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“I can see it now,” Ms. Ray says as she stands over her defiant pupil. “What? a sea full of white?” “No Violet. Do you know what I see? I see a beautiful masterpiece.” Violet smirks at the optimistic teacher, whose sight was not aligned with hers. “Ok, mom. I’m ready to go. This teacher is losing her mind,” Violet says as she looks beyond the vacant canvas to see a familiar face. “Hush girl. I’m working on my masterpiece over here,” Violet’s mother replies as she stays focused on her more colorful canvas. “Oh my gosh. Everyone in here is crazy.” “Or maybe it’s not everyone, just one.” Chuckles are heard around the room as Violet’s face gave an annoyed response. “Ok. Then tell me, Ms. Ray, what do you see on this blank canvas.” Ms. Ray smiles as she snaps her glasses together to view the picture. “Well, I first see a reflection of you.” “Oh ok. And what else do you see,” Violet sarcastically asks. “There are some swirls of white, but I see other vibrant colors overlaying some wide blade grass blowing gently in the wind as the horses frolic around. And then there is a gentle sprinkle as the nighttime stares down to earth with awe.” Violet stands in disbelief at her teacher. “Yeah. I’m going to work. Mom, I’ll just call you later.” “Ok honey. Just make sure you smile today,” her mother states as her focus stays unwavering. 

As Violet starts to make her way to the door, her footsteps are interrupted. “Wait a minute. You forgot your canvas,” Ms. Ray says as she hands Violet the board with a sea of white. “Just use it for someone else. It’ll probably go to waste with me.” “Nope, this one is yours. Take it, and go fill it up.” Violet sighs and takes the blank canvas in hand. “Fine. But it will probably just sit in the car.” Ms. Ray laughs and turns to view another student’s piece. “I can see it now!” Ms. Ray is heard saying to another as Violet walks down the stairs to the front door. 

The bell tolls as Violet enters the room that has claimed the majority of her young adult life. “Violet!’ A voice yells from behind the counter. “Hey Bird,” Violet responds as she walks toward the employees-only section. “What are you doing here? I thought you had that painting thing with your mom.” “Yeah. But the teacher was being more weird than usual.” Bird laughs behind the counter as she pours dairy into a mug. “I don’t know why you even go.” “I don’t know. I guess my mom thinks It will help me. But I think it just makes me more depressed.” “That sucks,” Bird replies as she hands the mug to the customer in line. “Just tell her you have friends like me.” Violet smiles as she places her apron on. “Yeah. You and my coffee are all I need to get through.” 

The bell sings again as a familiar customer enters. “Mmm,” Bird says as she turns. “And here comes your tall chocolate mocha now.” “Shh,” Violet says while attempting to contain her smile. “Good afternoon Ms. Violet,” a flawless harmonic voice floated across the counter and into the ears of the beaming barista. She smiles and replies with the only word that can be formed in her rushing mind. “Hi.” “Excuse me. There is another worker in here.” “My bad. What up Bird. How are you doing today.” “I’m good bro. Just trying to get that money.” “I hear you girl,” the gentleman replies as he turns back to Violet. “Would you like your usual,“ Violet says as her smile continues to beam from her face. “You know what, I think I want to try something different. What is your favorite drink?” “Umm,” a speechless Violet says as she searches her mind for an answer. “She likes a caramel macchiato with extra caramel,” Bird adds in as she grabs the ingredients without confirmation of purchase. “Cool. Let me get…” “Already making it bruh,” Bird interrupts. “Cool,” the gentleman chuckles. “So how is your day going Ms. Violet?” His face reflects Violet’s through his covering. “It’s ok. Just came from a class with my mom, which is always fun.” “Was it a workout class? Because you are looking nice and fit today.” The two companions smile as Bird places two drinks down. One is a brown drink with sinking caramel, and the other is a tan drink with swirls of white cream creating a picture in the middle. “You two are too cute.” “Why are there two drinks?” Violet questions as she stares at her coworker. “I think your friend wants us to sit down together.” “You are exactly right Sherlock. Your table awaits.” Violet smirks. “Well I have time for a date if you do,” the gentleman says as he grabs both drinks. “But I need to help Bird.” “Girl hush and go sit your butt down. I do all the work anyway.” Violet smacks her lips. “Well, we have to do what the boss says. I’ll be waiting at our table milady,” the gentleman says as he takes the drinks and sits down. “Go on girl. I promise I’ll hold down the fort.”

“Well hello again,” the gentleman playfully says as Violets sits down at the table. “Hi again,” she nervously says through her uncaged smile as the gentleman takes a sip of his coffee. “You have an absolutely gorgeous smile,” he says as he once again mirrors her expression under his facial mane. “Than..thank you,” Violets stutters out as she searches her mind for a comeback. “Corny, but that was a good line!” a voice is heard from across the room. “Oh my gosh, Bird. I thought you were working!” Violet yells back to her gazing friend. “Girl I am working. I have to watch my customers.” “Oh my gosh, I’m sorry,” Violet says to the laughing gentleman. “It’s cool. Bird cracks me up.” The bell then sings at a perfect time to prevent the curious ears from listening any further. “Well thank God for that customer,” Violet says as she takes a sip of her drink. 

The awkwardness of the conversation slowly dissipated as the two started to conversate while their drinks dwindled. “Girl, I am so glad I got to sit and talk to you this time, instead of just asking for my drink order.” “Yeah, me too.” “Me three!” Bird interrupts as she continued viewing her live entertainment. “Bird, you are crazy.” The gentleman says. “I’m sorry for her again.” “It's fine, she did set up this wonderful date.” He takes one final sip of the residue from his cup. “But, I do think I can do better if you allow me to.” Violet smiles and takes a partial drink of the excess caramelized sugar resting on the bottom of her drink. “Are you busy tonight?” “No. I was just going to go home, watch some TV, and then sleep.” “Boo. You are too pretty to be at home by yourself. What time do you get off?” “She can be off now!” The nosey bird yells. “Wow. I need to help them at least through lunch. So maybe around 5?” “Perfect. I will be back around then.” He stands up and offers his hand. “Is that ok with you beautiful?” The mesmerized Violet just smiles and shakes her head. “Yes. She is ok with that!” Bird yells.

Through the next few hours, Violet couldn’t help but to smile and giggle through her workday as she anticipated seeing her handsome admirer walk back through the door. Exactly at three o clock, the bell sang loudly to introduce a customer coming in from outdoors. Violet’s heart skipped a beat as she stared at the door with great anxiety. But to her dismay, it was not him. Her smile stayed on display as the customer approached, but it was not as genuine as it once was. “Welcome, how can I help you?” The bell sang once more as it could view the facade on Violet’s face no more as it welcomed her admirer in. Her expression became once again authentic as she viewed him through her peripheral as he stood tall with a bouquet of colors. “I’m sorry, could you say that once more,” Violet asked as her focus faded from the customer that stood in between her and the gentleman. She forced herself to monitor the customer’s mouth, instead of the gentleman’s welcoming eyes. “Ok, we will get that right out to you.” Though the words were standard when dealing with customers, they were meant to usher this one out of her way as her heart started pounding in her chest. 

“Hello again gorgeous.” “Hi.” “Oh my gosh. Is this a re-run? Sheesh. Expand your vocabulary girl,” Bird interrupts as she pours a drink behind Violet. “Hey Bird.” “What up man. And why do you have those bright flowers man? Choose one color dangit.” The gentleman laughs and hands the flowers to Violet. “Yeah. I normally do. But since I didn’t know her favorite color, I brought a variety in hopes one of them is her favorite. That way, at least of them makes her happy.” Violet purses her lips in an attempt to control the already bursting-at-the-seam smile. “I like them all,” Violet says as she smells the fresh scent flowing in abundance from the arrangement. “I have a cavity growing from all this sweetness. You two hurry up and go before I need to go to the dentist.” “You are crazy Bird. Are you good?” “Yes girl, just go.”

The bell sings one more time as the two exit to the street. “So where are we going?” “I have the perfect spot if you are willing to follow me.” He holds his hand out for Violet. She smiles and accepts. As they walk down the street, their conversation from the cafe continues as lots of smiles, laughs, and touches are shared until they reached their destination. “Here we go.” “Carver Park? Are you sure it's the perfect spot?” The gentleman laughs. “You just haven’t experienced it with me yet.” “Ok,” Violet says with a laugh. “Lead the way.” The two walk across the grass as they come upon an old merry-go-round surrounded by a fence. “I used to love this thing,” the gentleman says as he continues to walk toward it. “I’m pretty sure this thing is broken.” “No way. I bet it works.” “I bet it doesn’t.” “Ok cool. What are betting.” “I don’t care. Just nothing freaky. No offense, but I don’t know you like that.” The gentleman smiles and jumps over the fence. He walks toward the ride and yells back. “If I’m not back in 5 minutes, come get me out of the upside-down!” Violet laughs. “Nope. You will just have to accept you are staying there forever!” They both laugh as the gentleman disappears in the middle. Violet feels anxiety as a minute passes without a sign of the gentleman. She then jumps as bright lights turn on and the ride starts to spin. As Violet looks closer, she sees a tall gentleman spinning amongst the horses. “And with that sound, you have lost the bet!” he yells to Violet. “Fine, what do you want me to do!” She yells back as she watches him disappear around the back. “Come join me!” a voice is faintly heard over the carnival music. Violet looks around and then decides to follow her friend. As she steps closer, she sees the gentleman return, this time with his hand out. “Come on up!” Violet shakes her head and jumps on the moving contraption. 

“This big one here used to be my favorite,” the gentleman says as he pats a black-spotted horse going up and down. Violet looks around and finds a small brown plastic horse she remembers from her childhood. “This one was mine. I used to call her Patsy.” “Well, why not give patsy some love. Ride her.” “Nope. Pretty sure Patsy has spiders now.” The gentleman laughs. He walks to the small brown horse and wipes as much dust off as he can. “Come on. It’ll be fun.” Violet gives in and walks toward the plastic brown horse. “Do you need help getting up?” The gentleman asks. “You are a true gentleman,” Violet replies. “But… I’m not a kid anymore.” She grabs the pole and hops on the horse. “I guess not,” the gentleman laughs. He then hops on the horse beside her. “This is wild,” Violet says as the two laughs. “But it’s fun right?” “Fine, it is.” 

They continued to explore the park all through the evening. “I have to admit. This was a fun place to go. I guess I forgot about all the things to do around here.” “Yeah, it’s the perfect spot right?” Violet smiles as the two come to rest at one of the fountains of the park. “You are right,” she replies as she stares into his eyes while the fountain gently sprinkles their heads. “But follow me one more time. I promise you will love this part of the park. The two walk toward a remote place in the park. “If I haven’t said before, I know karate.” The gentleman laughed. “Well the way you jumped on Patsy, I believe it. But I promise this will be cool.” The tall gentleman then sits down on the grass. “Sit with me and look up.” “I guess,” Violet says as she sat down beside him. As she looked up, her eyes gazed upon a clear sky that seemed to reveal the secrets of the universe. 

“Beautiful isn’t it?” An epiphany came across Violet’s mind as she sat up. “Crap. Is this a dream?” The gentleman sits up. “Why do you say that?” He says as the two stares into each other eyes. “Because I can see it now.” “See what?” he asks. “The masterpiece.” A smile comes across her face that is quickly mirrored on his.

“Well if this is a dream, I guess I should hurry up and do this.” He leans and gently touches Violet’s lips with his, which causes her eyes to close.

She keeps them closed in hopes that when she opens them, he will still be there.

July 02, 2022 03:55

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Graham Kinross
07:56 Jul 08, 2022

Great story Jermaine. Hopefully you keep going and build on this.


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