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     The noise of the drum beats woke up little Seedling . Stretching her hands,she woke up with a start. " Mamma, what's that noise ?"

"The children have come out to play ", said Roots, her mother, stroking Seedling's face . They are welcoming Spring . She has come after a long time . Excited to hear that her Spring had arrived , Seedling jumped out of her bed . 

  Little Seedling opened the window and peeped out. She was feeling suffocated in her house . She had been hiding in fear of the notorious monster , Snow . She saw her friends playing . She wanted to go out . 

   The Sun saw little Seedling . " Good morning Seedling . Come out ," said Bunny . " See Spring has come . She won't be here for long . So we must make the most of it. " " But what about Snow ?, asked Seedling , scared. He almost killed me with frostbite . He is very harsh and bullies everyone . " 

" Spring has melted Snow's heart. Now she is flowing merrily . See this is Stream ," sun said , introducing Spring and stream to Seedling .

" Don't be afraid of me . I promise I won't harm you, " assured Spring.

"Come on Seedling. Hurry and dress up . Come out to play with us ", shouted Sunshine. 

Hi Seedling! ", waved Rose .

" What ! You all are already up so early! " asked a surprised Seedling . 

" Yes , it's been a long time we slept . Now we need to wake up and meet. "

  Seedling hurriedly wore her favourite green and brown dress and came out to greet her friends . She felt weak and stumbled. " "Don't worry Seedling , we will help you to be strong. " Soon she became big and strong. 

 She raised up her hands and thanked God for a beautiful life . God blessed her with a long and healthy life . " From now you will be called Tree " , said God . 

" Wow ! What a beautiful name . I promise to treat you all to fruits and flowers . 

Mamma , I am going out to meet Spring. It's been long since we last met. I also want to meet my other friends , Sunshine and Fresh Air ." Tree shot out to meet her friends .

" Let us become friends , " said Stream extending her hands . She offered sweet and cool water to Bunny , Birdie , tree and Squirrel . She also introduced them to the fishes and the turtle. They all played happily together.

  " Next week I am having a party here , " announced Spring. " You must all come ." 

     Spring had got gifts for everyone . She gave them flowers , fruits , green juicy leaves and vegetables. Butterflies, birds and animals came to meet Spring . They all wore bright and colourful clothes . Sky wore a beautiful blue gown . Sunshine looked pretty in yellow . Everyone jumped into the Stream and splashed cool water on each other. 

     " Mother Earth looks so different , doesn't she?" said tree one day . 

" Yes , she smells devine too ," agreed Birdie. 

" I feel so happy and warm" , said mousie yawning. "Winter had been very harsh on us . I hate winter . "

    " I hope I am not late for the party", shouted Bear , running towards his friends .  " It's only just now I have come to know about Spring . Look how friendly Spring is.

 Winter is so cold and unfriendly. She brings Monster Snow along . I pretended to sleep when she wanted to play with me . I don't know when I fell asleep. When I woke up hearing the birdie chirping , I came to know that Spring is here." 

Bear ran to hug his friends. 

" How long didn't you have a bath , Bear? Gosh ! You smell aweful ,"  asked Bunny pushing Bear. He lost his balance and fell into the Stream . The other animals followed him . They had a great time playing splashing water on each other. Everyone felt so fresh and clean. 

" You are no longer smelling foul ",laughed Birdie and Butterflies , sitting on his back. " "Give us a bear ride." 

" I wish I too could move and splash about " cried tree . Clouds heard Tree crying . He told his friend Rain about Tree . " Please shower your blessings on my friend " , requested Clouds . " Sure " .

He came down and played with Tree and his friends . 

" Thank you dear Rain for the refreshing shower . I really enjoyed it . I was feeling hot and thirsty . You have quenched my thirst ," said Tree . 

The rainbow appeared in the sky . 

Hi friends! Hope you all had a nice nap in winter ." 

"Yes , I surely enjoyed my sleep , " said Tree . 

"Now you have grown big and strong , said Clouds . "

" You look so pretty Rainbow , " said Clouds. 

" Thank you dear friends for your compliments, " Rainbow said blushing. 

" I am feeling hungry, cried Bear . 

   The trees threw down their sweet and ripe fruits . Everyone thanked her for being so kind.

 " We also have got sweet nectar for all of you , said the flowers . Butterfly and Bear ran to the flowers . Bunny munched on some delicious and juicy leaves and vegetables . " These seeds are all mine , chirped Birdie picking up the crunchy seeds . 

 The sun shone so gloriously that meadows and fields looked lush and deep green. Little children also came out of their houses . The trees swayed to the beats as everyone danced and sang 

       "Spring is here now

    It's time to wake up

    And feel the warmth ."

" It's Easter time folks . I won't come to play tomorrow . Momma wants me to help her with the spring cleaning , " said Ena .

" We will all help you with the cleaning." 

Next day Ena thanked everyone for helping her . 

 "Momma has baked these goodies ," said Ena running in with a basketful of delicious cakes , cookies and pies .

" Yummy ! " said Bear smacking his lips . 

" This carrot cake is delicious .It's all mine ," said Bunny . 

" This is bad manners , Bunny. You should share this with us, " said Birdies . 

" Did you share the seeds Spring gave you ?"

" I am sorry . I was selfish . I won't do that in future . " 

" I was just kidding ", Bunny laughed. 

The children too had come for the party in the meadows . They clicked pictures with everyone and shared them with their friends .They captioned the pictures ,

    "Welcome Spring we all love you."

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