"I swear to God; I did not know that she was under age, you have got to believe that, if I had of known I would not have been so friendly."

"How so, your friendliness, trying too desperately to get too involved?"

" No... well not really like. By friendliness I mean buying her shots of what tickled her fancy and everything."

"Everything as in cocaine, Mr Bishop?"

"Yes; we did a hit. So what? I never touched her though."

"So if that is true then she did not give you a lap dance, or, did you not snort powder off her titties?"

"Yeah. Okay... Maybe we got too friendly. But..!"

"But, what.... She was asking for it?"

"I am not saying th..."

"Did you not say anything about wanting to fuck her all night long; or is the bartender a liar?"

"Yeah. Who would have thought not to. I mean the way she hinted at wanting ....!"

"So after the two of you were seen leaving together, with your hand on her ass by the way, what happened then?"

"Well we went outside to smoke before walking across the street to the hotel."

"Look, I know how things look [but],I did not kill her!"

"Then how was your seaman found inside the cuts torn across her body?"

"I already told y'all she sucked my dick. I thought she sallowed. Besides a little cum near her clitoris, before she made me go to the adjacent bar to get a condom from one of those convenient bathroom dispensaries, there should have been no trace evidence of me being near her."

"According to your own testament, to the events unfolding on August fourteenth, you were 'stopped by a bunch of bicyclers trying to take advantage of your cocaine supply'."

"That is correct, I almost lost 800 dollars worth of stuff,... and when I finally got back to the room I found her dead. She apparently had been cut open, or stabbed multiple times, in what at the moment appeared to be a suicide."


"Cocaine is a hell of a drug. Also the knife rest in her left hand in a tight grip."

"About that... I read here the chemical elements our lab took from the victim's blood work... Did you, or anyone in your ring, lace up any potential hit she would have enjoyed?"

"No; No one would dare cross me like that. We did halves. Anything mixed would have been coursing my veins likewise. And as you should know.... Nothing out of the ordinary batch of cocai....."

"You stated '...all drinks had been transferred by (you) alone' correct?"

"Yes. It was my way of knowing when to cut her off."

"Or when she was drunk enough to fuck everything without consent."

"Look. It all was approved by her. She wanted me to want her. I mean...; she lap danced me."

"Maybe or maybe at the moment there had been a particular reason why. Maybe it was a down payment for her fix."

"No... Goddam.... Fucking no. No I mean no. No, if she would have said something about stopping I would have..... For fucksake I went out of my way to get a condom."

"For fucksake?"


"All rise for the Honorable Judge Washington."

"All may be seated. Bailiff please bring me the paperwork. Has the jury reached a verdict on case number 10142017-1457A of charges brought against Rev. Bishop."

"Yes Your Honor. On the charge of first degree murder: we the jury find the defendant, Rev. Lutheran Bishop, guilty. On murder of an unborn child: we found him also guilty. For rape and thereof of a minor, in accordance with state law, we the jury reached a verdict... Guilty."

"It is here by determine by me Judge Wallace H Washington III, on this day of May twentysecond in the year of our Lord and savior 2018, by state and federal law--- which governs this great state's local Judiciary-- that the defendant Rev Lutheran Claychurch Bishop be sentenced to death by legal injection."


"Answer, my fucking question, you cold-hearted son-of-a-bitch. Do you have any idea what sins have been hatched from thy FATHER?"

"Who are you and what are you doing?"

"You don't remember me? Let me reflect, on the events unfolding on August fourteenth and everything else before that, to refresh your memory."

"What is this about?"

"You sending an innocent man, whom was given punishment for the very creative crime committed by me, to death --- by legal injection--- due to your own piss poor judgement on both details."

"I judge according."

"Rev Lutheran Claychurch Bishop did not deserve what was done. Besides it was someone else's fault for not being above the law if you will."

"Whom are you referring to?"

"Your little slut daughter... The bitch that set this all into motion.You know that ho..."

"Watch your mouth."

"You should have told that cunt that. Maybe she would have not been so busy with sucking dick."

"Who are you and what does she have to do with anything?"

"Well let's see...."

"This should be interesting."

"The sins of thy father."


"Your ruling on free abortions at the tax payers expenses followed by..."

"My ruling was.."

"Shut the fuck up. Don't fucking enturup me again."

"Please share."

"See if any of this rings echolessly throughout your cell-less brain. Two young lovers are kept apart by their father. The pair loves drugs just as much as each other but when she gets pregnant you passed a law to allow for her to abort her unborn child. To cover up all memories of and wash more dirty laundry you have her boyfriend shipped out to some godforsaken shithole country called afgan in hopes he would be killed."

"Oh my... Jamie... Jamie Reynolds. Is that..."

"Surprise. Did you miss me."

"Jamie, you don't have to do this."

"I do... Oh, but, I do."

"What is that."

A box of words tied up to form secrets that were..., Is it possible to no longer be familiar to you?"

"How. Why?"

"You did this. You killed her to keep her from having the child you impregnated her with. Look at it.... Look at the child."

"Jamie, you have to, try to understand..."

"Understand.... Understa..... Fuck you."


"I said don't interrupt me."

"Jamie... Ple...."


July 08, 2022 01:16

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