High School Romance

I wait outside of the auditorium

Simply to see his face

He wore a black hoodie,and had brown eyes

He walked with grace

Me and him then take our seats

Waiting for the play to start

When the lights went off

It went completely dark

It was not long

Before his hand was over me

Heat gathered quick

And I could not see

The tall boy in front blocked my view

But I did not mind

I nearly feel asleep after twenty minutes

And I was almost blind

The heat escalated

Because so many sat so close

We were seeing “Sleepy Hallow”

As the actors continued to boast

I just sat there

Listening as he kissed the top of my head

I could feel the pressure of someone’s stare

As my face quickly went red

Good thing the lights were off

Or he would tease me more 

He occasionally coughed

But he was glad and never bored

I used him like a warm pillow

Almost the whole time

He told me he did not regret paying

He did not regret one dime

It made me laugh

I had never been that close to sleeping in school

However he kept me awake

Not wanting to stay still or cool

I knew that bell would ring any time

Even if I hoped we would stay there awhile more

I loved his head on top of mine

Why the hell did I get cheesy?

I feel comfortable

As I hear his heart beat

I was glad he bought us both a ticket

And that we sat in our seat

He put his hand on my lower stomach

As I leaned against his chest to sleep

He was like a damn heater

And I kept trying to convince myself he was mine to keep

Which,I hope he is,he treats me right

And opens every door

He is a great sight

And even buys stuff I do not ask for

He is sweet,kind and tall

As I give him a kiss or a hug

However I am too short,and small

If he is the ceiling,I am the rug…

He lowers his head during the play

If he does not hear what I said

I then repeat for him what I have to say

However my face turns bright red

His hands felt rough against my hair

As he moved it out of the way

I look up,and I stare

I wonder what happen,come what may

The play was full of my quiet remarks

And his loud booming voice

However I tell him to hush

So I can go to sleep by choice

Next thing you know,music comes on

And he bounces one foot to the beat

I threatened to beat him if he would not sit still

Then he said “that would be neat”

I kiss him on the cheek

Then lay my head back down

He just smiles happily

And probably seems really astounded

The play is now over

And the lights are back on,nice and bright

I hated that damn place

With it’s big old bright light

I stay sleepy the rest of the day

As it rapidly passes us by

Later at lunch

I feel like I am ready to lay down and die

We listen to our friends like usual

And their dirty remarks

Thank god they did not ask how the play was

Or I would be swimming with sharks!

After he got his lunch

He came and sat down

He just asked if I was still tired

I was red,and ready to be home bound

Damn him and his built-in heater

It makes my heart move slow

It made he tired

How the hell why? I will never know…

He admitted he wanted to kiss me during the play

I was blushing as he said what he wanted to say

He said he decided not to

He said I looked comfortable and drifted away

After lunch,he kissed me like normal

After most went up the stairs

He was a little more aggressive though

And there were a lot more stares  

It was nice,that is until a buddy came up

And told us not to use much tongue

She started immediately running

She knew if I caught her,her head was gonna be hung 

I was glad I got to spend extra time with him

Especially since I dont get to after school

I loved every comforting moment

Even if it meant I was warm and stuffy,instead of cool…

He leaves me messages,and poetry

Every morning,and waits for me to log on

I try to attend school every day I can

Hoping he gets the message that I am not gone

He has not acted like a jerk yet

Not once,since we started to date

He even waits for me after class

Because he knows I am never late

He is awkward and funny

Even when he tries to impress

It tells me he cares enough to try

And he knows I rarely wear a dress

He does not jugde me

For living in this run-down trailer for a place

I wonder what me and him may be

Hopefully we bloom with grace

However highschool is not over

And my freedom is limited very much so

I hope he is patient

I really hope he does not choose to go

He says he wants to travel the states

And make one hell of a fun time

He listens to 1980’s music

And he has a very open mind

He talks about going back to minnesota,his home state

Or exploring tennessee 

I am so glad he wants to explore the world

I just hope he does it with me…

I have never left Kentucky

However it seems like an option after I turn of age

Maybe if I am lucky

My life will turn to a new page

A page in wich I wanna mention his name

As well as know his thoughts

Ladies not every guy has to be handsome

In order for you to have the hots

As for the gentlemen

I believe women should not set such rules

Some of their expectations are ridiculous

And setting that many would be too cruel

I have no idea if this boy and me

With make it through

However I really hope that is what may come to be

Without him,I would not know what to do

By taking me to a play

He has moved one step ahead

I thank him for trying,and trying

This is what I have said

I hope you find this passage amusing

As well as really true

There have been many cases

Where love will sneak up behind you

Some think this may be cheesy

Others think of it more as a dream

I wish I could tell you when you find them…

However that is impossible it may seem

Until then, I wish the ladies and men

Good luck,and a fun day

Who knows who you will find

Just wake up and enjoy life,all the way

December 04, 2023 12:28

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Larissa Araujo
13:25 Dec 05, 2023

really a great story, I'm happy that you are experiencing these special feelings and moments, it's good to be on the side of someone who comforts us and treats us as unique, you are precious and deserve all the best, princess🥰


15:56 Dec 05, 2023

So do you lovely! You are just as beautiful! Thank you for reading! I hope you enjoy your vacation! :D


Larissa Araujo
02:00 Dec 06, 2023

There's one day left before I can go on vacation and the beach, be at peace even though I know I won't be able to haha, it will always be a pleasure to read your stories my little one, I remember when you told us in the kingdom, you were missed but it was great too


12:13 Dec 06, 2023

Yeah...I miss the chat,but i feel like if I was still hiding that WiFi I would not be able to feel things like i do now. Its feels like a breath,so sudden and quick,you realize as it feels your lungs with sweet serenity. I feel more connected with people because they took my internet,it seems ok honestly,however i do miss everyone.


Larissa Araujo
07:04 Dec 12, 2023

yes I understand you, princess even writing a simple message you are perfect haha. We miss you but just having a way to communicate is wonderful


12:03 Dec 12, 2023

Yes,I agree! I hope you enjoy your vacation! After the 16th of December I get off of school for two weeks!


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