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“Yes folks it is the end of the year and like we do every year at this time, we are counting down the top 100 songs of the year, coming in at 89 is …” the radio DJ continued. I listen to this every year even though I do not  always agree with their top ten. ‘Countdowns’ I thought, top ten is a funny thing, the ritual way society always judges life, making it so important that every place after ten was to somehow feel like they failed. In my opinion however, nothing is a failure as long as you tried, after all – rejection isn’t personal, it’s just a difference of opinion, and who’s to say whose opinion is the right one anyway. I think everyone should make their own top ten list of things in the world they see differently than most people do. Yes I am going to do this right now.

My Top 10 list of my opinion and perceptions

10. Dandelions vs Roses:

 I want to know who decided a rose is an expensive flower and a dandelion is a weed to be killed? This never made sense to me, I love dandelions, I wait eagerly every spring to see them pop up in my yard, the bright cheery yellow that says summer has arrived. Dandelions are also used for medicines, pollination for bees, and even wine. I perceive them as cheer and happiness. Roses however I associate with consumerism, apologies and competitions.

9. Type of music:

 I like songs from every genre, how can I pick? My opinion of favorite songs changes daily, according the mood I am in, what kind of day I had and what I need from music at that time. I use music to alter my mood and environment.

8. Favorite animals:

Wow again, to hard to choose, each animal, insect, non-human creature, has its own beauty, language, community and purpose in this world. I enjoy interaction with all, and through the years there have been a few incredibly special ones in my life, that will forever be in my heart.

7. Health care: conventional vs Alternative

I am  85% in support of alternative methods. Again, from my perspective I have seen more death and damage to my friends and loved ones from conventional medicine, while experiencing life saving alternative care for myself and many other friends.

6. Euthanasia:

In connection with 7 & 8, this issue is acceptable to me.  Sadly, I have had to watch many humans die slowly and painfully, while being able to let my fur babies die in peace. To many times I have held people and pets as they leave this world, each time my heart broke but the hardest part for me was not being able to give peace to the humans.

5. Classism:

I have lived among all classes in life, in each and everyone I have found good, evil, happiness, sadness, joy and jealousy. To rank or prejudge people based on the life they were born into instead of on their own merits, you risk missing out on meeting some wonderful people, experiences and a broader perspective of the world.

4. Money:

Hot topic, everyone wants it, needs, it and hopes for more. My opinion of money is that it is NOT the root of all evil, like anything else in this world, it is only as useful or dangerous as the person who holds it.

5. Give and Take

This is particularly important. We cannot do just one or the other, it’s all about balance, each part of the world has a purpose. Breathing is the simplest example without inhale and exhale, there is death. This holds true to all areas of life. Each part of the balance is just as valuable.

4. Work:

This ties in with 4, 5 & 6. Again to often in the world, people are judged, rewarded, condemned for  their job. But the truth is it takes ALL positions low to high to make anything function, there is no point in invention if there is no one to build, sell, buy, deliver and use the invention. Without clean dishes, there would be nothing to cook on or eat from.  With social issues, without sick there is no need for doctors, with out criminals there would be no need for the justice system (I would be okay with that haha) My point is, all people matter and make all things happen, some chains have a few links some have many, but the chain is useless if it is the wrong length, or breaks.

3. Debate:

This is a very touchy word. In my experience most people only know how to argue, insisting the other person change their mind and agree with them, instead of stating their points, opinions and facts. I too have fallen into the “My opinion is the only right opinion” snare, it is hard to debate when strong beliefs and opinions are in both minds. We should think of it as knowledge exchange instead of who is right.

2. Religion vs spirituality vs atheism:

This I find to be the biggest issue where I differ from most. Personally I choose to say I am spiritual. I was raised in mainstream denomination, and as an adult tried a few others, then continued to learn of all the religions of the world. I found that there were many similarities in practice, laws and history which led me to believe that everyone actually has the same God, we just call it by different names or genders. How did I come to this conclusion? the Tower of Babel. If history is correct, then all humans were the same until the building of this tower, the fights were so great that God struck the people to divide and stop the fighting. Suddenly there were many races and languages, each roamed away to different parts of the world and began practicing worship in their own way, but with the same base roots. In comparison, it is like an apartment building, many units all with the same rules on how to care for your unit, but each with an individual lease. Same owner.

1.      Emotion

This may be the most important issue of all, from my perspective it is, and it is a part of # 10-2. Yes we have only 3 ways to see this- 1-love : 2- hate : 3-indifferent. All 3 take the same amount of time and energy, which one we use in all areas of life is 100% choice. I have never understood people who blame others for their unhappiness. Emotion is the only thing in life that I have 100% control over. I may not always choose or like the situation I am in, but how I deal with it is up to me.  I am in control of my reaction. If some one throws you in the water, it is your choice to sink or swim.

In conclusion, the world is full of billions of individual lives, experiences and opinions, I have two thoughts for reacting to all:

 1- Just because we can, doesn’t mean we should.                

 2- Celebrate the similarities and Respect the differences.

January 01, 2021 18:50

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