Happy American Romance

Look ! shouted Winter, pointing to the meadow I told you the daffodils would be blooming!

Winter tugged at Jacks leash and began jogging toward the field of freshly blooming flowers, the chill in the air seemed to have reinvigorated her senses, the sadness of the last three months seemed to fall away with every step she took closer to those beautiful yellow promises of spring, of renewal, of life.

Winter, the season had not been kind to Winter the person, the pandemic had caused a major disruption in her social and romantic life. So many of the young men she was actively chatting with on tinder had totally changed, those once ripped and muscular sexy guys were now soft pudgy couch potatoes, with bad skin.

Winter needed to feel, feel the sun on her cheeks, the wind in her hair, the brush of the meadow grass on her thighs. Winter let go of Jacks Leash and let him run freely. Standing in the middle of the flower filled meadow she sank down into the soft grass and sighed gratefully, tilting her head up towards the sun she inhaled deeply allowing herself to become intoxicated by the fragrance of the daffodils and the resplendence of moment.

Winter was entranced by the nature she was enjoying, her head was tilted back , allowing her thick golden hair to blow gently with the breeze, breathing in the glory of the morning, her cerulean blue eyes were closed , her long lush eyelashes resting gently on her cheeks. Winter was lost in a world of her own, focused intently on the sounds and smells she was experiencing when a deep voice shattered her calm.

Winter startled, her eyes flew open and she looked in the direction of the sound, bringing her hands up to shield her eyes from the sun, she blinked rapidly to clear the sunspots.

Winter gasped when she saw him, oh my goodness he was beautiful! he was tall with a slim build, his wrangler jeans were tight in all the right places, he was stunning angelic, with thick wavy light brown hair and a tanned ruggedly handsome face framing a million watt smile.

May I join you ? the voice asked. Sure its a free meadow I guess, Winter replied obviously perturbed with the intrusion.

I'm Greyson Snow, the voice said, laughing as he plopped down on the grass beside her. I hope I'm not disturbing you, but when I saw you sitting here I had to come over and say something to you. You are the most beautiful person I have ever seen , Greyson declared. OK you've said what you came to say , so now what? Winter said directly. what is it that you want from me? Nothing, Honest said Greyson, crossing his heart with his index finger and then pointing to the sky. I own this field, and you are trespassing.

Shocked and embarrassed, Winter jumped up and whistled for Jack, the black and tan German Shepherd barked in response and came bounding through the tall grass toward Winter.

my, my, my that is a fine animal you have there. Greyson remarked as he watched the 85 pound dog gracefully crossing the meadow leaping and frolicking happily as he ran.

I'm sorry for my rudeness, Winter exclaimed with remorse as she smoothed her flowing white skirt and brushed away the grass and leaves clinging thereto.

Its no problem, really said Greyson. Reaching his hand up to pull her back down onto the grass. Please don't leave, its been such a long time since I've got spend time with someone I'm not related to, I promise I'm not a creeper or anything, I just want to enjoy this beautiful morning with a beautiful woman.

Winter cautiously sat back down in the grass as Jack curled up protectively between her and handsome stranger, snorting and blowing as he made himself comfortable.

Greyson lay on his back with his hands clasped behind his head staring at the sky. It sure is a pretty day don't you think?, I love it when the daffodils are in bloom he declared.

Yes, its quite lovely. Winter said as she took the opportunity to really examine the handsome figure laying mere feet from her. her heartbeat quickened as she ogled his athletic physique, his long legs and sturdy composition, he surely was a sight for sore eyes.

quite lovely, she stammered releasing his body from her intense gaze. Daffodils are my favorite flower too, that's why I came here. I remembered that they bloom here by the millions in the spring.

I thought I knew everyone in this area, Greyson said . but I don't recall ever seeing you around here before, and believe me I would remember you.

I have jus returned to the area, Winter replied. My family moved to Boston when I was in the Ninth Grade and I have spent my entire adult life trying to return to the only place I've ever considered home. Most of my favorite childhood memories were created in this meadow, In this town.

I see, Said Greyson, Rolling up onto his side and propping himself up on his elbow. That's when she saw the heart shaped birthmark on Greyson's neck.

Oh my goodness! Winter shouted. I know that Birthmark! are you Eggy?

No one has called me Eggy for Fifteen years! who are you pretty lady? how do you know me?

I am Winter! Winter Evans, and you were my first crush, my first kiss my first childhood love!

No, It cant be, there is no way! Winnie? I wondered what happened to you, I waited and waited for you to write or call, but you never did. Why didn't you write or call?

Oh Eggy, I was shattered when we moved, I spent that whole first year away, locked in my room crying, writing poetry and being miserable, I shut myself up, away from everyone. After that I felt I had to let go of my memories of here, it was just too painful, I had to move forward, but I am here now, and I don't plan on ever leaving again. Oh Eggy, of all the people I could have met today I am so happy that it was you, Winter exclaimed, as she threw her arms around Greyson's neck and hugged him tightly, I am finally home.

The End

March 22, 2021 00:18

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Lynn Dewees
18:32 Mar 27, 2021

Sweet story. Clever to use Winter and Snow as names in a story about Spring


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17:50 Mar 27, 2021

Beautiful proud of you my friend.


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