Everything Changed.

I looked at the Cashier with the widest smile across my little face. She gave me my items before I made my way out of the Shop. I had to get ready for Christmas and I really can't wait for it. I climbed in the car turning to look at my father.

"I've got everything,I can't wait to make this Christmas so special"I was so excited,more especially since I've passed my grade.

I'll be going to Tertiary,I want to celebrate my Christmas like I have never before.

Smiles"You're so excited,your Christmas will be fun I can tell" he presses the accelerator driving off in silence as I hum my favourite song looking out of the window. The finally stopped on the driveway and I climbed out running to the house.

I was welcomed by an awkward atmosphere. It was so strong that it would drag you straight to the couch. I scanned the house until I noticed a familiar face though I didn't have any idea on Who that was "Hello"I greet at the familiar Stranger.

"Hello,you must be Tessa"I turned to look at Dad then to move I then moved my eyes back to the familiar Stranger.

"Uhhmmm H..Hi"I breath out wanting someone to explain everything to me. This person looks like my Dad-thats the reason I said he's familiar.


Deep sigh"Tessa,this is your Uncle"Dad finally said after the silence. I thought I had one Uncle,I really don't know this 'uncle' Dad is telling me about

"What?Dad is this some kind of a Joke?"I asked looking back at him "You kidding right?"I was expecting the 'yes I'm kidding' but the look said it all.

"Wow,so where was he?"

"You don't have to know, you're still young to know about these things"I chuckled shaking my head.

"You're not serious,Dad I'm 18 and you still treat me like I'm some kind of a baby!"I shout.

Scoffs"Don't talk to your father like that! I didn't teach you such"I breath out looking at Mom.

"They will tell you everything, you need to calm down Tessa"I nods walking over to the couch. I sat down looking at them.

Expecting some explanation! A person cannot come from wherever he's coming from claiming he's my uncle.

God Forbid!

"After the death of your grandparents, Your Uncle went overseas since their death hit really hard"Father says.

"It was such a tragic death"Mom continued.

"We were communicating until we lost contact, we've been trying to find him since I don't know when until we gave up"Dad finished off.

So I have another Uncle?Wow my Christmas is doing some wonders

Sighed"So I have another Uncle?But Daddy you should have told me about him"I told him.

"It's something you shouldn't worry about, just focus on yourself"He's right but I have to know about my family.


"Fine,I.. fine"I was already on my feet. I was so speechless as I made my way upstairs


"Morning"I greet them all before I settled around the breakfast table. 

"Morning" "Good Morning my daughter" "Hey" Those were their replies. I dished out as I started eating.

"Your Uncle will be spending the Christmas this side"Dad breath that out.

"Oh,the prodigal Uncle? Fantastic"Sarcastically I say to him

Sighed"You should respect him, what's your problem?"I slowly looked up to Mom.

"Mo-" she interrupted me.

"Listen Tessa, you're the child in this house and you should start behaving like one"She said it all-i know

"I'm sorry"I say to her then I looked at my so called Uncle "I'm sorry, Uhmm Uncle" I looked down at my food.

"It's Ohk,I came unexpected but I didn't think you would take it like that"He chuckled"You're stubborn, just like your father"That can't be true!

"I'm not stubborn,I didn't really expect this thing"I honestly say at him and he nods.

"I understand,we can now start and plan our Christmas right?"I nod as my smile widen.



"You lie!"My best friend,Lisa shouts placing her hand on her mouth.

Sighed"I'm telling you,I was so surprised but most importantly annoyed. They didn't tell us about my so called Uncle"I breath that out looking back at her

"Is he hot"That's his whoring tendencies!

I chuckled"And he's so old for you"I tell her and she frowns "Don't make that face, he's really old" I conclude

"He can be my Sugar Daddy,I don't care as long as he's hot and loaded"I laughed it off knowing pretty well that she's joking.

My best friend!

"We'll be meeting his family just after Christmas, they'll be spending nee year with us"I say to her.

My so called Uncle; it's not a crime calling him that. He has a family wherever he's coming from-yeah! Married and have kids.

I hope they are not snobs!

"Oh can't wait"She claps her hands grinning. 

"You're sure an idiot!"I laughed throwing my head back. She can be crazy.

"I'm not an idiot!I just can't wait to meet your cousins maybe they are hot! One of them May be my soulmate"She shots at me.

Oh Lisa!

"Yeah right"


We were all gathered around the table having our dinner. It was so delicious!

We ate so silently until Dad decided to break that-the silence!

"Since we've found Ken,I was thinking of making a ceremony gathering the whole family"Oh No!

I hate Family gatherings!

"It's a good idea hunny"I knew she'll agree with her husband. I knew it!

"We shouldn't do that, I'm sure he's not the first and the last one to get lost"They looked at me like I've just said something so wrong.

"What?"I asked shrugging my shoulders.

"Did you have to say lost?"I laughed without thinking it through and they joined.

He was lost,my lost Uncle

December 27, 2019 15:57

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