Appreciate the Heatwave

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 Oh, my goodness!!!! What do we have here? We have another day in the heatwave!! 

To celebrate Memorial Day with hot dogs cooking on the grill, listening to loud music, and hours and hours of pool parties. 

To celebrate Fourth of July by eating scrumptious cupcakes that have red, white, and blue icing on top, with sprinkles, and to lighting up the sky with bright, amazing, fireworks. 

Another day in the heatwave, to thank all the men and women who fought for our country with their unconditional love. Thank you, I truly appreciate your service, and my freedom.  

Another day in heatwave where a kids’ ice cream is melting so fast before he decides to finally eat it, then comes a long whale from the kid crying.  

With camping trips approaching and family’s gearing up for a few nights of smores’ over the campfire, telling ghostly tales, and frying up fish caught within the last hour.  

Another day in the heatwave to catch up on some summer reading with your favorite author, and novel. 

To make tie dye shirts with your favorite people and/or children.  

Another day in the heatwave to think of ways and looking up videos on YouTube about how to be creative with organizing out closets and pantries.  

To preparing a delicious watermelon salad with cucumbers, and grapes, just for the heck of it!  

To make lemonade from freshly squeezed lemons, and sell each cup for twenty-five cents.  

Another day in the heatwave to go bicycle riding for two miles.  

To go jogging in the early A.M. mornings so you can sweat and feel really good about yourself! 

To bake cakes and then give half away to your neighbors.  

Another day in the heatwave to watch scary movies, and eat popcorn on the couch, and scream at the characters in the movies because of their bad decisions. 

To go rollerblading at the park and stop to take a breath down by the ocean overlooking decorative, elegant houses, while wishing you lived in one of them.  

To go on ice cream socials, events, and play-dates for your kids. 

Another day in the heatwave to sleep in past eight A.M., then get up for thirty minutes, then go back to sleep. 

To order take out at your favorite Chinese restaurant.  

Another day in the heatwave to go to the library and check out books by your favorite authors, then forget to return them by the book’s due date. 

To play chess at the park and eventually have a vast group around you, watching intensely at every move you make.  

To fly kites at the park as you watch them fly so high into the big, blue, sky.  

Another day in the heatwave to enjoy a glass of wine with friends after long work hours. 

To go on bird watching with your bird watching group.  

To go on horseback riding adventures with your besties.  

Another day in the heatwave to find a million ways to try to keep cool. The A.C. does not help, putting your face in the freezer does not help, ice packs do not help. Finally, you decide to have a water balloon fight with your closest neighbors, that helps.  

To go to the zoo with your family and see all the fun-loving, witty animals.  

To collect painted rocks with positive messages, that you find randomly in parking lots, parks, outside of stores, etc. 

Another day in the heatwave to take random rides in your car and park at your favorite spots to see the intense, luminous, sunset.  

To go out on your boat and park your boat in the middle of the ocean and just chill.  

To go on dolphin cruise tours and dinner cruise tours.  

Another day in the heatwave to spend long hours at the beach enjoying the ocean, then sub bathing the front of your body, until you forget to turn around for the backside of your body.  

To go to plant nurseries and buying what seems like a million plants, then working endless hours to plant them in your back yard.  

To go on long road trips in your R.V. to see the mountains. 

Another day in the heatwave to have BBQ party dinners filled with hot dogs, corn dogs, steaks, chicken, potato salad, coleslaw, chips, and variety of soda choices. 

To go to painting classes that you have signed up for in the summer.  

To go to the fair and ride a couple rides and the merry go round and Ferris wheel.  

Another day in the heatwave to go enjoy a half a day at the spa and get massages and facials.  

To go write a novel that you have been thinking about since you were in Elementary school.  

To see bright gorgeous full rainbows right outside your patio.  

Another day in the heatwave to watch the Summer Olympic Games on your T.V. with your friends while enjoying snacks.  

To go have fun at put-put golfing or at Top Gulf. 

To go on a clothing shopping spree and finding all the fantastic discounts! 

Another day in the heatwave to watch the monsoon arrive outside your window along with treacherous lightning and thunder.  

To enjoy the smell of rain before it arrives.  

To watch the rain finally fall and see all the big sized rain drops. 

Another day in the heatwave to compose a song that you have been working on since College. 

To make beats for your song. 

To sing, then perform your song.  

Another day in the heatwave to practice your musical instruments, the violin and the flute.  

To make sure they are in tune. 

To practice reading and performing your music. 

Another day in the heatwave to celebrate your birthday. 

To enjoy a day of writing and editing your stories on your birthday.  

To composing query letters to literary publishers, and thanking them for their consideration. Thank you sincerely, for your time in reading my material.  

Another day in the heatwave of having fun riding on go karts, and playing arcade games. 

To taking a break from life so you can enjoy iced coffee in a coffee shop and eating French fries on the side.  

To being memorized inside the aquariums and wax museums.  

Another day in the heatwave to enjoy dinner date nights. 

To getting all fancied up for your date.  

To being surprised at the restaurant that he/she chose for you. 

Another day in the heatwave to be absolutely astounded inside a hot air balloon ride, as you see from down below in just amazement.   

To relish all the moments, you have on this Earth and to appreciate the Earth’s beauty. 

To acknowledge, value, and respect the time you have on Earth. 

Another day in the heatwave to be looking up at the pitch, black, sky and feasting your eyes upon the sparkling, shimmering, bright stars.  

August 07, 2020 01:46

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