall the warmth of the sun. Like a child’s hand brushing in his skin kind of warmth. Like the laughter of a baby in the breeze.

He leaned back and looked at the walls. The dark cool hue of red returned his gaze. He averted his gaze with his grey eyes, not liking the dark ceiling. 

A tear ran down his right eye. 

Another followed. 

Soon Ben was sobbing his heart out.

He missed the sun.

“Hello, mister sun!”

He missed the outdoors.

“I love the mountains, I love the rolling hills”

He missed the warmth.

“Have a blanket! It’s filled with bunnies.”

He missed the trees.

“Hide and seek, go and be meek, I try to find you, in these woods!”

He missed how nature feels with his bare feet.

“How did an acorn get stuck in your feet, Hina?”

He missed running through meadows.

“Come and catch me, daddy!”

He missed his daughter.

“Daddy, come on! Let’s go outside!”

He missed her dearly.

“Can you write about me, daddy?”

He misses his Sun.

“I love you, daddy!”


“I’m sorry Mr. Morgan. She’s already on stage four-

Ben couldn't stop himself from choking.

-her heart is barely managing if I’m being honest-

On his chair, he started to hyperventilate. He flailed his arms about in search of something to grasp.

-it won’t be long for her time to come, I’m afraid-

His body trembled, shivered, and quivered in all directions. He has out-of-control spasms, and the items on his table are all over the place.

-condolences, sir.”

His parchments flew about, his laptop cracked from the crash, and his coffee spilled on him-

When the scalding liquid hit his skin, he screamed.

He could feel his hand burning. As if it had been boiled and burned. He had the sensation that his right hand had been severed and burnt into a stump. Ben cried out in agony. He tried to breathe. He tried. 

He tried.

But he couldn’t breathe. 

He couldn’t breathe. 

He couldn’t breathe.

He couldn’t breathe. 

He couldn’t breathe.

He couldn’t breathe. 

He couldn’t breathe.

He couldn’t breathe. 

He couldn’t breathe.

He couldn’t breathe. 

He couldn’t breathe. 


Suddenly everything became white.

Ben choked and fell out of his chair. He lay on his back, inhaling the oxygen greedily. When a hot beam of light shone down on him, he squinted.

'Wait, light?'

Ben immediately opened his eyes and soon regretted it and shut them back close.

'Yep, definitely the sun.'

Ben let out a trembling sigh as he cautiously inhaled the cool summer air. He didn't notice any rashes or prickling irritation even though the sun started to beat down on him. There was no hyperventilation or any asthma attack. Benedict, on the other hand, seemed at ease as he laid on the shambles of his panic attack.

But he couldn't see his right shoulder nor could he feel it. It feels burned and sore, but it's bearable as long as he doesn't move it. And so, Ben stayed in his place.

He couldn't help but smile as he opened his teary eyes. He was welcomed by the three-afternoon sun, which shone brilliantly through the leaves and trees. From Ben's point of view, it built a breathtaking scene. The orange and green colors combined to create a work of art.

It made him remember a young, sick, and smiling six-year-old girl.

“Hey, Daddy. What will happen to the cabin if I’m gone?”

“I’m not sure about you being gone, Hina-

-but I’m making that cabin an art of colors you’ll love.”

The child just smiled sadly and gripped Ben’s hand tighter. The monitor’s heart rate slowing down. Ben’s face fell as he tried to call others for help but listened to his daughter’s answer.

“I look forward to it, Daddy”

Ben sat up, ignoring the searing pain from his right, and brushed the tears from his face with his left hand. He looked down at his right hand and winced.

Series of rashes formed around where the coffee was spilled. A few even have hives and peeled skin. Ben shook his head and chuckled.

He wasn’t allergic to the sun it seems.

But he might wanna stay away from coffee for a while.

He tapped his chin, standing up in the already dusty yet noticeably lighter sunroom. An art lodge, the light, and the forest—quite a promise, but Ben will figure it out. He put on his pajamas, knelt down to get some parchment, and began to sketch with the sun radiant in the distance.

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