I woke up to my alarm beeping and threw my arm over to my nightstand to turn it off. But it wasn't wear it normally was. I shook my head, got up, and started looking around the room. Finally, I found it in my closet, next to a dress. But not just any dress, my prom dress for the coming night. That night was prom.

I was so excited because it was my very first prom, and I was going with the guy that I'd had a crush on since kindergarten. His name was Ryder, Ryder King. It was always funny when our teachers did attendance, because they had no choice but to say "King, Ryder."

I smiled at my dress and then changed into my normal clothes; a sweatshirt crop top, denim shorts, and Converse. Accessories? Only a couple; my rose gold watch, black and white checkered phone, and black Michael Kors backpack. A lot of people in my school thought I was rich, but I had never spent a dime of my money as a kid, and then started spending it in high school.

I brushed my teeth, put my hair up into a pony, and then walked downstairs. My mom was in the kitchen, making a breakfast of eggs and bacon.

"Good morning, sweetie! How did you sleep?"Mom asked. I shrugged, threw my bag over the chair, and sat down at the dining room table.

"Pretty good, considering I went to bed at seven last night so I would have enough energy for today,"I laughed. Mom laughed with me, and then brought me my breakfast.

"EW! EW EW EW EEEEWWWW!!!!" I heard my little sister, Emily, cry out. I rolled my eyes, our dog had probably just sneezed on her and she was freaking out.

"What's up, Em?"I asked as she came running into the room. There wasn't anything on her, from as far as I could see.

"You people need to teach that dog how to not sneeze on me! He never sneezes on either of you, but he always sneezes on me!"Emily cried. I raised my eyebrows and shared a look with Mom.

"That's says a lot,"I chuckled. Mom slapped my shoulder, but I continued to laugh.

"Mom! Why is Evangeline laughing at me?"Emily yelled. My face went from the happiest person on the planet to the 50th most frustrated person on the planet.

"Amelia. Never, ever, ever, call me Evangelina again. My name is Eva,"I stated. Emily furrowed her eyebrows and stared at me.

"Fine! But you can't call me Amelia,"Emily retorted. I mocked her, and she walked away, all huffy and puffy; I smiled.

"Eva, you need to start being nicer to your sister. She's twelve, and needs you to guide her away from the path that she's already on,"Mom said. I nodded, and we both thought the same thing. Gold Digger.


I was about to fall asleep in Mr. Clove's history class when I jerked awake when a piece of paper hit the side of my face. It landed on the ground, and I bent down to pick it up, making sure that Mr. Clove wasn't looking. The second I opened the letter, I knew it was from Ryder.

Hey! You can fall asleep, but can you not snore like when we shared a tent on our camping trip? -R

I smiled, and wrote a quick note on the back to throw back at him.

Sure, as long as you don't fall asleep and toss and turn like you did that night. I finished the note off with my initial and and threw it back at Ryder, and it landed right on his desk. He picked it up, read it, and actually laughed out loud.

Normally, it's okay to laugh out loud. Except for when you're in history, and you're learning about the Holocaust in great detail. That's not a great time.

"I'm sorry, Mr. King, but is there something funny about Anne Frank dying in the concentration camp?"Mr. Clove asked. My eyes widened, and I looked over at Ryder, who was cringing as Mr. Clove walked towards him.

"Well?"Mr. Clove asked again. Ryder slouched down in his seat, and then sat straight up as to not get yelled at more.

"No, there is nothing funny about Anne Frank dying. To tell the truth, I was passing notes. What the other person said was funny. I do not wish to tell you who the other note taker was,"Ryder said. I smiled, he was so good at charming people to believe him.

"Well, Mr. King, thank you for your honesty. But I would like to talk to you and the other "note taker" as you call them, after school. No one has to know. Just stay after,"Mr. Clove instructed. Ryder nodded, and Mr. Clove walked back up to the projector. Ryder and I shared a look, suppressing laughs.


That afternoon, Ryder and I were sitting in front of Mr. Clove's desk, waiting for him to speak. At the moment, he was just sitting there with his hands crossed.

"I didn't want to speak first, but I guess I will have to. I am disappointed in you two that you were passing notes during such an important history lesson. But, I am also glad that both of you were honest. May I please see the note?"Mr. Clove asked. Luckily, Ryder and I had made a fake one while everyone was getting their bags.

"Excited about tonight? R. Oh, yeah. We're going to dance the night away like Cinderella and Prince Charming. E,"Mr. Clove read. Ryder and I glanced at each other, and then looked back at Mr. Clove.

"Very simple. Nothing to worry about. You do not need to serve a punishment. But, if I catch you passing notes again, you'll both get a detention. Understand?"Mr. Clove asked. Ryder and I nodded, shook Mr. Clove's hand, and then left the room, hand in hand.


That afternoon, I was riding the bus home, listening to the usual cursing and fighting. But something was odd about today. The normally loudest person our bus, Zeke Pultte, was quiet. Nothing was heard of him.

"Yo! Zeke! Where is that kid?"Joe asked. I rolled my eyes, people like me enjoyed not having to hear his annoying whoops and hollers.

"Can all of you just shut up? I'm back here, alright?"Zeke shouted. Everyone turned their heads to the back, where Zeke was sitting in the one person seat. I smiled, he must've gotten in trouble for what he did the day before. No details to follow.


When I got home after the hour bus ride, it was 3:45 PM. My best friend, Barbie, and I would get ready together at my house, and that would take about 2 hours. Then Ryder and her boyfriend, Daniel, were picking us up at 6:00. We would only have 15 minutes to spare. But Mom would probably want to take pictures.


Barbie got to my house at 3:50, and we immediately got to work. We did each other's makeup, and then helped each other into our dresses. Mom ended up helping us with our hair, because there was no way that we would be able to do it by ourselves.

Just twenty minutes before Ryder and Daniel would be there, Emily came in and gasped when she saw us.

"Are you sure you're 17 years old? You both look like you're 30!"Emily exclaimed. Barbie and I laughed and looked each other up and down, nodding in approval.

"Can I get in at least one of your pictures?"Emily asked.

"Yeah, sure. But just one, and only when it's just me and Barbie, okay? I think it'd be fun to have a picture of the three of us in my album,"I replied. I had a photo album with pictures of all of the big events in my life.

"Yay! See you when your boyfriends get here,"Emily teased. I tickled her, and she ran out of my bedroom, laughing.

"I guess the last thing we can do is wait. For prom. Ah! I'm so excited!"Barbie cried. I smiled and sat down next to her on my bed, in front of my mirror.

"You know, Emily was right. We do look we're 30,"I stated. Barbie and I laughed, and then waited for Ryder and Daniel.

May 19, 2020 01:28

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Claire Taylor
03:12 May 21, 2020

Okay. Brooke, you are such a talented writer, especially for someone as young as you are (I say that like I'm not just 13)! Your emotion and descriptions really show what a magician you are with your words. I've loved all of your stories that you've written! I like how you added in the little sister who actually acted that age, instead of being all 'supermature'. I love having younger kids in stories, even if they're not the main event. Haha. Keep writing, and would you mind checking out my new entry for this week? I loved your advice last t...


16:09 May 21, 2020

Awww, thank you so much! I love hearing people's feedback about my stories! I will definitely check out your entry! Stay safe! -Brooke


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A. Y. R
20:17 May 20, 2020

I love the descriptions and detail you dotted around in the story! It really helped bring it to life! Your writing style is very film like - as in you're skilled enough with your words to convince me I'm actually watching a film!


20:45 May 20, 2020

Awww, I feel so good! Thank you so much! :)


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18:04 May 20, 2020

Wow! I read your profile and I was so happy!! #fellowkidwriter! (whatever age you consider to still be a 'kid' anyway) This story is awesome! Great imagery!


20:47 May 20, 2020

Yeah, I'm so happy that there are other kid writers on here! #fellowkidwriter! Thank you for the compliment!


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11:45 May 19, 2020

Hi I loveeedddd this story! You did a very good job describing it! I'm sorry for taking a long time, I hope the prequel will be out in today or tomorrow! :)) Great job, keep writing!


14:14 May 19, 2020

Don't worry, as long as the prequel comes, I'll be fine. Thank you for the compliment! :))


14:22 May 19, 2020

Oh thanks Brooke, I just finished it! It is on my page.


03:23 May 20, 2020

Reading it tomorrow (or tonight)!


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