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The great reset came, but not how the masses expected. When it was time for it to arrive, God stepped in, removing authority from the frauds that called themselves Elite. Who are the Elite, really? Their souls were tares and chafe, they were not Gods elected. If you question my reasoning, simply look at their fruit (behaviour).

On with the story.

The majority of society had morally bankrupted itself, not to mention physically, too. Gold had no value. The Elite had stolen all the gold for themselves, moving the large sums into their own personal vaults, while manipulating the fiat system keeping their slaves in the dark while purporting to keep them abreast of the news. Sound familiar? It should.

Money had no value, at this stage. Most people were in debt up to their eyeballs, physical and Karmic, too. It's the gig the Elite used to control the masses. If people kept accruing Karmic debt, they would be forced to reborn to pay their Karma. See, it was never about physical bodies, it was always about the most valuable resource on the planet: the soul. But the Elite had the masses so tied up with materialism and in bondage to instant gratification of temporary things that the masses did not notice.

Not everyone is part of the masses. There was a woman who was a free thinking, highly illuminated individual who could see the truth. This woman was pounded with illusion. Neither the slaves nor the Elite liked the fact that she thought for herself, and could see the truth. Now, instead of owning up to their lies when they were caught out, they intensified their lying. That's okay, because our heroine was wealthy in spirit and soul beyond the wildest dreams of the Elite. There was more spiritual wealth in her body, than there was of the 25 million sell-outs, who were morally bankrupt, in her nation.

The day came for the great reset. The Elite rubbed their hands, eyes gleaming, teeth shining. This was their moment that they had planned for, since the American Revolution. They had the whole world in debt to them. They had the whole world in Karmic debt, everybody, every soul morally bankrupt with no future in eternity but suffering, everybody but her. Her, the woman that had somehow evolved beyond even the Elite themselves. Even in the dark, her soul would light up half the planet. Only those who were sensitive to energy, had the third eye open to see, or who had access to advanced technology could see the illumination of her soul.

The reset hit. It went sideways from the moment go. Currency dissappeared from everyone. The gold in the vaults of the Elite crumbled to lead dust, much like the wife of Lot turned into a pillar of salt. The Elite were shocked, to say the least. They had no worth beyond their souls, which was to say, they had no worth indeed.

Their slaves, the masses, the blind, the fools, the sycophants, glanced in their bank accounts only to find that they, too, had been equalised to the same net value as the Elite. What was their net value? Well, it was worth as much as their morals, which was to say, it was worth nothing. Most people couldn't have bought a loaf of bread with the worth of their souls, because they had already sold their value to the Elite.

Our individual woman, however, when she glanced at her bank account, she saw all her spiritual worth had been converted to currency. To say she saw billions in her bank account would have been an understatement. The shavings of all her pencils, that she had stashed under her bed because she was going to use them in paint pouring, had turned into gold. The dust beneath her desk had turned into gold. The food in her fridge had turned into gold. Everything in her room had turned into gold. Our woman, who had refused to morally bankrupt herself, had her spiritual worth turned into tangible assets overnight. And she still had her morals.

It didn't take long for her to notice the plight of the world. The masses could not buy food, and pay for rent or utilities. The masses could not go to work because there was no money to pay them with. The upside to this, of course, was that because the Elite no longer had money to bribe their slaves with, and the slaves found out the extent of the deception of their masters, they stopped working for them.

This gave our heroine an idea. It also left her with a paradox and conundrum. She now, had the power, because she had the money. She was worried, however, that she did not have the wisdom. She stressed that with her money and her idea, that she would become corrupt and morally bankrupt herself.

She invited, through social media, as many people to her as possible and explained, she had much money to give away. After all, what value is it to a person with morals, who prefers to live in humility, trillions of dollars, especially when the future generations of the planet may not be born because their parents would starve to death before they were conceived?

The people came. She explained the rules very carefully. Though she did not like it, she made the people understand that if they wanted access to her wealth they would need to do a lot of spiritual work. Money was no longer going to be given to the corrupt and evil and people who were willing to perpetrate crimes against humanity. It was, very much, 'a united we stand', moment.

The people agreed. The first thing that was necessary to begin unravelling their morally corrupt behaviour was an apology for the way they had treated her, along with a radical change in their behaviour towards her.

Then came the hard part. The people massed together, for her, and with their evidence from the crimes they were complicit in, they back-trailed to the people who had moved the unthinking masses against her. This trail led to the Elite, who were now so broke they couldn't even afford lawyers.

The Elite did not want to humble themselves to survive. Full of pride, they refused to become illuminated. Our heroine put her foot down, at that point. She had no desire to put these people in prison. It would simply cost money that would be better used in education and healthcare for the masses, who had now become her responsibility.

Instead, using their weapons, she enabled the population to look after the Elite, turning them into targets, but not of cruelty. She left it up to the population, how best to re-educate the Elite. The only catch, there was to be no cruelty. This was not about revenge, or vilification of an ego. This was about empowering people to create real, positive change in the world, otherwise, the human race would be lost.

Our heroine spread her spiritual wealth around the globe, nation by nation, continent by continent. By the time she was finished re-allocating her amazing and incredible amount of spiritual worth, not a child alive was starving or suffering.

There is a touch more to the story. Part of her requirements for her Better World Order was that televisions and radios be destroyed. She also developed a Ministry of Truth for newspapaer. Reading words was vital to enable the population to care for themselves and their minds. It was also a great way to discipline the population to begin thinking and comprehending things for themselves.

Never The End

August 12, 2022 23:59

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