Law and Order

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Drama Suspense Thriller

Astha Chauhan, a girl who lives with her extended family, was quite outgoing. She is currently job hunting after earning her master's degree. Her loved ones initially said no when she asked if she may get a job, but after hearing her reasoning, they changed their minds. Everyone in the family has plenty of love and affection for her, and they shower her with lavish gifts and attention. She chooses to remain in the town. She was on her way to give an interview for one of her jobs when she was stabbed in the back. The rumor quickly went throughout the town where she was living. When her loved ones found out, it was devastating. Things are changing in a different city after a woman was stabbed in the back. There would be other such examples in the future. Recently retired CBI member Deepak Khanna is now living in Chicago with his wife and two children to be closer to his daughter and son-in-law. Khanna was known for his tight discipline and lack of corruption during his time with the agency. Currently, the pair is employed by a multinational corporation in the information technology sector. Deepak was able to calmly and methodically manage extremely high-stakes situations during his service. The CBI office in Mumbai immediately contacted Deepak after hearing about the murders. He initially declines, but at his boss's urging, he eventually decides to assist them one last time. Deepak had promised his supervisor that he would return to India, where another female had been stabbed in the back in Bandra. The following morning, Deepak landed in India and made haste to Mumbai, where he showered at his childhood home. He calls his boss to let him know he will start the next day and then goes to bed. The following morning, he gets up, showers, and heads to the headquarters. No further dialogue is necessary; Deepak accepts full accountability. Many more females may have been slain in a similar tragedy at another location. Deepak promptly began his investigation. It took several years of investigation, but the perpetrator was finally caught and sentenced to prison. Leela is a middle-class wife and mother who has relocated to Mumbai with her husband and his family. She may look innocent, but she is quite a crafty woman. For the money, she'll do anything. Uday Kapoor, a former business mogul, employs her as a maid in his mansion. He also has a lovely wife and a son. His spouse works in social services. He sends his kid, Chetan, to grade 7 at school. He's an exceptionally bright and hardworking student who enthusiastically participates in any and all school-sponsored extracurriculars. Before Leela came to work for them as a housekeeper, things were perfect in their household. Leela's scheme to steal from them and accuse Uday of trying to seduce her backfired, and she was ultimately kicked out of their home. Leela was upset because she saw this as an obstacle to her goal of becoming wealthy. She's sworn to get rid of them by any means necessary. The hours just melted away Chetan had matured into a dashing young man. A fellow student named Diya soon became his crush, and the two are now engaged to be married. Their parents enthusiastically approve, and they get engaged on a particularly happy day. Eventually, as the company expanded, more work had to be done, and Uday insisted that Chetan join his team. He also hired a young man to serve as their secretary and chauffeur. The man quickly became like a member of the family. Their future daughter-in-law was brutally murdered and the family received the news one day. This news has shaken Chetan, who cares deeply about his future wife. He became vengeful and set out to track down the murderer, but one day, the entire Kapoor family was discovered dead. The truth about Leela being their "maid" is Uday Kapoor's "secretary" in reality and the fact that he is responsible for her having a son was revealed. And both Uday and Leela want to get rid of their respected spouse, but Uday has backed away from the relationship now that Leela is pregnant, which irritates both Leela and her son because her husband would soon be kicking her out of their home for having a child with another guy. In an act of vengeance, Uday and Leela's son murders the whole Kapoor family after working for them as a secretary and driver. After killing everyone in the Kapoor family, he still couldn't forgive them for what they'd done to him, so he killed any girls who might be able to help him find work. Quickly thereafter, he turned into a serial killer. Currently, he is incarcerated. Only after a few weeks of investigating his whereabouts were the murders of young women finally put to an end. Deepak is ecstatic because he has solved the case, and he is getting ready to leave India to do so. However, his employer stops him and asks him to stay since they are having a party in his honor and to celebrate their success. The celebration is planned for the next day, and everyone gets into the spirit by spending the entire day preparing for it. Deepak received an unexpected call. As soon as he got the call, he bolted from the arena and headed back to the United States. His unexpected departure has left the entire community in disbelief. Deepak is taken aback upon first sight of the individual in the United States. A few hours later, he hears that the youngster in Mumbai's jail has been murdered—this time, by an inmate. Deepak has been behind bars for fifteen long years. Because Uday Kapoor was still alive when his illegitimate son murdered the Kapoors, Deepak slaughtered the entire family fifteen years ago. After learning that his and Leela's son had murdered Deepak's family, he went to the United States for business and, upon his return, killed Uday and sentenced him to fifteen years in prison for murder. Today, Deepak's sentence has been served, and he is free. He plans to permanently rejoin CBI very soon.

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