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I know meeting them isn't going to be easy, I wish I didn't have to do this but I know it's the right thing to do. I have always been okay being alone, never needed anyones help. I looked out for myself my whole life and meeting them wouldn't change a thing. I stare at the clock and it's 10hrs in the morning, I am just from taking a shower. The meeting is at 12hrs in the afternoon, I have always been punctual and I must arrive at least an hour earlier. I don't really know what to expect but it's better to get it done with once and for all. I walk into my closet and remove a black lacey dress some heels and a jacket to top it all up. After dressing up, I put my hair in a ponytail and am ready to go.

I spent the whole night thinking about this day I barely got any sleep. I am excited and anxious at the same time, a lot of emotions brewing up inside of me. I have been hoping we all get along and build a strong relationship. I have always wanted to have people around me who I can count on and this is the best thing that could happen to me. I already prepared my clothes the previous night, a high waisted slightly riped on my thighs and knees black jean trousers with a blue vest and a black leather coat and sneakers to go with the outfit. It's almost 12hrs and am running late. I have never been one to be punctual but for this meeting I need to be on time. I grab my bag and rush to the train station.

As I stand in front of the mirror starring at my reflection dressed in a floral dress with a black jacket and some black pumps, I make a little prayer in my heart hoping that all goes well today. I woke up at midnight to pray for this meeting with my sisters. Until a few weeks ago I never knew I had sisters, I have always been by myself and I never had a problem with it. I don't really know how to feel about this it's all happened so quickly my mind hasn't had time to process the information. All I have been able to do is pray over this situation and hope all goes well. I received their pictures and I have an idea of how they look like and without a doubt one can tell we are sisters. As I get into a cub heading to the restaurant I continue to pray the entire drive there because at this point it's the only thing I know how to do best.

Immediately I step out of the cub I spot a lady in a black lacey dress and immediately I can tell it's Laura. My heart begins skipping so fast I can barely breath. I take a deep breath and walk towards her. She has not yet seen me cause she is on her phone. I notice how sophisticated and classy she looks and I imagine she must be well to do cause I was told she is a lawyer and owns one of the biggest law firms in the country. Once I get closer I extend my hand to her "Laura, how are you?" Once she looks up at me she immediately stands to shake my hand. "Hey, Maggie; right?" I simply nod my heard in agreement still a little overwhelmed as words fail to come out of my mouth. She immediately points at the chair opposite her as though reading my mind that am still shocked as she takes her sit.

An awkward silence breaks as we both drift into our thoughts looking at each other in amusement. I notice how long her floral dress is and wonder if she is one of those goody goody, holier than thou ladies. I finally clear my throat to speak, " It's like a joke that we are finally meeting. What about Bertha, do you know where she is or if she will be coming?" She sits upright as though finally gaining composure of herself, " I am not sure about that but am sure she will be coming." I simply nod and take a sip from the glass of wine which I ordered earlier upon arrival. "Can I pour you a glass of wine?" I ask trying to create some conversation as she is too quiet. "No thanks, I don't drink alcohol." I simply node. "Can I call the waiter you make. My sentence is cut short when I hear a lady from a distance screaming and running towards us and I can tell it's Bertha.

Immediately I arrive at the restaurant I notice Laura and Maggie sitting across from each other. I can't help but scream and run towards them. Once I get closer they are both looking at me with not so bright smiles and I just hug them both in my arms. I immediately let go realising we are in public and they both look uncomfortable especially Laura who keeps looking around at the people who are looking at us. " Am so sorry, I am just so excited to finally meet my big sisters." I say once I sit down on the empty chair I find. " It's okay, we are so happy to finally meet you as well Bertha." Maggie says as she hold my hand with a smile on her face which looks genuine. "Wow, you are quite loud and am glad to meet you." Laura finally says as she lifts her hand to call for the waiter. We make our orders and stare at each other not knowing what to say.

I can tell Bertha is the most excited from the three of us from how she came and the bright smile on her face. Laura on the other hand seems very uninterested and am sure if it were up to her she would rather be anywhere else but here. our food finally arrives after a few minutes and we all dig in. I ordered some rice with meet balls and a cabbage salad, Bertha ordered a burger and some fries. She definitely has a nice slender body and hour glass like figure for one who doesn't seem to eat healthy. Laura on the other hand orders some lettuce salad with a grilled chicken breast. She has a petite body and seems like some health freak. We eat up while Bertha tries to make some small talk until it's time for dessert. For dessert we receive some ice cream and wine which Laura ordered but I don't take alcohol so I just have the ice cream. "What next after this?" Bertha asks and Laura and I both look at each other knowing exactly what she means. I finally respond after a while " I don't know, this is all sudden and we each have our own different lives, building a relationship won't be easy." 

I can tell Bertha wants us to suddenly build some sort of family but am not up for it. I am a lone wolf and I will stay that way for as long as I leave. " Bertha; us meeting was fun and all but I think we have to go our separate ways and live our lives as we know it, this whole sister relationship won't work for me." I can see her face drope in disappointment but I don't really care, I don't know her and can't start building a relationship just like that. "We have to give it a try Laura, we are sisters and I know we have not known each other until now but we can develop something." I can hear the positivity in her voice but I still can't agree. "What about you Maggie won't you say something about all this?" I finally ask her cause she has been awfully too quiet. "Ummmm, I am not sure what to say I think we should all take some time to pray over this before we make any decision." A laughter escapes my mouth and I immediately cause my mouth. "All we need to do is talk about this as sisters. I have always dreamt of having sisters I can go to for advice, cry when I have boy issues and go out for movies, have sleep overs and go out shopping. I am finally receiving my wish, please let's make it work." Bertha speaks with teary eyes and a lotw voice as though calling out for help. I hand her a tissue box to wipe her tears. I can tell how important this is to her.

I didn't even realise I had tears in my eyes until I felt them on my cheeks. I take the tissue from Laura and wipe my tears, I can see the look of remorse on both Magie and Laura's faces. I hope they can agree to building this sister relationship. I look at Magie who is facing down. " Magie; please agree to building our relationship." I ask her cause between her and Laura she seems more interested in working out our relationship. "This is a tough situation because right now we are all like strangers but any person looking can tell we are siblings because we look alike. Though we never grew up together we still have the same blood running through our veins. I think we should try to spend more time together and get to know each other, it will be good." Magie finally speaks up and I can't help but smile about what she has said. Laura also gives out a little smile and I believe in my heart that our relationship has a chance of working out.

I can see how important it is to Bertha for us to build our relationship and in my heart I felt moved seeing her cry, which means I do care for her. I can see Laura doesn't seem interested at all. "Laura I know you have your own life that you are used to just like Bertha and I but can you honestly go back to your old life after knowing you have sisters and forget that we exist?" I look at her face closely to read her mind but she gives out a blank look, I can't tell whether she is interested or not. "I know I can't act like you don't exist but I am used to being alone, I have never needed any family and I don't really need any now." She has such a serious look on her face and I may not know her well but she seems like one who is a strong and independent lady. I hope her heart will soften towards us and we will be able to build our relationship after all we are sisters and nothing can change that.

I feel like am being pushed to the corner by Bertha and Maggie, they can't expect to just accept them as my sisters and start am some perfect family. "I know it's not easy for you but you are our elder sister and I may not know you but I would like to get to know you and whatever decision you make I will accept." Bertha drows me out of my thoughts and her words get to me. Am the eldest among them and my whole life I have never been responsible for anyone but myself and to think my single decision could turn everything around for all of us. I look back and forth from Bertha to Maggie and this is when I have noticed how much we look alike. Bertha reminds me of myself back in college so full of life and so ambitious. I have gotten so far alone and am happy but I know having some people around to count on can't be so bad. "I think it wouldn't hurt to give this a chance one step at a time." I finally say after a long time and I notice Bertha eyes sparkle and Maggie's face shine and I can't help but feel good about my decision.

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