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I am only thirty-five, but I have spent my entire life in service to the Amenophis III. My father was executed because Amenophis, the Pharaoh, wanted my father’s wife, my mother. Although my father’s father was named Yuya and was the Pharaoh’s top military commander, Amenophis killed my father to take my mother Tiy as his own. After my father’s death, mom went to serve in the harem of the sultan and I was brought up in court. She eventually became the “Great Royal Wife” in spite of the hundreds of women in the harem. My mother ruled almost equally with the Pharaoh and became a powerful figure in her own right.

I demonstrated many, many talents as a young boy. I had a natural, deep understanding of mathematics, astronomy and even agriculture. I could fight. In fact, I was a ferocious and greatly feared fighter responsible for many deaths as I grew up. I led larger and larger groups of warriors into combat and never failed once in battle. My strength, speed and determination became legendary.

By the time I was 18, I had risen to be the Sultan’s “first protector,” a role which gave me great pride. But I was still growing both as an academic and as a diplomat. I presided over an academy of the great minds of Egypt at the time. Going into battle and at court, I played the sistrum, an instrument of percussion generally played by women in honor of Isis. Both my mother and the Pharaoh were slightly embarrassed by my devotion to the instrument but I was superb at playing it and when I played it going into battle, I inspired my men. You can see that I was an accomplished man.

The Pharaoh allowed me to maintain my relationship with my mother and I was allowed to have a small harem of my own. There were 50 or 60 truly beautiful women in my harem, but, like the Pharaoh, I fell deeply in love with one of them, Akila. My harem was well cared for because I felt sorrowful that these beautiful women had no chance at motherhood. Those who became pregnant somehow were either put to death or banished from Egypt.

Life was good. Egypt was prosperous as a result of this very wise and successful Pharaoh. I think that my mother had much to do with that. Her husband took her counsel quite seriously and they both looked after the welfare of the kingdom. They were especially concerned about the children throughout the realm and passed many laws to provide for their welfare and education.

Akila gave me two sons, for which I was deeply grateful. My sons were magical to me and they had many of the gifts that I possessed. As they grew, I grew to love them more and more—and Akila as well. We were a strong and happy family.

Into this happy mix came a religious man, a priest named Hakim. He was very devout and intelligent and he quickly gained the ear of Amenophis. However, Tiy did not like him and did not trust him. Amenophis became increasingly disinterested in what I had to say. After awhile, I was rarely seen in court and Haim was constantly by the Pharaoh’s side. Tiy became more and more concerned and tried to reason with Amenophis to bring me back into favor. It seemed that Hakim had poisoned the Pharaoh’s mind against me and had essentially taken my place in court.

Since I was still head of the Royal Armies and all the warriors in the land, Hakim started to worry about me. He worried that I might manage a coup ostensibly against Amenophis but essentially to rid the kingdom of him. He became increasingly paranoid and openly hostile in court. After he developed a relationship with one of my senior officers, he persuaded the Pharaoh to make that man the supreme commander and to move me to the position of military consular to the court reporting to him, Hakim. 

It was a travesty and a bad move. The men of the armies were loyal to me and loved me. Hakim’s puppet was hated by most of the troops for his brutality and quick temper. H also seemed to be lacking in judgement. 

Tiy had given up on trying to influence Amenophis. She had much to do acting as the behind the scenes diplomatic who kept things running successfully in foreign relations. She also had her difficulties with Hakim who consistently back-stabbed her and told lies to the Pharaoh about her and her fidelity to him. It was astonishing that Amenophis paid any attention to this devious and evil man. But, paid attention he did and believe Hakim he did. It took a tragic turn.

One morning as I woke, I found that both my wife, Akila, and our two boys were gone, missing. Then, I was summoned to court. As I entered the magnificent hall, there were people lining both sides and surrounded the main path to the throne. As I passed through them, I noticed the fear and sadness on their faces. Walking down the aisle, I could only see the throne where Amenophis sat and Hakim stood beside him with a smug, haughty look on his face. It was simply mean and seemed to express triumph.

As I finally reach the throne, I saw, to great dismay, on one side of the throne my wife and two boys kneeling on the floor, downcast, with a warrior and an open sword standing next to each of them On the other side of the throne, also kneeling and downcast with two warriors and swords standing next to her, was my mother, the Pharaoh’s wife, the Great Royal wife, Tiy.

My body chilled and my mind almost lost its grip. As I approached the throne, bowed, knelt and took the position of supplicant. “Oh mighty Pharaoh, I have responded to your summons. How may I serve you as I have for many years?”

“Kneel, servant, evil snake. Time has come for your judgement. My most loyal of loyal servants, Hakim has well informed me of your treachery and that of your entire family including my once beloved wife. Your plot to assassinate me and take the throne has been revealed. Your involvement of the Great Royal Wife and even your own family, speak harshly to the venom in your heart.”

In spite of your terrible disloyalty and evil plans, I am going to spare you some punishment. I am not going to execute you and your entire family. Instead, I am going to allow you your freedom in exile after you decide which part of your family you wish to die. At mid night tonight, there will be an execution and you will decide who is executed. It will be either your beloved mother Tiy, or you beloved wife, Akila. If you choose your wife, your two sons will be forced to perform the execution. If you choose your mother, you will perform the execution. Your wife and children will be sold as slaves and you will be exiled. Entirely up to you, who ives, who dies. The reason for my generosity is that you have served me well in your time and Hakim has gallantly suggested some degree of mercy. So be it. Guards, take him away!”

As I was taken from court with a horrified heart, I could hear the sobbing of my mother, my wife, and my two boys. It was heart rendering and filled my heart with hate and anger beyond measure. I had lost all reverence for the Pharaoh and boiled my heart against Hakim. I had never dreamed that he would turn this vile, this cunning. His “gallantry” was actually more insidious punishment directed of me. I vowed his death regardless of what happened. At mid night, I had to make a decision.

It was approaching noon and the guards took me back to my room—three of them. They were clearly devoted to the new Supreme Commander and were formidable. They shoved me into my room with one staying inside and the other two just outside the door. Not one spoke.

There were plenty of weapons in the room at my disposal but the guard was quite alert and looked as if he could not only move very fast, but would be a dangerous opponent who would only have to call for help. I started writing as my desk. I wrote little notes, folded them up and put them on the desk. The guard took notice but did not seem interested. I continued to write.

It was close to dusk when I finished and stood up. The guard immediately became alert and watched me carefully. Mounted on the wall, slightly above my desk was my favorite battle knife. In my desk drawer was a small ball of twine I used for various purposes and a small knife. I quickly, surreptitiously, cut a long length of twine and managed to stick it in my pocket. Then, I stood, faced the guard and called him by the worst name I could think of. He came quickly across the room and swung at me. I blocked his punch and hit him really hard in the side of the face, knocking him to the ground, stunned. I turned and grabbed the knife off the wall, sticking it in the back of my pants waistband. As I turned back to the guard, he arose in anger and I let him hit me hard. He drew blood. I held my hands up in defeat and pointed toward the bathroom. I said to him, “if you kill me, or even disable me, the Pharaoh and the priest will take your life for cheating them out of their glory tonight. Let me go address this wound.” I pointed to the bathroom.

He was very angry but nodded toward the room. He followed me in and watched as I washed the blood off my faces and tried to staunch the bleeding. Then, I pointed to the piss bowl and pulled out my member. He grunted in displeasure and turned his back to me. Then, I grabbed the string and quickly wrapped it around my, took out the knife from my waistband and stuck it in my shirt, holding it behind the string. I knew that they would feel me entering the throne room.

I went to the bowl and started relieving myself. The guard has turned back but saw me and turned around again. I took that moment to secure the knife in place just below my neck in the middle of my back. We went back to the bedroom.

Shortly before mid night, the guard knocked on the door and the other two came in. As they consulted, I stuffed the folded sheets of paper in my pants pocket. They came for me. My arms were grabbed by two of them and the guard in my room led the way. As we entered the throne room, another guard approached and started the feeling. He ran his hands up and down my sides, inside my legs, giving my privates a little tweak with a chuckle, and felt my arms and arm pits. As I had hoped, he paid no attention to my back. He left and the guards started me down the aisle. We were just starting the walk and I looked a young boy standing near the aisle straight in the eye. I knew this boy and had helped him with his education and supported his family. He noticed my look and paid very close attention. I fell a half step behind the two guards and as we passed the boy, I slipped him all the pieces of paper. There were six and I knew he could read them. Each piece of paper had the name of one of my loyal officers on it and the boy knew every one of them. 

With speed he ruffled through the papers and got the idea. After we passed, he ran to one side of the hall and forward to where the senior officers were seated. I could only hope.

We reached the throne. Hakim was looking particularly pleased and the Pharaoh actually looked very sad. My boys held their heads up proudly with no tears. My wife gave me a weak smile and held her head up with red eyes from crying. My mother simply looked heartbroken and defeated.

The guards pushed me to my knees and stood away. “Well,” said the Amenophis, ‘what is your decision? Mother or family?” Hakim actually laughed and as he laughed, he closed his eyes. I was on him in less than a heartbeat and slit his throat. I looked immediately to my family and saw three of my senior offices slice up the three warriors. I turned to my mother and saw two more senior officers with swords sticking in the backs of the warriors guarding my mother. I stepped to the Pharaoh with my knife and my mother was there in an instant. The Pharaoh looked scared, but there was relief on his face. My mother said to me “Amenophis was gradually poisoned by Hakim and I could do nothing. Spare him.”

I did. I ran to my family. Akila sobbing wildly and my sons sobbing too but looking at me with admiration and joy.

The Pharaoh ruled another ten years and I remained loyal to him. When he died, he had my mother executed and placed in a royal coffin next to his. I am sure she was happy with that.

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