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(Set your story in a coffee shop that’s just introduced a new line of autumnal drinks.)

I don’t know if you’ve ever tried to introduce new products, innovations or just to change up a few things to keep from getting stale but it is mostly a fifty fifty battle.  

You have the regular clients who know exactly what they want, they want it now and then they are off to the next thing they know for sure. Cut and dried, solid cookie cutter clients.

The other half are either new to your shop and peer at the overhead menu like it is written in Latin or they know the menu by heart as they have tried every item on it and are looking for something new, something they can recommend to friends like they’ve just made a great discovery. The newest and greatest thing!

Ideally it would be nice to engage both types, to sway them with our words first and then deliver with new taste treats.  

We need to encourage the regulars to please try something new and the other half, we hope to use the eternal thoughts of the season to work on their romantic or adventurous minds to fall in love with the latest and greatest seasonal concoctions...in this case, our new autumnal delights.

Ben and Giselle are trying to decide what their latest and greatest new tastes are going to be. They have reviewed the websites of their favorite shops from across the country. Places they’ve visited and loved their offerings, also the cutting edge popular shops and even quirky little start ups that look fun and refreshing.  

By the end of today they must get things to the printers and decide on changes or additions to our decor to “push” the new products. So the discussions are ongoing.


Giselle … well here are my early thoughts and markups on this one.


Are you into late season camping when bugs are gone, the campfire is toasty and it’s snuggle time?   

Then you will absolutely love our new S’Mores Latte!!

Sipping S'Mores Latte is like eating a sticky campfire toasted favorite!  

It has marshmallow and chocolate to dress up your espresso.  

Enjoy the taste, lean back and imagine a dark night and a sky full of stars!  

S'Mores Latte! consists of espresso, milk, housemade toasted marshmallow syrup and chocolate. 

S’Mores Latte!! is basically a campfire in a cup. In the very best possible way!

Ben comments, “I feel pretty sure this one will be popular and hopefully a good seller.”


Ben… I’m not sure about this one but I’ve tried to write it up. 


Apple-Oatmilk Latte is the Perfect Pick Me Up For A Bold Buzz Any Time. 

Organically Delicious. Apple-Oatmilk Latte  is made with oat milk, apple butter syrup and cinnamon.

Tasting the subtle apple flavor is like strolling through a sunny orchard picking apples with one special friend...or with your whole family...everyone loves picking apples.

Imagine crisp cool fall days while you sip this new autumnal delight.


Ben has some concerns as he explains to Giselle. “We need to try this next one again, make up some for all employee sampling and then listen hard to their comments before deciding to add it to the menu, it is very unusual sounding for a drink but actually very similar to pumpkin latte.”  

“Well maybe we should all sample them all again.”


 Ben ...a smooth comforting delight borrowed from our Korean friends, 


Creamy Sweet Potato Puree is blended with almond milk and a touch of brown sugar until smooth. Top with frothed milk, cinnamon, and walnuts. (Coffee crystals can be added if desired or served plain if you prefer.) Voila..Sweet Potato Latte 

A taste delight..a blending of spices, a hint of sweetness and the smoothness of sweet potato.

Ben: Need to tie it in with Autumn….crisp days...cool nights…????


As Ben and Giselle try to brainstorm their way to success it becomes apparent they are a good team. Ben always sees the practical side of things, the form the words should take with the art work but Giselle usually comes up with the dreamy words that trigger the imagination. Both are necessary for a good promotion.

Giselle is trying to think ahead to the last two candidates on their list. They should have at least three to choose from on the autumnal promotion. Some automatically trigger memories we all have in common but others must hint at the adventure of a new taste delight. Unimagined until the visit, reading the menu and then feeling excited to try something new.  

Giselle herself likes things known to her, she hates to risk not enjoying an anticipated taste delight.  

Ben on the other hand lives to taste new things and usually finds something great to say about each choice.  

Autumnal Delights !!!

S’Mores Latte!

Apple-Oatmilk Latte

Sweet Potato Latte 

Spiced Cardamom and Clove Latte

Maple Pecan Latte.

Ben calls all of the employees over and explains they are under a time crunch. He would appreciate each of them to try a cup or at least a few sips of each of the new offerings. He explains we need to narrow it down to three, for sure, maybe four choices, so, “please”, he emphatically begs, give us your experienced thoughts. Your assistance will be greatly appreciated and valued.  

Please just wing it, nothing is too way out and nothing is too trivial! Things like….

First impressions? Sweet, bitter, strong, mellow???

Words to describe flavor?  

Thoughts it triggers, associations??

Memories, memories are always awesome as we all have them and many in common.

Giselle is watching how good Ben is with people, he encourages, they trust! He is a very good partner to have. Her gaze is one of more than evaluation but she doesn’t quite realize that yet.

Ben glances her way as though he senses her eyes on him. He smiles, he wonders what words are swirling around in her head now. He can never quite understand how perfectly she can describe things, rearranging words in the sentence to allow for consideration or realization. Letting the reader somehow conclude it was their own idea, their own brilliance. He is sure it is not a learned skill but rather the working mind of a talented nice person. Yes Giselle is a very gifted person, comfortable to be with.  

For a moment Ben thinks about S’Mores Latte and a starry night sky, a campfire and Giselle!  

Wow! Where the heck did that come from?

October 12, 2020 20:59

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