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This story contains themes or mentions of mental health issues.

It's in a part of the state where most people are not from, and most don't live there, but return again and again. Why that guy is always seen going into town on a bicycle is anyone's guess. People from California have seen him years apart; he's become part of the scenery. So much so, that for those who are local, born and raised, and more possessive of the area than they can reason find reason to not like him; he's not a logger. Even though people have used the so-called "N" word so often, he continues to frequent a doughnut shop. He jokes, 'My name is not Howard, or Edward. It's Einwardo. You can call me Einward.'

The small coastal town has nothing like a Starbucks, a MC Minimums Tavern, or a Whole Foods grocery, but it's the closest town. He just drinks the coffee since to ride a bicycle a thousand miles a month requires real food. He buys in bulk: Pails of raw honey and coconut oil, powdered milk, boxes of raw almonds, bags of spoutable wheat, oats and buckwheat groats.

People at the shop are too busy to make any fuss about him sitting at a table with his back facing them. They greet him coming and going with the standard sales-person friendliness. The only person who does her best to make him just leave, likes to mess with the wy-fy. Sometimes when he uses the washroom, she will make a few key strokes on his laptop, changing the page he was on, or messing with text.

Lately, he has been working on what needs to be said, because after waking up in the middle of the road in the middle of the night, not knowing his name, but arguing with an EMT about the Explicit / Implied consent form, he thinks death is nigh.

W.A.R. (Wacky Arrogant Retard)

The Cause Of And How To End The Recurring Process Of Reciprocal Destruction Forever. 

We need to talk about that which surpasses understanding, learn from the history of what we believe, and set wrongs right. In other words not so common, it’s the ontological dialectic of love, to reason through epistemology, and the responsibility to recuse de facto authoritarianism that will save us from ourselves. 

We all have personal epistemologies stemming from the first decade of life. Therein I believe, lies the causation behind behavior contrary to what Cicero said is reason that’s right and natural. What we were taught individually may not have been true, IE, Santa, the Easter Bunny, religious traditions, and partisan politics; hence what we believe now may be suspect, but is absolutely subject to a collective consciousness that predominates, regardless if it is right and natural or not. This herd instinct guides without reason; but its history provides insight into our cultural evolution. 

For millennia we have been culturally evolving from ages dark and despotic, but have yet to actualize the will of the people, even though “We the People….” begins a document that guarantees republican governance. It places the supreme power into the hands of the people but there’s only one representative for how many? And if you could, would you follow the principles enshrined in “We the People”? 

The who in the “We” and the principles therein are difficult to see through the fog of orthodox history, but the original constitution can be read. It needs to be rediscovered/discovered so that we can know who “We” were, who “We” are and who “We” want to be. We cannot know each other’s heart, but we can and must know the utility of “We the People”. 

Pre-century Americana painted the US Constitution as an illusion, a living document that’s been a tradition more Britannic and mercantile than constitutional and republican. A common quest for power and prestige has forfeited truth for the sake of America’s exceptionalism; the manifest destiny of which is now at a crossroads; but! The Great American experiment is not a done deal..

The justness of liberty enshrined in the Constitution’s preamble, ensuring domestic tranquility, providing for a common defense / heart, promoting the general welfare / equality, and securing the(se) essential blessings of liberty for posterity defines the American dream lost somewhere within our post 9-11 culture; those who know don’t tell, and those who don’t know think they do, as immigrants flock to a land of opportunity. Little do they know who “We” are; but who really does?

This mystery calls for an Uncle Sam demigod, using his pointing finger to explicate how a republican form of government requires the governed to consent, to think about their government and how to effect safety and happiness; which defines the utility of democracy. He could also point out the fact that the USA, Russia and China all have written constitutions, and they all provide for republican governance. 

The US Constitution prescribes in Article One one representative for every 30 K. This is the First Principle of our constitutional republic. It must be maintained to effect common knowledge of the rule of law. 

The first problem with this first principle is language. What was written by those now long dead has been subject to interpretation, resulting in rule of law that means different things to different people at different times. Resolution lies in the context in which the Constitution was written. 

This context must be limited to the Declaration of Independence, the Articles of Confederation, the Northwest Ordinance and the Constitution, without the amendments since they have failed to prevent what the Federalist papers predicted if the constitution was never ratified, and ironically, what the Anti-federalist papers predicted if the Constitution was ratified; the Bill of Rights did not prevent a civil war, a standing army, foreign intrigue, presidential monarchy, and no representation in Congress for most people. 

Reading without this context has been the bane of right reason, but has been a boon for legal practitioners profiteering from legalese, leaving a trail of precedents leading back to what Lexus Nexus entitles organic law, but there’s no mention of intention other than the preliminary explanation of purpose in the US Constitution’s preamble, which has been derogated from what it is by this ‘living document’.

The rule of law with no common knowledge of intent has resulted in personal issues, with no general applicability, becoming political, and instead of regulating commerce, commerce regulates the US Congress. 

To thrive, liberty must be guarded from free market enterprise. For people to be free, the preconditions for liberty must be met so that tranquility, heart and equality define the justness of movement, speech, and a good night’s sleep. When food, shelter, transportation and communication are left unguarded / regulated, consumer diffidence panders to maleficent exploitation; the dollar-driven megalomania of mercantile polity reigns supreme! 

This social psychosis causes niggardliness, evinced by the recurring process that provides the biggest bang for the least invested both in time and money: war. People with advantage telling sycophants stupid things to tell stupid people so stupid people will do stupid things to other stupid people who are told stupid things too, is the worst crime the world will ever know.  

The reactionary behavior that war is is the root cause of all that’s wrong. And this wrong cannot be the will of “We the People”. Think about it! We were given the Lord’s prayer, but Divine Will being “…done on Earth as it is in Heaven…” is subject to our cultural evolution; God works through us! This plurality is the means commensurate to “... a more perfect union…” 

The preamble of Our Constitution is inspirational. It provides a clear explanation of purpose. We need to let it inspire us to “Think globally, act locally!” – This quip does not mean to invade other countries and establish a police state at home. – If you love yourself and your family, love the future, see it as transforming the status quo no law natural or of man justifies. Acquiescing to it is government by assent rather than consent, or manufactured consent. (Chomsky) 

The responsibility we all share to improve our union is our legal foundation. Read our “supreme law” in the context in which it was written, following the dictum to “study and show thyself approved.” Rightly divide fact from laws contrary to the intentional law that was handed down to rule in agreement with “the consent of the governed”; then! Stand on Article One Section Two (the proportionate representation clause) and use Article Six (the in pursuance thereof and notwithstanding clauses) to recuse I.R.S. authority. Deferring payment for taxes, withholding it ‘till constitutional wrongs are set right, needs to echo in the halls of Congress to stop WARS and their wars.

If you go to yahoo.com. Sign in as freespeechfreepress. The password is: lessonsofmassinstruction. Go to drafts and you’ll see “Constitutional Theory for the 21st Century”.

September 23, 2022 21:22

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