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It was that time of the school year. Year Seven was winding down, right in time for their vacation. Kai had made it through, he was being promoted. So were all the big bully boys in his class, Year Seven D. None of them were too bright and sparky at their schoolwork.

Mr. Niroshi had been substituting as their English teacher. He had a very sad emoji face, trying to get his class to write a decent essay. But this week's lessons had been more fun. The students had to design a comic book.

Kai was the star at this form of English. He invented his own hero, naming him Superstuff. Kai drew really vibrant cartoons, with not too much reading. His classmates wanted to read more.

So, Kai sat in the library in his spare lessons, with his brain full of ideas. Superstuff was his main character. He was a tiny little caped boy, surrounded by the Fatmen. They were great, fat, clumsy and slightly dumb schoolboys, always loud and yelling.

The Fatmen never stopped eating and mucking around. Superstuff comics had everyone in Year Seven D as superheroes, full of mischief and fun......

The big bully boys loved Kai's comics. Somehow, Kai's favorite girl, the beautiful, tall Rianna had a crown. She was the superqueen. Little Superkai hoped to be her king.

The first lesson had passed. It was just another long morning ahead. The same dreary routine of horrible Maths, fractions, and algebra. This was to be followed by double English, to write yet another essay. Mr. Niroshi had an announcement.

"At 2 pm, head along to the old school hall. You start dancing lessons today. Do stop sniveling."

Everyone groaned. Rianna and the other girls rolled their drama mama eyes. The Fatmen made suitable vomit noises. They were being forced to be social.

"We're not dancing with them!"

"Well, dance with each other." Mr. Niroshi said, "Rules are rules here. You are all going to attend the "Dance at Dusk," to celebrate completing Year Seven together. I should get a gold medal here."

"Whatever," Kai said, a bit cheeky.

It got to that time of the morning, meanie Maths lesson. Before their horrible teacher arrived, little Kai dashed around the classroom. He gave all his classmates copies of Superstuff''s latest plans for the Fatmen.

Superstuff could handle this. Year Seven D started reading their bright, funny comics. Not much reading, perfect! The Fatmen all cheered when they read the latest edition.

"Come on," said Kai, "listen up. It's a lovely sunny morning. We're going on strike. We have children's' rights. No more torture today!"

The whole class stood up, grabbing their phones and laptops.

"Follow Superstuff!" Kai told his classmates. Everyone laughed, this was a great idea. Superstuff was leading this strike. No schoolwork today!

Quickly, boys and girls were sitting in the sunshine on the school oval, with their digital devices. They ate their lunches bright and early today, as much as they could.

Mr. Niroshi had chased them through the classroom door. "I am reporting this to the Principal!" he said.

"He can't do anything. We're on strike!' the Fatmen yelled .The Principal came wandering down to the oval, very cross. Mr. Niroshi was embarrassed. "Sir, I have lost Year Seven D!' The Principal told them off, but no one cared. The kids just talked among themselves, refusing to listen to him.

"Come along, stop this nonsense! Back to your classroom. You are all very disruptive and naughty."

"We'll call the parent police if you touch us," Rianna told the teachers and Principal. "We have children's rights!"

"Yah!' yelled all the Fatmen, being very rude, as normal. "Strike, strike, strike!"

The Principal raved on for a while, then retreated to his office. He definitely lost that round with Superstuff and the Fatmen. By then, their Meanie Maths teacher had come to the oval to see where and why Year Seven D had vanished. She sat next to Mr. Niroshi on the school seat, where they could monitor the very naughty and rude students.

Their Maths teacher and Mr. Niroshi quite enjoyed sitting in the sun, browsing on their phones. She said quietly, "Isn't this a lovely idea? What kind children! They have stopped pretending they can learn anything. Now we don't have to teach them. We are getting full salary for sitting here in the sun, not doing any work this morning."

"Do we blame little Kai?" Mr. Niroshi asked, wearing a happy emoji for once. After all, despite being mean, the Maths teacher was quite pretty, for a mature woman.

Kai kept yelling every now and again, on his own little rave. "Freedom in Year Seven. No Maths, no essays, no torture! No homework, no detention! We are on strike till 2 pm!"

"Brilliant!" the maths teacher whispered to Mr. Niroshi. Meanwhile, the girls picked some daisies from the garden. The Fatmen were watching a movie on their laptops. Among all the weeds on this golden morning, Rianna made a crown of daisies.

"I am the queen of Superstuff!" she laughed. Everyone smiled, this was their best day of school ever. Kai stood up and told his classmates, "Sunshine is free and good for our immune systems!' The class cheered .

"What a clever little boy!" The meanie Maths teacher said in a very quiet voice. "We shall just look cross. I can sun bake and get my leg brown." Mr. Niroshi was busy staring at his phone. "Should we be more positive, or is that Maths talk?' he asked.

"Kai, what are you on about next?" called the Fatmen, "write some more comic adventures!" Kai agreed with this good suggestion. He sat down to design some more comics.

Rianna stood up. "I am superqueen of Kai's fan club." The girls all giggled, playing music to practice their singing. Soon, Kai's happy hours had flown by, and it was time for those dreaded dancing lessons to start. For this end of year delight, all Year Seven had to be social. They were to be trapped in a museum of old time music. Kai and the Fatmen thought the whole idea was disgusting. Some of the girls were quite cute, but they preferred older boys .Anyone but the Fatmen!

All the girls were twice as tall as tiny Kai, being the skinny little kid he was. The big bully boys trod on all the girls' feet ,sort of accidentally on purpose. One girl kicked a boy in the leg, as they both refused to dance.

Mr. Niroshi battled on. He was very brave, trying to teach old fashioned dancing to Year Seven. It was amazing, but Kai discovered he had a a hidden talent for dancing. He was light on his feet, starring at twirling around. Kai was suddenly very popular with the girls.

Rianna chose Kai to be her partner at the Dance at Dusk. What could be worse than this whole scene? After the slow, romantic dancing, Kai and the whole of Year Seven had to learn the Mexican Hat Dance. "You teachers cannot be serious!" one cheeky boy said, very loudly. Everyone laughed as they yelled, "Ole!"

No one took it seriously enough to please their teachers. This was to be the last dance at their social evening.

Then came the fateful evening of the Dance at Dusk. Kai wondered if this was his final fling. He had survived. He dressed up as well as he could.

Rianna grabbed Kai as her dancing companion. Kai had an idea, he sneakily switched the music to the last dance, the Mexican Hat Dance. It was way too early. None of the teachers had any notion of where their dancing lessons had gone wrong. As the music blared, Rianna and Kai danced off, through the side door, leading the other kids. They hid in the bushes next to the slightly whiffy girls' toilets.

The happy couple escaped that fuddy duddy museum of dance. Secretly laughing, they giggled at Mr. Niroshi trying to chase after the entire Year Seven. They had all done a runner, fled from dancing, to disappear in the shadows of evening.

Smiling sweetly, the beautiful Queen Rianna suddenly wrapped her arms around Kai. Then she kissed him. Kai shared his first kiss.

"Does this mean we are in love?' he whispered to romantic Rianna, It was their magic.

"Looks like it," sighed Rianna,

"Well, Ole!" Kai was thrilled. Hand in hand, the inventor of Superstuff and his queen wandered home in the moonlight, in love at last. "Ole!"

March 19, 2024 17:23

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Eve Y
14:59 Mar 23, 2024

This is cute. Love it!


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Mary Bendickson
23:40 Mar 19, 2024

"Ole!" Took all year, huh.


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