Christian Christmas Coming of Age

I may often seem very off-putting, but friend, I am just allowing for life, as this often is, to influence our sincere growth altogether ever gingerly, and all just as piecemeal like. 

To abide this way below and above I become the raw acceptance and the infinite hope that I seek. Is there, any other way to abide together within this life, friend? 

Yes, whenever, and if ever, and or wherever that I will not allow for this effort, within this exact way below and above, I tend to disassemble this life, rather drastically, and all irrevocably more often than not, working for and by myself all alone! 

Without again, sincerely applying myself towards this gracious and ever-simplistic effort, below and above... I will always and in all ways cause sincere damage to this life, and infinitely more, to myself, all in turn. 

Yes, I consider and fervently welcome the ever-generous and glorious fact that we are all spiritual beings, all suffering... with one another, the human experience, but isn't this effort below, "God's Honest Truth"?:  

"Gratitude for any part or piece or person within this life put into sincere action is most often a considerate and considerable, consistent effort that all lead to the quieting of the mind within the moment." "Moving all of us on into the (H)onest and (O)pen-minded and (W)illful journey into the sincere growth into our perfection together with our Creator, moving all life on into eternity, and all infinitely more!" 

If ever, and wherever, and whenever I will not choose to act upon my gratitude this way, all-the-more this human experience consumes this spirit, within the moment. 

All-the-more that I seek out just whenever, and wherever, and if ever I can remain, sincerely helpful, albeit all just as this effort may be possible within the moment, moving on infinitely more with all life, I can enter the treasure of my mind, all that I want. 

Yes, this effort is all the proper use of the human will the very moment that I take sincere action upon this effort, below... and above, with; my all! 

                   Signed: "Grateful & Willing To Grow All-The-More"


The very moment that life becomes the most difficult, all-the-more merry the opportunity to truly live and to grow and to thrive within this life; that this ever-forthright; and gracious effort becomes! 

All of the ways, from the cool Rain... to the warm Sunshine; to the Sleet or Snow and or the oftentimes offputting bitter cold; may the shadow of our Creator's Love never befall upon the sincere fact:  

That, with our lives, we've all honestly accomplished nothing but to breed more misery in the stead of more generous and infinite freedom, and relative peace, and general harmony within this world working all together with another before we were taken far beyond this effort by our Creator! 

No never; notwithstanding, this all goes to say, from, the simple person's division to the avid acceptance of our Creator, of all life and of this beautiful world all surrounding us, and all secured sincerely within us, even in the face of this truth, we have been offered by our Creator the infinite, right to choose our fate. As we dance all of our days unto perfection, unto the blessing of our day of stillness; yes; our mighty feet always take us here into the blessing of this moment moving on, infinitely more! 

Tell, tell time keeps on ticking away! Yes, may we always be the rolling stone? Nothing less, nothing more? May we never; be our very own jailer? Let us all work to remain to be, our very own pardon of one another together? Even when the rubber, greets the road let all of us greet one another under the sincere offering of peace, infinitely more? 

Yes, may we welcome in every Simple Sorrow that comes to us. Let this all be for us the greatest fact that we all got to draw nigh to our Creator within this effort! That all of us get to be an ever-glorious and even greater, and ever-greater and sincere part of our Creator's Gracious Handiwork! All until this "Mighty Power" Welcomes all of us Home! 

When this "Mighty Power" does; bring us home; let there be no question, that just as much as we were all offered to walk towards this endeavor together, then all surrendered away to this choice, to live and to grow and to thrive with all life! As we lived with all life in the welcomed repose of this effort, of our fate, below and above... this thought, nor action towards the generous fruits of our Creator's undying Love, for all life; was never denied by us and kept and left; thriving within us! 

Yes; friend, let this all be said, that most certainly, we honestly did live just as righteously as we all could! Let this be said that we never tried to hoard anything! 

All especially any bitterness, towards any part nor piece nor person within this life, all included with and all aimed towards our Creator for anything that we all possibly; could not accept, for ourselves, just as very much that this "Power" accepts all of us! 


Yes, challenge everything about the so-called normal! Withhold nothing that can be viewed as sincerely helpful! The day will go and come arriving unto this very moment moving on infinitely more! You will find your home and yourself and your hope all thriving within your sincerity! 

Yes, let this all go time and again and moreover and again infinitely more, to all parts and pieces and good people, within this life, unto our very end together! 

Yes, because I'm coming to find that my solitary consideration, and; singular appraisal all alone by myself, will never be enough when this comes to "God’s Honest Truth”! 

Yes, just as this effort above is for all life, and always and in all ways... will be! 

                                            Signed: "All Of Me & All-The More"

December 02, 2020 22:45

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